Baby Chick Hat Quest

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Quest level requirement: 60

The headgear gives you: Level 2 or higher Double attack, DemiHuman damage reduction 3%, LUK + 2, Max HP/SP + 50, DEF + 1

Ingredients Required


Start off by going to Payon, 243,196 and talk to Susie. You will need to get a Picky egg for her.


To tame a picky, you will need to get Earthworm the Dude, which drop from Kukres. The best place to hunt them is izlude dungeon 01, where 50 of them spawn at any time.

After you get your earthworm, head to the map south of morocc and tame yourselves a picky. Through my experience, you should lower the picky's hp to at least less than half to be able to capture it at a 100% chance. FYI, a picky's hp is 83. Also, try to tame the ones without the shell on its head, because those are the ones that are required.

After passing the picky egg to Susie, you will need to find Susanna from morocc. She's at morocc 36,284.


She will tell you about a Monument in Morocc Ruins. This monument can be found in the map of the entrance of Pyramids. Use the warp girl and go to Dungeons > Pyramids.

The monument can be found in moc_ruins 30,33


Talk to it and select 'Go'

You will be warped to the entrance of ant hell. From there, walk around the map and walk past any Picky Eggs you see.

To move on from this part of the quest, you will need to walk past a total of 100 picky eggs. Do note that this map contains very dangerous monsters like Incantations of Morocc, so be ready to teleport away at anytime.



You only get 3 minutes to stay in that map, once the time is up, you will be warped to your save point, and you have to talk to the monument again to continue collecting eggs.

My advice is to make your save point in moc_ruins.

After collecting 100 eggs, the Monument will ask for 2 egg shell headgears and 75,000 zeny. Farm these from Eggryas at a map southeast of Payon. They drop at 0.6% only so patience is important for this.



Return to the monument with your 2 egg shells and 75,000 zeny to receive your reward!


Credits go to MattyDnobody for writing this guide