Baphomet Card - How it works

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This is the wiki version of the forum guide of the same topic. It is advised that you read the forum version as you can immediately direct your questions in the discussion that follows, and contains input from other players that were not exported here.


- To use this guide, click on the (link) at the end of each item.
- Some videos contain multiple tests, and some are used more than once; the links take you to the part in the video where the relevant item show up.
✔ = Game mechanic is carried over to all targets within Baphomet card's area of effect.
✘ = Game mechanic is NOT carried over.

Basic Mechanics

  1. Hits (card description)
    - The most basic of them all. Your attacks now damage everything within a 3x3 Area around your primary target.
  2. Mastery Bonuses (video)
    - Mastery bonuses are those passive skills that increase a specific weapon's damage.
    - Demon Bane is similar except it works only on Demon Race and Undead Property monsters.
    - Impositio Manus and Aura Blade also function similarly to that regard, as well as Spirit Spheres and Gunslinger Coins.
  3. Critical Hits (videoa) (videob)
    - Though there is no spiky red bubble to indicate otherwise, everyone within the Baphomet card's area of effect can be hit with a Critical.
  4. Flat Attack Bonuses (video)
    - Any equipment that gives direct +ATK to yourself will carry over to the splashes.
  5. Skills that alter the ATK In the Status Window (video)
    - Any skill that changes the ATK shown when you view your Status Window (ALT+Q) will also affect the damage of the Baphomet card's splash.

Advanced Mechanics

  1. Weapon Element ✔ (video)
    - The elemental property of your weapon is carried over to the splashes.
    - This includes the damage bonus and damage reductions as shown by the Elemental Table.
    - If you miss due to your weapon having the same element as the main target, Baphomet card will not trigger and no splash damage occurs.
    - Secondary mobs within the Baphomet card area will not be damaged ("Miss") if your weapon element deals 0% as per the Elemental Table.
  2. Ranged Normal Attacks ✔ (video)
    - Yes, your Bows work with Baphomet card as well as melee weapons do, just like the Shotguns, but there are some snags:
    1. Arrow Damage ✘ (video)
      - The ATK damage of your arrows do not carry over to the Baphomet splashes.
    2. Elemental Bow Combo ✘ (video)
      - The elemental bow bonus damage when used with their paired arrow (e.g. Burning Bow and Fire Arrow) does not splash.
    3. Status Effect Arrows ✘ (video)
      - Only the main target of the Bow will be afflicted with the Status Effect of the arrow.
    - A detailed theory can be found below.
  3. Life Steal ✔ (guide)
    - You are able to steal HP from ALL the monsters you are attacking when you pair Baphomet card with items like Sniper Card.
  4. Defense Ignore On Attack ✔ (video)
    - Items that passively ignore Physical Defense like Thanatos Card and Violet Fear (when triggered) also affect those in Baphomet's range.
    - Ice Pick is the only gear tested in the video, but all the same as its most basic effect of ignoring Defense is similar to the gears stated above.
    - It deserves a special mention as well, since Ice Pick's effect is one of the unique mechanics in the RO world.
  5. Percentage Damage Modifier Items ✘ (video) (Forum post)
    - All items that modify your damage to deal more by a percentage is not applied to your Baphomet splash attacks.
    - Includes racial cards like Hydra card, size cards like Skeleton Worker, and cards that deal more damage to an element like Drainliar card.
    - Also includes Turtle General Card, The Sign accessory, Chewing Bubblegum, etc.
  6. Katars ✔ (video)
    - Both damages from each hit when using Katar weapons also splash.
    - To clarify: You see two hits on the main target, but only one hit on the other mobs in the Baphomet AoE.
    - The "splash" numbers shown are the sum of the two hits you do on the main target.
  7. Main and Off Hand Wielding ✔ (video[1]) (video[2])
    - Both damages from each hit when Dual Wielding splash, regardless of which hand is wearing the Baphomet card.[1]
    - Effect is similar with the Katar example above.
    - Wearing Baphomet card on one weapon will cause all effects of your other weapon to splash as well.[2]
    - All known mechanics of Dual Wielding are also carried over to the splash attacks. This is the best summary for it.
    - This is the only known instance where you can see a 2 damage on a Mushroom, bypassing their "Takes 1 Damage from attack" mode.
  8. Status Effect (chance to inflict while attacking)
    1. Equipment Effect ✔ (video) (Forum guide)
      - Items that have a chance to inflict Status Effects on monsters when you are physically attacking also trigger on splash attacks.
    2. Enchant Poison Skill ✘ (video)
      - Only the main target will be inflicted with the Poison status from the Enchant Poison skill.
      - The same holds true for Enchant Deadly Posion.
    - Items that Auto-cast Skills that inflict Status Effects (e.g. Garm Baby card) are different and do not splash. See below.
  9. Auto-cast Spells and Skills Upon Attack
    - All gears that have a chance to cast a Skill when doing auto attacks only cast them on, and as you attack, the primary target.
    - This includes area spells like Fireball or Thunder Storm; their area of effect is centered on the monster you are attacking.
    - The chance to occur does not increase as you hit more monsters.
    1. Triple Attack ✘ (video)
    2. Bolts ✘ (video)
    3. Debuffs ✘ (video)
  10. Damage Increase Buffs on Self
    - Though they do not directly alter your base ATK, the damage bonuses of the following buffs are also carried over to your splash attacks.
    1. Enchant Deadly Poison ✔ (video)
    2. Magnum Break [buff] ✔ (video)
    3. Overthrust / Maximum Overthrust ✔ (video)
    4. Weapon Perfection ✔ (video)
    5. Maximize Power ✔ (video)
      - Weapon Perfection and Maximize Power can be counted as a damage buff due to their effects.
  11. Double Attack ✔ (video)
    - It stacks, but not the way people can immediately see. You may consult the post below or read the video description for the explanation.
  12. Advanced Katar Mastery ✔ (video)
    - A special Mastery Bonus as it gives a percentage increase instead of flat increments like the others, but is still applied to your splash attacks.
  13. Critical Damage Percentage Bonus ✔ (video)
    - Your critical hits on the splash attacks benefit from items that provide a percentage increase in damage to Critical Attacks, like Mobster card.
    - This is not similar to Percentage Damage Modifiers; the latter does not work on Baphomet splashes. See above item 05.
  14. All Active Skills
    - No active skills or spells are improved in anyway when used with Baphomet card. The following were tested for being a pseudo-attack modifier.
    1. Sacrifice ✘ (video)
    2. Provoke (on enemy) ✘ (video)
    3. Auto Counter ✘ (video)
    4. Counter Instinct ✘ (video)
  15. SP Loss / Gain Upon Attack
    1. SP Loss ✔ (video)
      - The amount of drained SP per attack (e.g. The Paper card) increases the more monsters are hit with Baphomet card.
    2. SP Gain ✔ (video)
      - SP gain per attack, such as Moonlight Dagger, holds true as well.

