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Area Item Pickup is TalonRO's new and enhanced autoloot solution, designed to make your gameplay experience even more equitable and dynamic. Introduced in May 2014, the new Area Item Pickup, or Area Pickup, is TalonRO's autoloot 2.0, and it's designed for every player to be able to pick up the items they want, without disrupting the economy with a needless influx of new items. The Area Pickup was part of TalonRO's Folkvang Patch update in the pre-content wave.

Why Replace Autoloot?

Area Pickup can in some ways be thought of as Autoloot 2.0. Prior to Area Pickup, using @autoloot would mean that characters under base level 70 would be able to automatically have all monster drops added to their inventory if they killed the monster. However, there were many drawbacks to the @autoloot system. With the use of Autoloot, all characters would have access to skills that allowed them to functionally replace smiths with the Greed skill. It also significantly changed party dynamics and rewarded other classes disproportionately at times. On TalonRO for many years, @autoloot was restricted to characters under base level 70 to try and cap this issue. However, it still did not address more fundamental issues about the use of @autoloot while balancing fair gameplay and promoting both solo and party play. In practice, this often meant that many players kept characters under the level 70 cap to keep @autoloot, which was certainly unintended.

Because of these reasons and many others, we set out on an endeavor to revamp @autoloot into something that preserved the convenience of traditional Autoloot while balancing out the aspects which led to some more difficult aspects. The TalonRO solution was the advent of Area Pickup. This unique, one-of-a-kind feature to TalonRO takes a player favorite feature and updates it to preserve the RO mechanic of collecting loot either with yourself or with a party.

What is Area Pickup?

If you're familiar with the "Greed" skill for Smiths, then you're already familiar with Area Pickup! Area Pickup is a passive expansion to how you already pick up drops from monsters off of the ground. The major difference is that the pickup area has expanded from one cell to a 3x3 cell area.

Before Area Pickup was implemented, picking up an item looked like the images below - where you could place your cursor over one item and pick that single item up, one click at a time:

Before 1x1 copy.png Before 1x1 part 2 copy.png

In the new Area Pickup, this expands to a 3x3 cell area around the item that you've targeted with your cursor. In the example below, our Swordman is placing his cursor over the Scell, and is now able to pick up the other items around it within the pickup area:

Pickup 1 copy 2.png Pickup 2 copy.png

This new feature should make it much easier to pick up the items you want with less time clicking and more time collecting!

The Greed Skill and Area Pickup

One concern players might leap to is how the new Area Pickup interacts with the Greed skill for Blacksmiths and Whitesmiths. With the old @autoloot system, Greed was an even more invalidated skill. While there was certainly application for Greed in parties where characters were over level 70, any character under level 70 could simply absorb all of the items they could using @autoloot. This didn't seem like a desirable solution, but the goal wasn't to invalidate Greed either! The result is that Greed has a significant expansion over the Area Pickup, making Greed still a good axillary skill for Smiths.

Greed allows the Smith to pick up items within a 5x5 area, as opposed to the 3x3 area of Area Pickup, as shown below:

Greed1 copy 2.png Greed3 copy.PNG

This makes the Greed skill very relevant, while allowing other players to enjoy picking up loots in a similar but smaller manner.

Enabling or Disabling Area Pickup

The new Area Pickup comes with a command, @arealoot. Using this command will enable or disable the Area Pickup. Area Pickup is enabled by default on TalonRO.