Ancient Tower

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Ancient Tower is an increasingly difficult gauntlet challenge, a culmination of Valkyrie Brynhildr, Herja & Geiravor's story-lead instances. Participating parties make their way up the 30th floor tower, with a special boss encounter every 5th floor.

These battles function similar to Endless Tower, with players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. Once on a floor, players are unable to go backwards.

This is a good opportunity to farm for Valkyrie Coins as well as special Valkyrie Tokens, where players can exchange these for special costumes, items, armaments and prizes in the Bazaar!

Talk to the Instance Girl and warp to the Valkyrie's Hall to enter the lobby. Then, speak with the Valkyrie to create the instance!


  • No monster drops.
  • All skills except Ice Wall, Teleport, and Spider Web are useable.
  • Fly wings unusable.
  • Kill all monster to proceed to the next floor, with a total of 30 Floors. Every 5th floor will contain a boss.
  • Boss floors (every 5th floor) are cleared when the boss is defeated, even if other mobs are alive.
  • Time limit is 1h20min.
  • Unlimited re-entry, as long as at least one party member is alive.
  • Pet intimacy not lost upon death.


Currently (April 2 2020) limited to two runs per master account per week (resets at the end of Sunday, server time).

Prepare Yourselves

One Possible Party Setup

  • Steel Body Champion
  • Devotion Paladin
  • High Priest
  • High Priest
  • High Wizard
  • Professor
  • Biochemist
  • Sniper
  • Sniper
  • Sniper
  • Clown
  • Gypsy / Second Bio

The Floors

The Beasts of Vanaheim (1 - 4)

Floor 1 Floor 2 Floor 3 Floor 4
Hill Wind Baphomet Gryphon Atroce
Gryphon Hildisvini Thanatos Odium Galion
Chimera Thanatos Despero Hildisvini Baby Garm
Leib Olmai Chimera Flame Hound
Tikbalang Ravager
Hell Fly

Garmr and Skoll (5)


  • Focus on Garmr first, he is weaker and uses Wide Freeze.
  • Skoll uses earthquake, so make sure snipers are max range.

Valhalla & The Trickster (6-9)

Floor 6 Floor 7 Floor 8 Floor 9
Valhalla Justice Valhalla Justice Valhalla Sentinel Valhalla Rapier
Valhalla Sentinel Jotnar Valhalla Knight Valhalla Champion
Valhalla Sanctum Valhalla Templar Valhalla Templar Valhalla Templar
Valhalla Templar Mysteltainn Valhalla Sanctum Valhalla Cavalier
Jotnar Valhalla Cavalier Valhalla Redeemer Valhalla Knight
Knight Guardian Knight Guardian
  • Valhalla Cavalier (the blue one) uses dispel! Use GTB while mobbing.
  • Valhalla Rapier uses skills similar to Lord Knight Seyren, try to take it down quickly.
  • Valhalla Champion uses skills similar to Paladin Randel, make sure to dispel it.

Loki (10)

M loki.gif

  • There are many Loki's Adherents (Assassin Cross minibosses) hidden on this level, so proceed with caution.
  • Acid demonstration does around 60k-70k damage to Loki.
  • Keep him dispelled, so he will remain earth property.
  • Time is of the essence here. Every 40 seconds, 10 additional Loki's Adherents will appear randomly on the map.

Winged Divinity (11 - 14)

Floor 11 Floor 12 Floor 13 Floor 14
Frus Frus Skogul Berserker
Skogul Skogul Skeggiold Skeggiold
Skeggiold Skeggiold Plasma Plasma
Valkyrie Valkyrie Valkyrie Frus
Frus Skogul
  • The Skogul will hide, so make sure snipers bring a falcon for detecting.
  • Berserker is basically a souped up Baphomet. Pneumas up!

