Anubis Quick Leveling Guide

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Hi there.

Lately, I've seen many, many parties and individuals heading to Anubis and getting pwned and/or having a hard time to grind effectively, so I decided to publicly share a little bit of knowledge I've acquired through my time as a Aco-class enthusiast. Let's get to business.

The Problem

You want to level up. Quickly. Over a single monster. And yet, you keep getting Sonic Blowed to death. Reality's tough, huh?

Well, you see, here's your target:


  • Anubis
  • Lv 75
  • Base Exp: 224.000 at 8x
  • Job Exp: 176.000 at 8x
  • Race: Demi-Human
  • Property: Undead Lv4
  • Attack: 530~1697
  • Stats: 5 Str, 65 Agi, 10 Vit, 82 Int, 77 Dex, 33 Luk.
  • Required hitrate for 100% hit: 160
  • Required flee for 95% dodge: 227

As you can see, Anubis is quite the heavy hitter, specially for low-end gear users (like myself). From here, you have some possible paths:

  • a) Hit'n'Run: Doable, but not advisable, since you can end up getting killed by his Soul Strike of Darkness or mobbing more Anubis than you'd want.
  • b) Tank: You can invest heavily in vit and try to tank him. While surely doable, this consumes a lot of resources (be it pots or your fellow priest's SP), so it ain't effective, either.

or my favorite

  • Dodge: You can invest in flee and have yourself dodging 95% of its attacks, //including// the fearsome Sonic Blow. This will save you resources, allow you to mob up to 4 monsters without worries (aside from the eventual Hammer Fall from a lousy minorous) and let you enjoy countless white "Miss"es flying over everything's head. Hooray.

You can see from its stats above that you'll need 227 flee points to dodge it 95% of the times. While that's fair easy for Thief and Archer-class players, other classes, like everything else, can have a hard time achieving it without high-end gears/cards.

How to solve this?

The Solution

The solution is exceptionally easy, although obscure. It relies on a single Acolyte skill (also a Super Novice skill) and its unique properties:

Blessing. Here's the skill description: - Increases STR, DEX and INT of the target by 1*SkillLV and removes any Curse effect.

- If used on Undead property or Demon family monsters, it halves their STR, DEX and INT, regardless of skill level.

- This "Bless Curse" or "Offensive Blessing" will lower the HIT and MATK of a monster, but has no effect on ATK.

- This effect does not work against Players or Boss monsters.

Eureka. You just got yourself a cheap way to 99. But how?!, you might ask. Bear with me:

There's a formula to calculate the flee you'll need in order to achieve 95% over a monsters attacks/skills. Do note that 95% is the maximum you can get, as 100% dodge is only possible on WoE Maps. Here's the magical thing:

Dodge Rate(%) = 100% - (Attacker Hit + 80 - Defenders Flee) ("Attackers Hit" also applies for monsters as (Baselevel + DEX))

Seeing as 95% dodge rate is the top you'll ever get, the rest of the equation needs to sum 5. Using the standard values, you'll see that 227 really is the necessary amount of flee to dodge a normal Anubis.

Here comes the best part:

When you cast Blessing, regardless of level, on an Anubis, which IS an Undead Lv4 monster, its DEX is halved. Therefore, his HIT also decreases by 1/2. If you take this into account when calculating the flee you'll need, you'll stumble over this:

Dodge Rate (95%) = 100% - ([75 - {77/2}] + 80 - Required Flee)

This last equation, my friends, will total amazing 189 Flee Points! Every time you encounter an Anubis and cast Blessing on it, you'll only ever need 189 flee to void yourself of his fearsome Sonic Blow. As a bonus part, his MAtk will also //be halved//, meaning his Soul Strike of Darkness will now do pity damage over your glorious character (as MAtk vs MDef calculations are not linear).

The How

Well, since now you know what you'll need, it's time to check how you're actually doing it. There are, in fact, more than a dozen items that can help you achieve that flee amount: everything that adds flee (obviously) and everything that adds agi points (as each agi point = 1 flee) can help.

Basic Protip of Doom: 2392.gif Pantie + 2522.gif Undershirt Combo

- Pantie: Armor, 6 Def, 10 weight, slottable

- Undershirt: 2 Def, 15 weight, +1 MDef, slottable

- Wear both items atsame time to get +5 Agi and +10 Flee, totalizing +15 Flee! This should help you least get over Level 90, where the fun should begin.

Also, keep in mind that Anubis is Demi-Human, so any gear for PvP should help with that. Also, it's got 10 VIT, so it's easily stunnable and muted, although not frozen because it's Undead. Bathory (and Evil Druid) Armor will cancel out the Dark Soul Strike completely. Super Novices can also use the "Blessing Method" and Melee/Bolt them to death.

Happy grinding!

Credit to Aceviper, minor additions/edits by Malenko