A quick guide to cooking

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Written by partygirl* and Tom.

Welcome to the know-hows of cooking, all concentrated here for your convenience. Cooking is a brewing skill usable by any character above base level 50 that have started the cooking quest, and is invoked by using a cooking kit. A menu with the available dishes to cook will appear, depending on the ingredients present in the character's inventory. You may select one, the cooking processes will occur and depending on the chances, the cooking will succeed or fail. With great success, you will obtain the food item.

Cooking chances rely on DEX/LUK stats, with DEX helping 2x as much as LUK, base level, and cooking kits. Because the stats are such a prominent aspect, people do the quest on a Sniper for high stats; Supernovices however can achieve higher stats and thus are the best chefs with the right gear.

12054.gif1st step: Do the actual quest! Link. In the quest you will have to cook actual foods. I advice you to read on the whole guide before jumping up and cooking. The quest requires the character to wear a Chef Hat, you may burrow one if you can as it is non-consumable. The common cooking ingredients can be bought from Cooking NPC, Fruit Gardeners, Meat, Milks Vendors, Tool Dealer, Sushi NPC, and some at Pet NPC. Other ingredients have to be farmed.

12056.gif2nd step: Level up your cooking experience!

The more you cook, the more cooking experience you gain, capped at 2000. The experience affects your cooking chances, and depending on how many dishes you plan to be cooking, you may choose for yourself if you want to get high experience before starting or not. You will know you've hit the cap when you receive your Iron Chef achievement. Be aware that with failing attempts, you will lose some experience. You can not check it in-game, but you can check your chances on the Calc, on the right top side, select the drop down menu, and select the last option "Cooking Success Chances". The best way to gain experience is by cooking Level 1 INT food, as it is all made from NPC items, is the cheapest, and will leave you with hundreds of Grape Juice Herbal Tea which you can give to newbies in Prontera when they ask for help and handouts.

12064.gif3rd step: Actual cooking Check your desired recipe here The Menu. Books 1-5 are obtainable from the quest NPC. You may borrow one at a time, and exchange them as you desire, as long as you wear a Chef Hat, and give the NPC some items every time, or you can do the quest on 5 different characters to get all 5 books at once. Books 6-7 are a common drop, and can be bought from vendors. Books 8-9 are uncommon and Book 10 is extremely rare (MVP drop from Maya Purple).

Next off, it is about The Cooking Kits. Stay away from the Outdoors Kit unless you want to save 500z at the cost of lower chances. Use the Home Kit for cooking foods that are plentiful, as you may buy them from the NPC. Use the Professional Kit for harder to obtain foods, and the Royal and Fantastic Kits for the level 10-8 foods. The Fantastic Kits offer a fixed 100% cooking chance.

12068.gif4th step: A little about stats! Besides base level, it's all about the DEX/LUK. Getting around 180-200 each is advised, and some will get even more. DEX counts twice as much as LUK! About buffs: Priest buffs Bless and Gloria are obtainable, Attention Concentration from Box of Gloom (adds 4 dex), and Paladin's Gospel has a chance to add +20 to all stats, which makes a difference. Marionette control will lend you half of the controller's DEX/LUK, but has limitations. About Items: Casual items for stats are , low level Foods, Rental Excalibur for +10 LUK, Fortune Sword for 5 LUK, Crystal Pumps 5 LUK, Celebration rings for +5 stats, Rosaries for +2 Luk, Kaho for 20 DEX, armor enchanted with LUK+3, and carded with Baby Leopard Card for another LUK+3. Then, you can get SQI and their bonuses, depending on your class. You may go for a Wild mid/top for more LUK. +9 Hood with Chung E card for +4 LUK, and there may be more stat bonus items I am not aware of. A reward NPC item, Skeleton Manteau (10 TC) Gives +2 Dex, +2 Luk. Extras: Poporing, Poring and Siroma pets give +2 Luk, Taini gives +2 DEX, and Sohee gives +1 DEX.

Next, for some free Level 5 Vit/Dex/Luk stats! Yes, you may get a free buff daily of +5 DEX/LUK for your cooking, or any other desire with a very short quest called the Brasilis Strange Hydra Quest

12084.gifFinal Step: Admit that you are le' Iron Chef, and that you're awesome! The end result, is the actual food, a consumables that gives stat bonus. The Value of Food, is the raw cost of the ingredients, the Cooking Kits, item's you've used, foods you've spent, unsuccessful attempts, and all your time spent, which is very valuable! All this calculated into a consumable.

That's it. Enjoy your cooking! Fill TalonRO with dishes and remember to have fun :). I dedicate this guide to my lovely niece <3