Super Quest Items

List Of SQIs



Super Quest Items (SQI) are probably the most customised items on TalonRO. SQIs are basically powerful items which are considered to be end-game equips. These items empower the normal classes and make them much more efficient and durable to their non-sqi counterparts. SQIs have stat bonuses and a variety of other beneficial skill-oriented advancements.

Being unique to TalonRO, makes it a big topic of conversation for players - new or old. For new players the big question is "What is an SQI?!". As far as the old players are concerned, the ones who left on a hiatus and came back to a very much different server, ask this question "What happened to our SQIs?!".

SQIs can be considered the equivalent of the God Items on official servers. However, SQIs are not EXACTLY the same.

Class Specific Basic SQI's (alphabetical order)

Aegis Shield [1]

A holy shield with the head of Medusa wrought into it. This shield is only bestowed to the greatest of Athena's champions.
VIT + 5, INT + 3, STR + 3, MDEF + 5.
Item Class : Shield
Defense Rate : 8
Weight : 400
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Crusader, Paladin

1 x Mirror Shield[1].
1 x Sacred Mission[0].
1 x Safety Ring[0].
1 x Rosary[1].
1 x Emperium Anvil
1 x Ambernite Card
1 x Medusa Card
2 x Orc Warrior Card
1 x High Orc Card
12 x Emperium
30 x Piece of Shield
1 x Essence of Crusader
100m Zeny

Reflect 10% of all melee damage.
10% Aftercast Reduction.
Full HP/SP when resurrected.
10% more damage with Shield Chain.
Increase effectiveness of Heal by 10%.
Cast can't be Interrupted.
20% more damage with Holy Cross and Grand Cross.

Artemis Bow [3]

external image 1745.gif
Legendary bow that was used by Artemis to shoot down the stars from the sky.
The bow is powerful enough to cause traumatic wounds on its unfortunate target.
INT + 5, LUK + 5.
Item Class : Bow
Attack Strength : 200
Weight : 150
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Hunter, Sniper

1 x Rudra Bow[0].
1 x Ballista[0].
1 x Bow Thimble[0].
1 x Breeze Card
1 x Morrigane's Belt[0].
1 x Safety Ring[0].
1 x Arrow of Counter Evil
50 x Red Bijou
50 x Blue Bijou
50 x Yellow Bijou
50 x Green Bijou
1 Essence of Hunter

15 LUK
20% Magic Resistance (not MDEF, is a reduction).
40% more damage with Claymore Trap and Blast Mine.
10 INT
10% more damage with Critical Hits.
15% more damage with Double Strafing.
5% chance to use External Bleeding status when attacking.
15% MHP
Enable use of Safety Wall Level 4.

Belmont Whip [3]

external image 1990.gif
Legendary weapon of the Belmont clan, said to have slayed over 1000 vampires, including Count Dracula himself.
Enchanted with Fire.
DEX + 5, LUK + 4, AGI + 4.
Item Class : Whip
Attack Strength : 190
Attribute : Fire
Weight : 70
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Dancer, Gypsy

1 x Rope of Unbalance[3].
1 x Chemeti Whip[0].
1 x Eye of Dullahan[0].
1 x Assaulter Card
1 x Pest Card
100 x Flame Heart
3 x Valhalla's Flower
1 x Essence of Dancer
100m Zeny

20% MHP
10 DEX
10 AGI
10 LUK
15% more damage with Critical Hits.
20% more damage with Long Range attacks.
7% chance to use Stone Curse or Sleep status when attacking.
35% more damage with Throw Arrow.

Blade of Angels [3]

external image 1190.gif
A large,incredibly strong dagger which belies its light weight.
A favored support weapon of the Einherjar, blessed with shadow elements and the power to expand its user's mind.
STR + 10, HIT + 40, VIT + 10, MaxSP + 250, MaxHP + 20%.
Item Class : Dagger
Attack Strength : 150
Weight : 150
Available Jobs : Super Novice only

1 x Holy Dagger[0].
1 x Angel's Kiss[1].
1 x Angel's Reincarnation[1].
1 x Angelic Cardigan[1].
1 x Angelic Guard[1].
1 x Angelic Protection[1].
1 x Argos Card
1 x Megalodon Card
80 x Amulet
1 x Will of Red Darkness
1 x Essence of Super Novice
100m Zeny

100 ATK
30% HP
20% Melee and Ranged Resistance.
Enables use of Auto Spell Level 10.
30% Stone Curse and Freeze Resistance.
Enables use of Aspersio Level 5.
1000 SP
Enables use of Aura Blade Level 5.

