It has been an often-debated thing, but yes, there are numerous reasons. The short/generalized answer is: there is no way to effectively implement autolooting functionality in anything above novice/first class gameplay (thus, ~Lv70, as a compromise) without greatly changing the class balance/value from a PvM perspective in some way. Several walls of texts have been written on it before, so some of the more in-depth explanations are written below:

There is the simple, often-mentioned argument that it makes Greed useless for massive common loot drops; that is actually one of the least-pressing concerns, but it is still a rather valid reason. It is also the easiest example to cite of how it changes the value of a class in a PvM sense. A new blacksmith player provides a lot of value in that vacuum-cleaner skill but not necessarily any other standout abilities until transcending; take that away and you remove an entire facet of the class's appeal. Even (indeed, especially) in advanced gameplay, Greed makes whitesmiths very efficient moneymakers by mobbing when our server dynamic makes Baphomet cards available to everyone. Give default-style autoloot to a priest, wizard, any ranged mobbing class, and people's heavy investments in specialized gear go up in smoke. But there are other, more pressing concerns, too.

For one, with any range setting greater than melee, it provides a much greater advantage to snipers and magic users -- they can then kill with impunity and be assured to get rare drops or massive amounts of loot while tele-killing. This puts a serious disadvantage on classes who have to be able to tank their opponents to kill them and basically makes any melee class wholly inferior to the "kill at range->teleport->kill again" tactics. Kill rate effectively becomes the only determining factor for rare/card farming, which takes a lot of the risk/reward consideration out of the equation entirely.

If, on the other hand, you limit autolooting to a range of 1 cell away (or 2 or 3 or whatever) then it is just an added bonus that unfairly benefits the melee damage dealers. The ranged classes would still have to deal with the consequences of staying far away from loot drops, but melee classes would suddenly get a freebie. Both avenues dumb down the hunting experience and greatly change the balance of classes hunting for either rare items/cards or just general selling fodder.

The big gain, here, is of course the Asura->flywing champ (and other similar strategies, but none as egregious as this). Even if he had no ability to survive MVP/difficult monster encounters, he'd still have the insurance that anything exceedingly rare would pop straight into his inventory, despite knowingly hitting a target with Reflect Shield guaranteeing his death. We don't think enabling those scenarios is fair to the people who take the effort to guarantee they can loot what they kill.

Meanwhile, the big loser in all of this is the party players; the tanks and the smiths. No longer do you need to find just a trustworthy smith or tank to divide up the spoils of you have to trust everyone in the party who might be dealing damage. Pure tanking characters already have a rough life having to rely on party share for effective EXP; under this scenario they would be stripped of (or at least infringed upon) their possible duty of of rare loot wardens, as well. Autoloot of any sort simplifies this dynamic into a situation where you must either not care about the rare loot or trust all your damage dealing characters, which is a tall order for larger parties. We cannot in good conscience agree with that.

At the same time, it opens up additional opportunities for ill-mannered gameplay to come with additional, unseen benefits. The !noks command only goes so far to prevent this, and should a reportable instance come by, someone quick with the screenshot hotkey no longer would have an opportunity to prove they were cheated out of a card or other rare drop. They would certainly care more when the stakes are higher, but under autoloot of any rarity, knowing that possibility becomes impossible.

All these are the most deep-seated reasons that we strongly disagree with autoloot as a mechanic in general as opposed to the default item-dropping mechanism. The autoloot hack offered by eA drastically changes and ultimately harms the farming experience for no other benefit than laziness.

If your mobs are too big to even loot everything before it disappears, you may actually be farming rather inefficiently, really. It's more effective to kill smaller groups of monsters with greater frequency, since it allows even more monsters to spawn after those few die. There is a tradeoff between making money and earning EXP (with the exception of partying with or playing as a Greed user), but it ultimately is better than taking advantage of a hack offered by eAthena without much foresight into how it affects gameplay.

Limits of Auto Loot in Talon RO

  1. Works for characters with base level up to 70 only. Stops function when the character reaches base level 71.
  2. Works for characters with guild tax up to 50% only. Stops function when the character is taxed 51% or more.