Assassin - Low Cost Grimtooth Guide

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Here is a comprehensive guide for an easy and cheap way to build a Grimtooth Assassin. Read on and see for yourself!

Leveling Guide

Thief 55+ / Assasin ~65

For the early days of Thief, you can just get a Kindle Dagger and do Payon Dungeon using Warp Girl NPC, Mukas at 2 maps south of Morroc, or Wolves at 2 maps south of Payon.

Alternatively, you can hunt for Eggyra if you plan to make Baby Chick. Eggyra is located 1 map East and 1 map South of Payon. Bring yourself a Fisherman Dagger from the same place you buy Kindle. It's in Einbroch Weapon Shop a little bit to northwest from the warp.

You can hunt Sandman for your Katar of Quaking as you'll need it for our next step. Sandman are most numerous in the Assassin's Guild map. Just walk 2 maps south of Morroc then 2 maps east.

  • Muka
  • Wolves
  • Eggyra
  • Sandman

Assassin 65-75

Map of Hill Winds

With Katar of Quaking, start practicing your Grimtooth.

Our first target is Hill Wind, located 2 map north and 1 map west from Lighthalzen.

They run very fast and attack very fast as well in a range of 3 cells, and drop good loots for 571z and 612z without Overchange. This will be your main farming spot.

Try to mob about 6-10 Hill Wind at a time. Carry them in circles if they're too scattered, since Grimtooth only affect 3x3 cells around the target. Stop for 1 second or so before hiding, so the mobs will stop in 1 same cells.

Always be ready to use Backslide or, if it's too dangerous, Fly wing. If you are having some trouble in this map, you can gain a few levels up until 70 before going to Hill Wind.

Assassin 75+

Rachel Sanctuary Level 1

Now we've got some experience in luring and using Grimtooth (along with several levels and zeny), get an Infiltrator, and do Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest.

Your main targets are Vanberk and Isilla in the first level of Rachel Sanctuary. Their cards can be sold for a good amount of money, and you might get Ring[0] from Isilla as well. Regular drops can be sold for 530z and 1003z.

Sphinx 5

These mobs walks slower that Hillwind, you might need to walk S-shaped to keep the guys on aggro and keep luring for more. Equip status arrow, such as Stun Arrow, Freeze Arrow, Curse Arrow, to keep our targets in place. Luring them to a narrow place will help too, like the edge of the room.

Try to avoid hitting Gremlins as they can detect hiding and it will disrupt your Grimtooths. Watch out for Hodremlin, as they can do Sonic Blow. Since the map has an X shape, you can lure them away from the others with Cloaking and give you more than enough time to perform your farming unhindered.

An alternative is to hunt Pasana in Sphinx 5. Use an Infiltrator for them, and Ice Endow from Sage will help a lot. Avoid Anubis for now, and watch out for Pharaoh.

Additionally, getting an Earth Deleter carded Armor will help your SP and you can get Zombie Slaughter carded Shoes to restore your health.

Assassin 90+


In addition to Rachel Sanctuary, you can hunt Anolian one map North of Kokomo Beach then one map East. A suggested weapon would be Katar of Piercing Wind.

The map is wider than the others before, and the monsters are stronger, and an annoying Pest might be painful. Your Grimtooth experience up until now will help you in this map.

The only good thing about Anolian is Oridecon and Brooch[1] drops. Anolian Skin can be exchanged for EXP, too. Just take the portal on the upper left part and talk to the NPC. Sometimes the Quest Board also asks for Anolian; if it does, hunt them.

Even when you use Earth Deleter Armor, your SP is still not sufficient for prolonged use. Bring Grape Juices.


You can also hunt for Bathory Card in Clock Tower Underground. You'll need an Underground Key to access the map. You can buy it from players through !market chat, or hunt them from Clocks and Clock Tower Managers.

Bring both of your Earth Katar and Infiltrator for this. Joker has a chance to drop Wind Katar.


Another monster that can give you large EXP per kill is Anubis. With Bathory Armor, you can kill them easily. Infiltrator and Baby Chick will help here, since Grimtooth is not advisable against them.

Abbey Parties

Using an Assassin for an Abbey Party might not be a common option, but you can help by luring mobs in Abbey using all the practice you have done so far.

Bathory Armor is a must. Also, with a Jur[3] with 3 Santa Poring Card, you can use Sonic Blow on Banshees for a decent amount of damage, especially with Aspersio.

Watch out for Necromancer's Thunder Storm, and don't forget to use Backslide for getting out of unfavorable situations.

  • Anolians
  • Bathory
  • Abbey
  • Anubis


Upper Head : Magni's Cap, Baby Chick

Middle Head: Masquerade

Lower Head: Pirate Dagger

Body: Pantie, Earth Deleter Armor, Bathory Armor

Weapon: Elemental Katar, Infiltrator, Jur, Specialty Jur

Garment: Undershirt, Vali's Manteau

Shoes: Zombie Slaughter Shoes, Vidar's Boots

Accessories: Refined Ring x2 (@50 Bronze Coins)


Main stats for Grimtooth is STR for damage and DEX for hit. AGI is secondary.

Here's a brief explanation about the stats.


  • Gives you +1 ATK per point.
  • Gives bonus ATK per 10 point.
  • Keep it as 10 multiplier after the bonus for more efficient stat distribution.


  • Gives you +1 HIT per point.
  • Gives you +1 ATK per 5 point.
  • Increases minimun ATK (more stable damage).
  • Keep it as 5 multiplier after the bonus.


  • Faster Grimtooth rate (ASPD).
  • FLEE.

Target Stats at 99/50

  • STR 100-110 (~95 base)
  • DEX 54+6
  • AGI the rest
  • After getting about 50-70 AGI keep putting your points to STR and DEX until you get the desired number. 70 AGI is enough for the ASPD and FLEE.