Djinn [2]

external image 1320.gif
An axe imbued with the power of an earth dragon. Causes the earth itself to shake with each swing.
Enchanted With Earth.
DEX + 5, LUK + 5, VIT + 3.
Item Class : Axe
Attack Strength : 250
Attribute : Earth
Weight : 600
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Alchemist, Creator

1 x Orcish Axe[0].
1 x War Axe[1].
1 x Green Petite Egg
2 x Sandman Card
180 x Great Nature
1 x Doom Slayer[0].
1 x Mother's Nightmare
1 x Essence of Alchemist
100m Zeny

100 ATK
5% Chance to Reflect 40% of Damage for 8 seconds when attacked.
Mammonite does 50% more damage.
15% HP
20 LUK
Enables use of Level 6 Fire Bolt, and 5% chance to auto cast Level 6 Fire Bolt when attacking, +10% MATK.
5% Chance to use Stone Curse status on the enemy while receiving damage.

Electric Guitar [3]

external image 1913.gif
A guitar with the soul of a demon songstress. The melodies produced by this guitar send shockwaves of electricity through the enemy.
Enchanted With Lightning.
DEX + 5, INT + 4, VIT + 4.
Item Class : Musical Instrument
Attack Strength : 190
Attribute : Wind
Weight : 100
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Bard, Clown

1 x Gumoongoh[2].
1 x Guitar[1].
1 x Violin[4].
1 x Lute[3].
1 x Isis Egg
1 x Wind Ghost Card
100 x Singing Plant
100 Wind of Verdure
1 x Essence of Bard
100m Zeny

20% HP
Enables use of Jupiter Thunder Level 3.
10 INT
10 DEX
10 VIT
15% more damage with Critical Hits.
20% more with Long Range attacks.
35% more damage with Musical Strike.

Evangelist [3]

external image 1549.gif
A weapon wielded only by Valhalla's chosen. This mace is strengthened by the priest's own faith and devotion.
Enchanted With Water.
DEX + 5, INT + 5.
Enable to use Level 1 [Magic Crasher]
Item Class : Mace
Attack Strength : 250
Attribute : Water
Weight : 150
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Priest, High Priest

1 x Holy Robe[0].
1 x Coif[1].
2 x Plankton Card
2 x Galion Card
1 x Aqua Elemental Card
100 x Crystal Blue
10 x Hand of God
50 x Fang of Garm
1 x Essence of Priest
100m Zeny

Heal 20% more with Sanctuary.
100 ATK
30% Freeze and Stone Curse Resistance.
10 INT
Enables use of Frost Nova Level 10.
20% chance to Cause Sleep status when attacking.

Eversong Greaves [1]

external image 2480.gif
A pair of elegant boots, heavy to wear but increase the power of the wearer's kicks tremendously.
Incredibly soft and graceful. Despite their weight, the wearer feels able to run at great speeds.
MDEF + 10.
Enables Fast-Move all the time.
MaxHP + 10%.
MaxHP + 10%, HIT + 25.
[Taekwon Master]
MaxHP + 20%.
Item Class : Shoes
Defence Rate : 4
Weight : 150
Available Jobs : TaeKwon, TaeKwon Master Only

1 x Shoes[1].
1 x Crest of the Rider[1].
1 x Boots[1].
1 x Greaves[1].
1 x Valkyrja's Shoes [1].
1 x Andre Card
100 x Anodyne
20 x Heroic Emblem
30 x Red Feather
1 x Essence of Taekwon
100m Zeny

TaeKwon: 10% HP - TaeKwon Master: 20% HP
TaeKwon: 40 Hit - TaeKwon Master: 15 LUK
TaeKwon: 30% ASPD - TaeKwon Master: 10 DEX
130 ATK
50% more damage with Flying Side Kick.
20% SP
15% more damage with Critical Hits.

Ghostdancer Staff [3]

external image 1651.gif
An elegant staff of flawless Ivory, carved with ancient personal runes of late Einherjar warriors.
When wielding this staff, Soul Linkers hear them whisper words of power to them, and are blessed with their powers.
INT + 5, DEX + 5, MATK + 15%.
Item Class : 1-Handed staff
Attack Strength : 225
Weight : 150
Available Jobs : Soul Linker Only

1 x Evil Bone Wand[0].
1 x Survivor's Rod[1]. (INT Version -- NOT Kiel drop)
1 x Wand of Occult[0].
1 x Gentleman's Cane[1].
1 x Giant Whisper Card
2 x Wind Ghost Card
20 x Level 5 Soul Strike
1 x Essence of Linker
100m Zeny

20% HP and SP.
10 INT
Improve Concentration on Wizard Link.
Autoguard on Priest Link.
Energy Coat on Hunter Link.
Reflect Shield on Knight Link.
Autocast Acid Terror when attacking.
Autocast Holy Cross when attacking.
Autocast Frost Joke when attacking.

