Achievements Guide

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This page's purpose is to explain how to get TalonRO Achievements


99 Supreme

Hit level 99 as a novice or 1st class character.

How To: Pretty self explanatory, just get a character to 99 as a novice, acolyte, archer, swordsman,magician, merchant, or thief. Please note that extended classes CAN NOT get this achievement, that means Super Novice, Taekwon, Gunslinger, and Ninja CAN NOT earn this.


Ambitious Miner

Kill Kublin at least 1 time.

How To: Kublin is in a WoE castle/guild dungeon. He spawns in Aruna / Schwartzwald Dungeon for the Guild that holds the castle at the end of WoE.


And it burns burns burns

Complete Jingle Bells, Smoking is bad for your health, Golden Showers, Those abs won't save you!, Furry Lover, Ohh what a cute girl!

How To: Complete the aforementioned achievements



Kill Drake at least 1 time.

How To: Go to Warp Girl, Dungeons, then Sunken Ship. Drake is on the second floor usually all the way in the back.Kill him and the achievement is yours. Killing Drake in the Endless Tower WILL NOT get you this achievement.


Baby Boom

Adopt a child.

How To: To adopt a character, right click on the character you want to adopt and choose the Adopt option.

The following criteria have to be met in order to adopt the character: · Both parents must be level 70. · Both parents are married to each other. · Both parents are members of the same party, by themselves. · The character being adopted has to be a Novice, Super Novice, or any one of the first job classes. (No high variant.) · The adoptee isn't already married, adopted or has another character adopted.

After the adoption, the character being adopted will become a smaller variant of their class and you will receive family skills. The baby can grow up to a 2-1 or 2-2 job class, but cannot become a rebirth class. The parents will be able to share experience with their child, and the child's stats can go no higher than 80.


Big, fat and ugly

Kill Detardeurus at least 1 time.

How To: Detardeurus is at the bottom of the Abyss Lake (abyss_03) To access the Abyss Lake Caves, you need to go to Abyss Lake, 1 map south and 1 map west of Hugel. At 168,303 on that map is a column. You will need 1 Dragon Canine, 1 Dragon Scale, and 1 Dragon Tail. Insert the parts and you have a portal to the middle of the map. Enter the caves, work your way down to Level 3 and Slay Detardeurus. This is also part of the "How to kill a dragon" Achievement


Boom Baby!

Get adopted.

How To: See "Baby Boom" for adoption specifics. This achievement is the same as Baby Boom except you are the one being adopted and not the one adopting.


Bug Squasher

Kill Maya at least 1 time.

How To: Maya appears in a few places, keep in mind this is Maya and not Maya Purple. You can go to Warp Girl, dungeons, then Ant Hell. Make your way down to the second floor and look for her. She also appears in the Valkyrie Guild Dungeon. Killing her will get you this achievement.Killing her in the Endless Tower (Floor 15) WILL NOT get you the achievement.