Sage - Leveling Guide


Sages are another extension of the Mage job. They do not have powerful Area of Effect spells like Wizards, but they do have some nifty abilities like Free Casting (allows you to cast while moving) and Dispel (removes all target's buff).

In TalonRO, word that it's often easier to level as a Wizard, High Priest or Hunter to 99, and then hit transcendent to Professor. But if, for some reason, you've chosen to become a sage and decided to stubbornly stick with it, then this is a guide for you.

Leveling a Sage

Lvl 1 – 40

Refer: View Novice Grounds
After that, hit some Porings or Fabres to get Soul Strike, then...
a) Payon Dungeon 1 - Strike those undeads silly. Easy!
b) Bibilan Dungeon 1 - Get Lightning Bolt and smite some Hydras there. Hydra cards are valuable too.

Lvl 40+ – 60+

a) North of Lighthalzen - Go north and kill Metalings. You could also accept hunting board quest and kill Caramels for extra experience.
b) East of Comodo - Get lvl 10 Lightning Bolt and try your hands on Thara Frogs. Note that Thara Frog cards are pretty popular. Getting one is guaranteed to earned at least 9m!
c) Ice Dungeon 1 - Same tactic as b, except on Siromas. Siromas are also part of the hunting board quest at level 50, and their cards are useful for Bolter sages/profs.
d) Glast Helm Prison - Feeling adventurous? Soul Strike some undeads there! Run and gun is your best bet, but you could use Fire Wall for mob control.

Lvl 60+ - 75

Once you have about 50-60 INT, try...
a) North of Einbroch - Geographers! They're stationary, safe and pretty boring. Lvl 10 Fire Bolt will do the trick.
b) South of Lou Yang - Your target are Mi Gaos, which yield slightly more experience than Geographers. However, the map contains Mantis as well. Use Fire Wall and Fire Bolt combo.
c) Glast Helm Prison - Same ol', same ol'.

Level 75 and Beyond

It's hard to level after 75. Hence, it is easier to join a leveling party than to level solo.

Popular party leveling spots includes:

a) Sphinx 3 - Anubis
b) West of Niflheim - You can't do much damage on Loli Ruris, but there are various other things you can do. Like casting Frost Diver on them when they are attacking your Party Healer, or helping your party members loot. Bring some Yggdrasil Leaves in case your party healer falls, you could always resurrect while running away from the monsters. Make yourself useful!
c) Ice Dungeon 3 - That's where your Lightning spells come in handy. Get lvl 10 Lightning Bolt and lvl 10 Thunder Storm. Ice Titans are slow, so you could always run and gun. Just watch out for Gazettis.
d) Abbey 3 -

Not much of a party person? Confident on your Fire Wall skills and internet connection? Very well, head to...

e) Splendide Field- Before that, it is recommended that you have either a couple of Authoritative Badges OR Shinny Wig
OR Peco Peco Hairband for this. What you have to do is run around, mobbing Pinguiculas. Then, create layers of Fire Walls and watch your exps flowing in as they attempt to smack through those flaming walls. It is recommended to do this in spl_fild02 as there are no Nagas around. The only other monster you have to worry about is Luciola Vespa, but they can be stopped by your Fire Wall + Fire Bolt combo. Just stay alert!

Alternatives, Tips

- Buy Leech
- Take initiative, organize parties.
- If in map where you can't do much, make yourself useful! Like, loot or bringing Ygg leaves as backup ress-er!