Brynhildr (15)


  • Brynhildr appears with three berserkers (not slaves). Focus the berserkers down first.
  • Wall of fog the front stack.
  • She uses fire breath, so make sure she is facing away from the party.
  • She uses earthquake later on, so swap to GTB later.

Herja's Wrath (16 - 19)

Floor 16 Floor 17 Floor 18 Floor 19
Valhalla Templar Jormungand Ymir Aegir
Valhalla Justice Valhalla Templar Berserker Plasma
Valhalla Sanctum Valhalla Sentinel Valhalla Justice
Deathword Valkyrie Deathword
Valhalla Sanctum Jotnar
Valhalla Cavalier
  • Aegir uses wide freeze, hell's judgement, and earthquake, so gear accordingly.

Herja (20)

Herja Form 1.gifHerja Form 2.gif

  • Herja's first form uses dispel, so tank with GTB.
  • Form one also uses spiral pierce, so make sure you are tanking on pneuma.
  • Watch out for tarot card of fate from the first form. If the high priestess card is pulled, you will get dispelled, even through GTB.
  • Form two can be tanked on safety wall, while using alice shield and fire RSX armor.
  • Use wall of fog on the tanker, so that spiral pierce damage will be reduced.

Valkyrie's Call (21 - 24)

Floor 21 Floor 22 Floor 23 Floor 24
Valkyrie Valkyrie Angelgolt Geiravor Partisan
Holy Skogul Angelgolt Berserker Geiravor's Disciple
Frus Holy Frus Holy Frus
Skogul Holy Skogul Holy Skogul
Geiravor Partisan
  • Angelgolt MVP will dispel and drain sp.
  • Holy Frus hits hard, make sure it gets dispelled.
  • Holy Skogul will pneuma themselves; cast safety wall around them beforehand.

Geiravor (25)

Geiravor Dark.gifGeiravor Light.gif

  • Depending on your timer, you will face one of the two forms of Geiravor.
  • Geiravor Mykyr (longer than 30 minutes to reach floor 25), the dark form, can be tanked on safety wall.
  • Geiravor Kynda (less than 30 minutes to reach floor 25), the light form, uses spiral pierce, hell's judgement, and earthquake.

The Final Showdown (26 - 29)

Floor 26 Floor 27 Floor 28 Floor 29
Valkyrie Randgris Fallen Dragon Skaadi Modgud
Berserker Fallen Ferus Skaadi's Disciple Saga
Valkyrie Fallen Acidus Aliaska
  • Only the bosses (except Berserker) need to be defeated to clear these floors.
  • Valkyrie Randgris, Fallen Dragon, and Modgud all use dispel.
  • Fallen Dragon and Aliaska use hell's judgement, wide sleep, and earthquake.
  • Use pneuma and wall of fog to tank the Skaadi's disciples.

Brynhildr, Geiravor, and Herja (30)

Brynhildr.gifGeiravor.gifHerja Form 1.gif

  • Time for a rematch with the valkyries! But there's some added difficulties here.
  • All three Valkyries spawn to the top left, relative to the warp-in position. Try to lure only one at a time.
  • After hitting a certain hp level, Brynhildr will start to channel her ultimate move, Shin-Zantetsuken. This attack will kill everyone and end the instance. You will have three minutes to defeat her before she finishes channeling it.
  • When Herja transforms into her second form, she will appear with two Herja's Wrath. They look visually similar to Herja. Once Valkyrie Herja is defeated, Herja's Wrath will dissipate.
  • Geiravor now reveals her third form. She will use dispel, earthquake, spiral pierce, pulse strike, and tarot card of fate. Watch out for the high priestess card!


  • NOTE: Rewards subject to change in the future.
  • 30 Valkyrie Coins (spendable at the Valkyrie's Bazaar)
  • 200 Talon Cash
  • Key to Valhalla (required to access the Valkyrie's Bazaar)
  • Valkyrie's Crown
  • Valkyrie's Hilt
  • Valkyrie's Effigy