Bandit Beard Quest

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Item Information


Items Required


1) To start this quest find NPC Morris at Morocc (174, 67)


Morris will ask you a favour. Select the following option.


2) The favour is to get rid of a whiny, annoying man from the local bar. Head north of Morocc city and the bar can be found at Morocc (54, 259)


Walk inside and you'll find Beau in the centre of the room (morocc_in) 171, 66


Talk to the drunk Beau until you get to this dialogue box. Select the following option.


3) You will find out Beau is drinking his sorrows away because he lost 50K of zeny by getting beaten up a young kid called Sareno. He wants you to find the Sareno and get his money back. Sareno can be found in the middle of the pond at (yuno_fild11) 137, 191


Be careful on this map. There are aggressive mobs that hide called Sleepers


4) Now I confronted the kid before I cleared the area of Sleepers. Sareno will drain almost all your Hp. I couldn't finish talking to npc because a sleeper came out and attacked me thus killing me (you can't use skills whilst in a dialogue box).

SO MAKE SURE YOU CLEAR THE AREA OR SW YOURSELF! Otherwise you have to walk/teleport all the way back to Sareno again.

5) So you lost the little game you played with Sareno and lose 50, 000 zeny (you're trying to get Beau's money back). Head back to Beau. Who will tell you to find the Sareno's mother around Hugel somewhere.

Sareno's mother Neena can be found 1 map south of Hugel City. (hu_fild06) 204, 222


6) She will reveal the secret of Sareno's success, a Strawberry Flavored Rice Ball (LUK food). In order to win against him and bring him back home. Neena will make you one of the rice balls if you bring the following ingredients.


Once you bring all the items. Neena will tell you she needs 1 more ingredient. A Rice bag from a girl called Alice who can be found at (Amatsu) 52, 142

7) Head inside the house and you'll find Alice with her brother Daniel.

Banditbeard11.jpg Banditbeard12.jpg

Unfortunately Alice has fallen sick. In order to get a Rice bag you need to bring the following items to Daniel to heal Alice.


8) Once you have the Rice bag. Go back to Neena who will tell you to come back in 30 minutes. Once it's ready you will receive:


9) Now go back to Sareno, win against him and retrieve the 50,000 zeny. Sareno will agree to come home to Neena as well once you bring him a Butterfly wing.


10) Finally go back to Beau in Morocc. Give him back his 50,000 zeny and you'll be reward with a Bandit Beard!