What is it?

A Homunuclus is a pet that follows and helps an Alchemist by either attacking or using its skills.

In this guide you were find information on:

1) How to call out a Homunculus
2) How to play with your Homunculus


Calling out a Homunculus

First, Create an Embryo

In order to create an Embryo you need the Pharmacy skill. You will need:
  • A] 1 Potion Creation Guide that you can buy inside the Weapon shop in Prontera
  • B] 1 Medicine Bowl that can be bought from the Alchemist NPC that is a bit north of the Weapons shop in Prontera
  • C] 1 Glass Tube (Alchemist NPC)
  • D] 1 Morning Dew of Yggdrasil (Alchemist NPC)
  • E] 1 Seed of Life (Alchemist NPC)

Use the Pharmacy skill to combine these items together to get your Embryo.

Step 2 would be to buy the special skills from the the Special Skills Service NPC. You will get a skill called Bioethics which will give you the skill Rest.
Get Rest and the skill Call Homunculus will become open to you, which will then open up the Ressurect Homunculus skill.
Once you have the Call Homunculus skill then you can awaken your new pet.

Use the skill Call Homunculus and it will take away your Embryo. Once the skill is used you will get one of 8 random pets. If you do not like the pet you get, you wil have to create a new Embryo and try again. 4 pets are more support based and 4 are more offensive. There are actually only 4 different pets, 2 versions for each.

Playing with your Homunculus

The four types are:

  • Amistr - Support based pet that eats Zargon
  • Filir - An offensive pet that eats Garlet
  • Lif - Support Based pet that eats Pet Food
  • Vanilmirth - An offensive pet that eats Scell


  • Open Pet Status Page: ALT + R
  • Attack: ALT + Double right click
  • Target a monster: ALT + Single right click
  • Standby: ALT + T or right click and press Standby
  • Moveyour pet to a location: ALT + Single right click on where you want it to go

Use the Rest skill to hide your pet. use Call Homunculus to bring it back out (No 2nd Embryo needed) If your pet dies, use the Ressurect Homunculus to bring it back out.
Your pet will also have unique skills it can use as it level.

Intimacy points

The Homunculus works a lot like a pet and has about the same intimacy levels. Feeding it at about 11-25 hunger will give you 1 intimacy points per feeding.

Intimacy Level

  • 0-3 = Hate with a Passion
  • 4-10 = Hate
  • 11-100 = Awkward
  • 101-250 = Shy
  • 251-750 = Neutral
  • 751-910 = Cordial
  • 911-1000 = Loyal

Hunger Level

  • 1-10% Hunger +0.50 intimacy
  • 11-25% Hunger +1 intimacy
  • 26%-75% Hunger +0.75 intimacy
  • 76%-90% Hunger -0.05 intimacy
  • 91%-100% Hunger -0.50 intimacy

Leveling your Homunculus

Your Homunuclus gains experience by this formula:
  • A = Amount of exp you get for killing a monster
  • B = Amount of damage the Homunuclus does to the monster
  • C = Damange the Homunuclus recieves from the monster
  • D = Damange you recieve from the monster

Pets EXP gained = A x [B รท (C + D)]

AFK Leveling Notes

AFK leveling has certain penalties set here at tRO to promote active leveling and prevent the player from leaving the game for an extended period of time while their homunculus does all of the work. Some of these penalties include:
  • Letting your homunculus kill monsters solo yields no Job Experience for you
  • Remaining idle for an extended period of time will reduce the amount of EXP gained, meaning you should move around every few minutes. The penalty is basically for every 5 minutes you are idle, the EXP you gain is cut in half. So if you remain completely still for 5 minutes, you will begin to gain 50% EXP until reset by re-positioning.
  • Letting your homunculus alone kill the monster of the week or monsters on the map of the week will not give you reward items drops / copper coins / bronze coins. You must assist them and deal more damage/the final blow.

Evolving your Homunculus

In order to evolve your pet you will need to raise its intimacy to loyal. A loyal intimacy level requires 911 intimacy points.
Once you meet this requirements then you will need a Stone of Sage to evolve your pet.