Ashura Fairy Hat Quest

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DEX+2, LUK+2

[Bard, Dancer, Clown, Gypsy]

Enable use of level 1 Please Don't Forget Me.

Def: 2

Upper and Mid headgear.

Ingredients Required


1. To obtain this quest, talk to 'Shira' in Rachel 182, 183.

She will ask for few ingredients:

30 Piece of cakes

20 Candy

20 Candy Cane


2. After handing the items to Shira, she will ask you to find 'Vann', 'Locas', and 'Elyn' accordingly. Talk to Vann and he will want you to gather some ingredients for him. He is at the market place, rachel 135, 45.

5 Egg

5 Fresh Fish

5 Yam

20 Shrimp

20 Strawberry

20 Orange

20 Cheese


3. After giving the ingredients to Vann, Find 'Locas' and he needs some ingredients. He is inside Rachel inn second floor, ra_in 384, 127.

20 Red Herb

20 Yellow Herb

10 White Herb

10 Blue Herb

10 Royal Jelly

10 Honey


4. After giving the ingredients to Locas, find 'Elyn' at the North Eastern part of Rachel City, rachel 232, 225. She will need some ingredients too.

1 Crystal Mirror

1 Rouge

1 Ribbon[1]

5 Soft Silk

10 Transparent Celestial Robe


5. After you give the ingredients to Elyn, its time to go back and talk to Shira. She will award you with 'Ashura Fairy Hat'

Thanks to sweehung for writing this guide