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Many people know what the abbreviations stand for, but equally as many don't.

So this guide contains common abbreviations for forum and in-game.

Please stick to the common ones.

  • Note 1: about capital letters. Abbreviations can come in all forms, you can see it written "AK" or "ak", depending on who's writing it.
  • Note 2: * denotes that the cards are usually used as a combo such as DDTT [doppel, doppel, turtle, turtle] Mace.
  • Note 3: regarding multiple meanings, it will show like this: (card/weapon/boss):
    • Card: it applies to a card, like AK referring to Abysmal Knight Card.
    • Weapon/headgear/armor/garment/shield/footgear/accesory: carded equipment; if you write BK AWE means that you got Angel Wing Ears carded with a Bloody Knight Card.
    • Monster/boss: means that the monster or boss can also be called like that. If no abbreviation is added means that the monster is usually referred by its full name, like Alligator not being written like A, but called by the full name.

In alphabetical order:


A* - Alligator (card/weapon).

ACD/AC Delay - After Cast Delay, time needed to start the next skill after a skill has been used.

AD - Acid Demonstration.

AFAIK - As Far As I Know.

AFK - Away From Keyboard.

AK* - Abysmal Knight (card/weapon/monster).

AOA - Apple of Archer.

AOE - Area of Effect.

Asmp - Assumptio.

Asp - Aspersio.

ASPD - Attack Speed.

AV - Arrow Vulcan.

Awa - Awakening Potion.

AWE / AWE [1] - Angel Wing Ears (unslotted/slotted).


B> - Buying.

Base - Base Level.

BB - Bowling Bash, Blitz Beat (rarer).

BBQ - Be Back Quick.

BC - Bronze Coins.

BFB - Black Feather Beret.

BG - Blue Gemstone, Battlegrounds.

Bio - Biochemist/Creator

BK - Bloody Knight (card/headgear/monster).

BL - Base Level

Blues - Blue Potions.

BM - Battlemode.

BOD - Blade of Darkness.

Bragi - A Poem of Bragi skill, usually to reduce After Cast Delay.

Break - Upgrading an item over the safe limit.

BRB - Be Right Back.

Bris - Brisingamen.

BS - Blacksmith, Back Stab, Beast Strafe.

BS sacramenti - Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti.

BSS - Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti.

BT - Black Talon.

BTW - By The Way.

Buff - to cast supportive magic on another, usually Blessing and Increase AGI skills, but can refer to a link from Soul Linkers or any other form of supportive magic.

BUMP - Bringing Up My Postcount.

BW - Butterfly Wing.


CB - Composite Bow, Cold Bolt (not common).

CC - Copper Coins.

Celeb - Celebration Ring.

CEB - Cat Ear Beret.

CK - Combat Knife.

CKaho - Custom Kaho, has customized sprite (refer to Kaho).

Conc - Concentration Potion.

Cooldown - After Cast Delay.

Crit - Critical hit or build.

CT - Cart Termination.


D* - Doppelganger (card/weapon/boss). Can be called "dopp", "dop" or "doppel" (last one applies to the boss).

DArmor - Diablos Armor.

DBoots - Diablos Boots.

Devi - Deviling (card/weapon/boss).

DG - Dimensional Gorge (moc_fild22).

DI - Dark Illusion (card/headgear/boss).

DL - Dark Lord (card/footgear/boss).

DMant - Diablos Manteau.

DPS - Damage Per Second.

Dr* - Dracula (card/weapon), Drake (card/weapon), it really depends on the weapon and class used. People don't tend to abbreviate to refer to the bosses themselves.

DRing - Diablos Ring.

DRobe - Diablos Robe.

DS - Double Strafe.


EDP - Enchant Deadly Poison.

EP - Enchant Poison.

ESL - Evil Snake Lord (card/headgear/boss). Headgear refers to a carded headgear, not to the Evil Snake Lord Hat.

ET - Endless Tower instance.

EWE / EWE [1] - Evil Wing Ears (unslotted/slotted).


FA - Falcon Assault.

FB - Fire Bolt.

FCP - Full Chemical Protection.

FFA - Free For All.

FJ - Frost Joke.

FN - Frost Nova.

FO - Finger Offensive / Throw Spirit Sphere.

FTL - For The Lose.

FTW - For The Win.

FW - Fly Wing.

FYI - For Your Information.


GC - Grand Cross, the skill, not the weapon.

GEC - General Egnigem Cenia (card/footgear/boss).

GH - Glast Heim.

GHC - Glast Heim Churchyard.

GHP - Glast Heim Prison.

GJ - Grape Juice.

Gloom - Gloom Under Night (card/armor/boss).

GM - Game Master.

GMC - Game Master Challenge.

GN - Great Nature.

GR - Ghostring (card/armor/boss).

GS - Gunslinger.

GTB - Golden Thief Bug (card/shield/boss).

GTFO - Get The F**k Out.


H* - Hydra (card/weapon/monster).

HBQ - Hunting Board Quest.

HO - High Orc.

HP - hit points.

HP - High Priest.

HSCR - High Speed Cart Ram (iRO name for Cart Termination).

HW - High Wizard.


IC - Instant Cast [Dex 150+, or having equip with Reduce Casting Time total of 100% or more].

IGN - In Game Name.

Imba - Imbalanced.

IIRC - If I Recall/Remember Correctly.

IMHO - In My Honest/Humble Opinion.