Hira Shurikat [3]

external image 13320.gif
A huge shuriken crafted of a lightweight, incredibly strong metal. Its origin is unknown.
It can be used equally well in offense as defense.
Enchanted With Wind.
DEX + 5, DEF + 8. MaxHP/MaxSP + 20%.
+20% Resistance to Boss/Non-Boss damage.
Negates the need for Ninjitsu Stones.
Item Class : 2-Handed Huuma Shuriken
Attack Strength : 250
Weight : 100
Attribute : Wind
Available Jobs : Ninja

1 x Huuma Blaze Shuriken[0].
1 x Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken[4].
1 x Huuma Wing Shuriken[0].
2 x Thara Frog Card
20 x 2carat Diamond
200 x Rough Wind
1 x Essence of Ninja
100m Zeny

50% more damage with Throw Humma Shuriken and Throw Kunai.
20% Cast Time Reduction.
20% Demi-Human Resistance.
10% HP/SP
15% MATK
Enables use of Hiding Level 1.
50% more damage with Wind Blade.
13% ASPD

Mjolnir [3]

external image 1530.gif
A great hammer rumored to have been used by, Thor, the God of thunder.
Enchanted With Lightning.
STR + 5, DEX + 5, LUK + 5.
Weapon Class : Mace
Attack Strength : 220
Attribute : Wind
Weight : 600
Weapon lvl : 4
Required lvl : None
Available Job : Blacksmith, Whitesmith

1 x Golden Mace[1].
1 x Iron Driver[0].
1 x Golem Card
1 x Heart Breaker[1].
1 x Metaller Card
150 x Rough Wind
100 x Pure Bradium
1 x Essence of Blacksmith
100m Zeny

Enables use of Throw Tomahawk Level 1, 200% more damage with Throw Tomahawk.
40% chance to cast Wide Silence Level 1 when using Hammerfall.
10% Ranged Damage Reduction.
15 DEX
15 LUK
Enables use of Charge Attack Level 1, 30% Cast Reduction with Charge Attack.
Spend 75% less Zeny when using Maximum Over Thrust.
15% more damage with Critical Hits.

Nibelungen [3]

external image 1430.gif
A spear used by Odin's battle maidens to purify weird souls. The demons slain by this lance give it tremendous power.
STR + 5, HIT + 10.
Enable to use Level 1 [Enchant Poison]
Item Class : Spear
Attack Strength : 200
Attribute : Neutral
Weight : 550
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Knight, Lord Knight

1 x Ivory Lance[1].
1 x Tirfing[0].
1 x Gungnir[0].
1 x Lance[0]. (Doppelganger--Not OVB)
2 x Argiope Card
2 x Loki's Whispers
20 x Talon of Griffon
1 x Essence of Knight
100m Zeny

40 HIT
10% Aftercast Reduction.
100% more damage with Joint Beat.
10% more damage with Bowling Bash; and 30% more damage with Brandish Spear.
Wind Endow for 4 seconds after using Spear Boomerang.
10 STR
Earth Endow for 4 seconds after using Spear Stab.
13% ASPD

Scouter [1]

external image 5600.gif
An advanced piece of technology, it feels as if your reactions are quicker and more accurate whilst wearing it.
Also contains a powerful personal shield generator, granting protection in combat.
Allows the user to sense their target's power level and weaknesses.
DEX + 10, ASPD + 15%.
Enable to use [Monster Property].
Item Class : Head Gear
Defence Rate : 7
Equipped On : Mid
Weight : 10
Power Level : >9000
Applicable Job : Gunslinger Only

1 x Contact Lenses[1].
1 x Headset[0].
1 x Vesper Core 1[0].
1 x Vesper Core 2[0].
1 x Vesper Core 3[0].
1 x Vesper Core 4[0].
250 x Fragment
1 x Essence of Gunslinger
100m zeny

Autocast Call Spirits Level 5 when using Flip Coin.
40% more damage with Ground Drift.
40% more damage with Triple Action and Bull's Eye.
3% chance to auto cast Stone Curse status when attacking.
20% HP/SP
15% Non-Boss Resistance.
10% ASPD
20% more damage with Critical Hits.

