Assassin - Leveling Guide

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Understanding the Build

You'd normally see assassins going for the critical build. However, not only is this build expensive, it wastes quite a number of your stat points as well.

However, there are alternate methods to level your assassin too! This is just one of the various methods!

All you need is a Jur and a Sidewinder Card OR a Baby Chick Headgear

It's recommend a stat build of equal STR & AGI, and DEX just enough to hit whatever you're hunting (or half of your STR or AGI if you're just lazy).


Why's this build so great?

-It's so cheap, you only need to fork out 1m or lesser. -You deal much more damage in a double attack than a critical hit would. -You saved status points previously used to add LUK, this can be put into AGI and STR to give more speed and damage -It makes full use of the thief's double attack skill!

Oh, and don't forget the awesome Pantie and Undershirt combo which gives you +5 AGI and +10 Flee. Panties and Undershirts can be easily bought from players for 50k each. (Note: Prices may vary depending on the economy.)

Where to train?

-Within the range of 55 to 75 and above, I'd recommend Alligators, a map north of Kokomo Beach (Dungeons > Kokomo Beach > One map up) Alligators give decent exp and their cards would prove useful in the future, or if you want to sell them. Also, alligators drop Anolian Skins which can be exchanged for EXP via a repeatable quest. Just bring 20 Anolian Skins to a NPC near the east warp of that map and he'll reward you with some EXP and 20 Yellow Potions.

-From 75 to 85, head to Kokomo Beach and kill Mobsters. Like Alligators, these monsters give decent EXP and their cards are useful as well. Furthermore, they drop Sapphires which sell for 3720z (after overcharge) each to NPCs. The technique is to steal then kill. You'll get rich in no time and before you know it, you'll reach level 85.

-85 onward, start doing the Moscovia Dungeon quest.

In Moscovia Dungeon 3, Mavkas drop Crystal Mirrors and Witherless roses by chance, these sell for 7500 & 27500 zeny each (before overcharge). Baba Yagas there also drop Pieces of Cakes, which when sold to NPCs, can fetch u 1820z. Like at mobsters, you get to earn zeny and gain EXP at the same time, but this time, it's on an even larger scale. Continue grinding in this dungeon for about a week or so and you'll no longer be poor and destitute, but rich and max-leveled. The downside of the dungeon is that monsters there do not drop cards.