Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest

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Base level: none

Item(s) required: none


  • Items: 1x Feudal Lord Permit
  • Access to Amatsu Dungeon level 1, 2, and 3


Step 1. Warp to Amatsu city and talk to the left Guard Soldier (amatsu 164, 174) He will tell you not to enter the house. In there is the master's mother and she has been sick for several months.


Step 2. Now make your way to Amatsu Castle, to the 4th floor to find Lord of Palace (ama_in02 200,176). Tell him you heard his mother is sick. He will ask you to cure his mother.


Step 3. Head outside and speak to Kouji (amatsu 189,166)


At the lower right corner outside of the master's mother's house. Talk to him twice. The first time he will mention something about fox. The second time he will hint you to the shrine at the north.


Step 4. To find the shrine, go through the Northeast Portal of Amatsu then on the field walk all the way to the center north. There is the shrine.


Inside the shrine you'll find Kitsune Mask (ama_in01 180,173)


He will teach you how to cure the master's mother's sickness.

Step 5. Go into the house and talk to Grandma (ama_in01 22,111) Try to get the fox off the old lady's body.


Now, this might take a few tries to success. If you fail and got warped out of the house, just go back in and try again. Once you are successful, you will see a dead ninetail animation and get a nine tails.


Step 6. Now, take the nine tails to the Lord of Palace (ama_in02 200,176) to claim your reward.

He will thank you for curing his mother and give you a pass to the Amatsu Dungeon.


Step 7. To enter the dungeon. You must have the Feudal Lord Permit in your inventory. You can enter from a ladder from the Lord of Palace floor. Or Warp Girl> Dungeons>Amatsu Dungeon.


Talk to the Soldier (ama_in02 115,177) and open the gate to enter.


You cannot use someone else's pass, he will not open the door for you and will confiscate the pass if you never done the quest yourself.

Step 8. If you lose your Permit. The Soldier Jiro (ama_in02 170,62) located north-west of the stairs on the ground floor of Amatsu Castle can reissue you one for 10,000 zeny