IMO - In My Opinion.

IP / IP [1] - Ice Pick (unslotted/slotted).

IRL - In Real Life.

iRO - International Ragnarok Online.


JL - Job Level.

jRO - Japanese Ragnarok Online.

JT - Jupitel Thunder.


Kaho - Lord Kaho's Horn (or monster/card).

KE - Kyrie Eleison.

kRO - Korean Ragnarok Online.

KS - Kill Steal.

KOS - Kill On Sight.


L/N - Leave Name.

L/O - Leave Offer.

L/O/N - Leave Offer & Name.

LA - Lex Aeterna.

LBW - Lich's Bone Wand.

LD - Lex Divina.

Lex - Lex Divina or Lex Aeterna, varies with the tactics/monster. For example, if you say "Lex that Anubis" usually means casting Lex Divina on it, but if it's applied to a MVP, it usually refers to Lex Aeterna.

LFG - Looking For Guild.

LFM - Looking For Member.

LFP - Looking For Party.

LH3 - LightHalzen Dungeon 3, Biolabs Dungeon 3, Somatology Lab 3.

LK - Lord Knight.

LMAO - Laughing My Arse Off.

LOD - Lord of Death (card/garment/boss).

Loki - Loki's Veil (skill).

Lol - Laughing Out Loud.

Loli - Loli Ruri (monster).

LoV - Lord of Vermillion.

LP - Land Protector.


M* - Mobster (card/weapon/monster).

Magni - Magnificat.

Meg - Megingjard.

ME - Magnus Exorcismus.

MG - Main Gauche, refers to the slotted version.

Miniboss - It's a monster that has slaves, is boss type and "looks like a boss", but that doesn't have MVP protocol. That means they aren't free for all.

Missy - Mistress (card/headgear/boss).

MS - Meteor Storm.

MVP - Most Valuable Player, Boss. This means that the monster in question has MVP protocol, free for all, anybody can attack, use skills on it...


NKaho - Normal Kaho, Kaho without customized sprite, looks like a pair of golden horns.

Non Trans - Non-Transcendant (Class).

NONR - No Offer, No Response.


OA - Orcish Axe (unslotted/slotted).

OAB - Orc Archer's Bow.

OBB - Old Blue Box.

OCA - Old Card Album.

OH - Orc Hero (card/headgear/boss).

OL - Orc Lord (card/armor/boss).

OMFG - Oh My F**king God.

OMG - Oh My God.

OOB - Old Orange Box.

OP - Over Powered.

OPB - Old Purple Box.

ORLY - Oh Really?

OVB - Old Violet Box, actually, it's an Old Purple Box, just that it uses iRO name.


P* - Phreeoni (card/weapon/boss).

Pally - Paladin.

PC> - Price Check.

PCB - Pussy Cat Bell.

PM - Please Message / Private Message.

Pot - Potion (Potting means using potions).

PVE - Player Vs Environment.

PVM - Player Vs Monster.

PVP - Player Vs Player.


QFT - Quoted For Truth.

QQ - To cry, to complain, to whine.

Quag - Quagmire.


R> - Recruiting.

Ray - Raydric (card/garment).

Res(s) - Resurrection.

RGM - Recruiting Guild Member.

RL - Real Life (god forbid).

RMS - Ratemyserver.

RMT - Real Money Trading (it's illegal, report it).

RO - Ragnarok Online.

ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing.

RP - Reward Points (old, not used anymore as we got Copper Coins).


S* - Incantation Samurai (card/weapon/boss).

S> - Selling.

Sanc - Sanctuary.

Sader - Crusader.

SB - Sonic Blow / Soul Burn / sometimes Soul Breaker / Steel Body.

SBK - Soul Breaker.

SC - Shield Chain.

SG - Storm Gust / Star Gladiator.

Sin - Assassin.

SinX - Assassin Cross.

SK - Stormy Knight (card/headgear/boss).

SL - Soul Linker.

slims - Condensed Potions (red, yellow or white).

Slinger - Gunslinger.

Sn* - Sniper Card.

SN - Super Novice.

SOP - Staff of Piercing.

SPAM - Stop Posting Annoying Messages, Pointlessly Posting.

SPC - Santa Poring (card/weapon).

SQI - Super Quest Items.

SS - Screen Shot / Soul Strike / Sharpshooting.

STFU - Shut The F**k Up.

SW - Safety Wall.


T* - Turtle General (card/weapon).

T> - Trading.

TC - Talon Coins.

TF - Toy Factory / Twing Fang.

Tg - Turtle General (card/weapon/boss), not common, but used to refer to the boss.

TKM - Taekwondo Masters, iRO name for Star Gladiators.

Trans - Transcendant (Class).

TRO - TalonRO.

TSS - Throw Spirit Sphere / Finger Offensive.

TTYL - Talk To You Later.

TU - Turn Undead.



Vampire - Refers to Vampire builds, that use cards or effects that suck HP from enemies, like Sniper or Hunter Fly Cards.

VF - Violet Fear.

VVS - Very Very Strong, a refinement grade, it's the most common one with Elemental Weapons.


W> Want.

WB - Waterball.

Wiz - Wizard.

WoE - War of Emperium.

WoV - Wind of Verdure.

WS - Whitesmith.

WTF - What The F**k.

WTH - What The Hell.

WW - Warm Wind.




Zerk - Berserk, can refer either to Berserk Potions or to the Lord Knight skill