Sherwood Bow [3]

external image 1746.gif
Strong sturdy bow that was rumoured to be owned by a great thief of the past.
DEX + 5, AGI + 5.
Enable to use [Arrow Crafting].
Item Class : Bow
Attack Strength : 150
Weight : 150
Weapon Level : 4
Attack Range : 6
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Rogue, Stalker

1 x Earthen Bow[1].
1 x Roguemaster's Bow[0].
1 x Whisper Card
2 x Young Twig
60 x Peridot
40 x Blue Feather
1 x Banshee Master Card
1 x Essence of Rogue
100m Zeny

75 ATK
20% chance to auto cast Strip Armor Level 1 (works on ranged).
30% SP
15% Melee Resistance.

Staff of Magi [3]

external image 1650.gif
A staff with power sealed away by secret magics. Even the strongest of high wizards can only utilize a fraction of its great power.
Enchanted With Fire.
INT + 5, DEX + 5, +20% MATK.
Item Class : Staff
Attack Strength : 250
Attribute : Fire
Weight : 50
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Wizard, High Wizard

1 x Mighty Staff[0].
1 x Soul Staff[0].
1 x Wizardry Staff[0].
2 x Necklace of Wisdom
140 x Red Blood
5 x Level 5 Fire Bolt
5 x Level 5 Cold Bolt
5 x Level 5 Lightening Bolt
5 x Level 5 Earth Spike
1 x Essence of Wizard
100m Zeny

20% chance to auto cast Curse status when attacking.
30% HP
20% ranged damage reduction.
Ignore Demi-Human defense.
Amplify Magic Power casts 75% faster.
100% more damage with Magic Crasher and 10% chance to auto cast Ganbantein at no cost of gemstones.

Suiken [3]

external image 1840.gif
A symbol of the ultimate fighting art, its true power can only be unleashed while the user is intoxicated.
Masters of the Suiken style leave the enemy off-guard before delivering a powerful finishing blow.
Enchanted With Water.
STR + 5, DEX + 5, AGI + 3.
Item Class : Claw
Attack Strength : 150
Attribute : Water
Weight : 60
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Monk, Champion

1 x Waghnak[4].
1 x Berserk[0].
1 x Executioner's Mitten
1 x Marine Sphere Card
3 x Caramel Card
20 x Broken Liquor Jar
20 x Poison Bottle
50 x Gemstone
125 x Mystic Frozen
200 x Alcohol
1 x Essence of Monk
100m Zeny

50% to auto cast Hyper Spirit Sphere when using Fury.
40 HIT
100% more damage with Triple Attack, Chain Combo and Combo Finish.
50% more damage with Tiger Knuckle Fist and Chain Crush Combo.
30% Freeze and Stone Curse Resistance.
13% ASPD
5% chance to Freeze the target when attacking.

Tome of Ymir [3]

external image 1590.gif
Tome that contains the secrets of Rune Midgar. Bestows limitless knowledge.
DEX + 5, INT + 4, VIT + 3.
Item Class : Book
Attack Strength : 250
Weight : 80
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Sage, Professor

1 x Book of Billows[0].
1 x Book of Gust of Wind[0].
1 x Book of Mother Earth[0].
1 x Book of the Blazing Sun[0].
1 x Book of the Apocalypse[0].
1 x Tablet[1].
1 x Memory Book[0].
1 x Yellow Novus Card
20 x Old Magicbook
75 x Worn Out Page
1 x Essence of Sage
100m Zeny

Enables Strip Shield Level 3.
10% MATK
Ignore Gemstone Requirement.
100 ATK
20% HP
13% ASPD

Twin Fang [4]

external image 1290.gif
Blades fashioned with deadly fangs of a demon lord. Favoured weapons of the Dark Brotherhood assassins, these legendary blades have never failed to kill their target.
AGI + 5, CRIT + 5.
Item Class : Katar
Attack Strength : 140
Weight : 150
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Assassin, Assassin Cross

1 x Assassin Mask[0].
1 x Infiltrator[0].
1 x Grimtooth[0].
1 x Hydra Card
20 x Blades of Darkness
25 x Oridecon
100 x Elunium
1 x Drill Katar[1].
100 x Cursed Water
25 x Piece of Darkness
1 x Essence of Assassin
100m Zeny

40 ATK
40% more damage with Meteor Assault.
15% Cast Time Reduction.
10 INT
25% more damage with Grimtooth.
2% Chance to endow Shadow when attacking.
30 HIT

Non-Class Specific Basic SQI's (alphabetical order)

Brisingamen [1]

external image 2630.gif
A legendary necklace worn by Freija, the goddess of beauty.
All Stats except DEX + 6, DEX + 3, MDEF + 5
Item Class : Accessory
Defence : 5
Weight : 20
Available Job : Every Job

4 x Ring[1].
4 x Earring[1].
4 x Brooch[1].
4 x Glove[1].
4 x Rosary[1].
4 x Necklace[1].
120m Zeny


external image 2629.gif
A legendary belt rumored to be owned by Thor, the god of thunder. Increases its wearer's strength.
STR + 30, MDEF + 7
[Monk Class]
Reduce damage done with Asura Strike by 10%.
[Assassin Class]
STR bonus does not apply.
Item Class : Accessory
Defence : 2
Weight : 300
Available Job : All Jobs

1 x Belt[1].
1 x Angel Wing[0].
1 x Tarou Card
1 x Mantis Card
1 x Picky Card
1 x Deviruchi Card
1 x Hornet Card
1 x Kobold Card
10 x Ring[1].
10 x Ring[0].
150m Zeny

Sleipnir [1]

external image 8049.gif
Named after Odin's trusty warhorse, these shoes also mimic Sleipnir's powers.
MHP/MSP + 20%, SP Recovery + 15%, MDEF + 10, Fast-move all the time
Item Class : Shoes
Defence : 5
Weight : 150
Required lvl : 80
Available Job : Every Job

1 x Sleipnir[0].
1 x Greaves[1].
50m Zeny

Valkyrie Helm [1]

external image 8048.gif
Helmet decorated with angelic feathers, worn by Odin's battle maidens.
Inscribed with the image of the Goddess of Death, its true purpose is to protect and preserve life.
VIT + 20 , LUK + 20
AGI + 20 , MDEF + 20
Reduce 10% of damage taken from demi-human monsters
Item Class : Head Gear
Defence Rate: 7
Equipped On : Upper
Weight : 10
Applicable Job : Every Job

1 x Angel Wing[0].
1 x Angel Wing Ears[1].
1 x Helm of Angel[0].
1 x Spiky Band[0].
1 x Queen's Hair Ornament
1 x Crown of Mistress[0].
1 x Bone Helm
130m Zeny

Bonuses: The Rotation

Every bonus of each of the SQI's requires you to farm a ZENY part, an ITEM part, and an ESSENCE part. The ESSENCE part is obviously the same, forever. The ZENY and the ITEM part on the other hand are variable.

Every now and then, the GMs will press the red "ROTATE INGREDIENTS" button that sits next to the espresso machine in the GM Office. Once they push this button, the GMs personal Supercomputer will start working. The Supercomputer will look through an endless list of carefully selected items, handpicked by the GM Team. The requirement for the BASE-list: Every item has to drop more than 30% off a regular monster. This BASE-list was created long before men walked the earth. Out of this BASE-list, the supercomputer will generate a totally random ITEM requirement, and will generate a random ZENY part too.

The Zeny part lies between 1m and 2m zeny. Most would dare to say the difference is not even worth mentioning, but it might be confusing for someone that was not aware of this. So, yes indeed, the zeny part of the SQI changes every time the GM's press the red button.

More important than the Zeny part, the item part gets changed too. The list of 'available' items is LONG. It's really long. Not all items will show up at once, while some items might appear twice or more. For example, at some point in time you will need to farm (for example) 300 Frill and 500 Dark Masks to create a +5 DEX bonus on your Evangelist, while next time you will have to farm 700 Human Skulls and 500 Mould Powder. Be aware of this when you are going to upgrade your favourite SQI, because you can end up farming an item that is not accurate anymore.

Really important question, when will GM's press the button?

The answer is simple: usually in the morning, in between coffee breaks. This is when GMs are generally most active, when they're not hibernating. During the hot summer months this will slightly shift to the early afternoons though. For a more serious answer, no clue. And even GMs don't know when. When it is decided that ample time has passed, they may decide to alter the ingredients. HOWEVER, GMs WILL give prior notice of at least a week, before actually changing the item list.

What is in this Endless list that the Supercomputer has to choose from?

Considering it is long and...endless, we can merely attempt to gather as much information, and hope that our kids, and following generations will continue to do so. As you can clearly see, with every item drop at 30% or above in the list, even items you encounter every single day, are SQI ingredients for at least someone on the server. The message is: Never NPC anything anymore from now on.

This is obviously a really nice way to earn some extra money. The biggest problem is "What items are required this time?". People will sadly have to check that every single time the Red Button is pressed. The wiki will try to keep updated as far as possible.

Happy farming!

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