Complex Mechanics

  1. Reflect Shield (monster skill) (video)
    - If you damage a monster that has Reflect Shield due to Baphomet card splash, it reflects the damage it receives back to you.
    - Multiple monsters with Reflect Shield causes each and every one of them to reflect the damage they receive.
  2. Interaction With Misses and Blocks
    - Miss (video)
    - When an attack misses on the main target, Baphomet does not activate and no splash damage occurs.
    - However, attacking a monster with low Flee will then cause Baphomet card to hit all monsters, even those with very high Flee.
    - Blocks (video)
    - When an attack is Blocked (Parrying, Auto Guard, etc.) by the main target, Baphomet does not activate and no splash damage occurs.
    - However, splash damage can be blocked, but those that didn't block will still receive damage, both the primary and the others.
  3. Critical Hit Roll (videoa) (videob); re-watch these videos for proof
    - A successful Critical Hit Roll means that a Critical Hit will activate on attack.
    - As shown in the videos, each target receives their own chance for a Critical Hit.
    - This means that, even though the primary target receives a Critical Hit, it does not guarantee that the splash attack is also a Critical Hit.

Rule of Thumb

  • If two or more mechanics are compounded and interact ell with each other, and...
  • If said mechanics interact well with Baphomet card on their own...
  • Then the splash attacks of Baphomet card will have the combined effects of those mechanics.

Ranged Attacks

Baphomet card does not consider any arrow or ammunition to exist.

This makes sense when you watch the related videos again. These arrows deal their effects to all monsters if you use a Skill that has an area of effect. Even an assassin with Cursed Arrow spamming Grim Tooth knows this.

However, for Baphomet card, so long as you inflict damage through a normal attack, it will activate its effect. It does not distinguish melee from long range. Melee attacks do not use ammunition, and Baphomet card may as well consider that you hit the target with your actual bow.

For Baphomet card, the ammunition was simply the means to inflict its effect at a distance.

Double Attack

Check the battle log while watching the video. Specifically, check the times when I'm attacking both the Red and Black Mushrooms like at the beginning and at 2:20

You'll see that there are double entries for one mushroom when double attack happens, but only one entry on the splashed mushroom.

However, several things happen over the course of the testing: - The "main" mushroom dies first after receiving several double attacks. - The "main" mushroom that receives double attacks survives while the "splashed" mushroom dies first. - Both mushrooms die even though battle logs do not show the "splashed" mushroom receiving any additional damage.

Note that summoned plants always spawn at max health, so it's a consistent gauge of 15 hits per trial.

Several instances show the "splashed" mushroom dies first, but battle logs do not show any additional damage on the "splashed" mushroom. It is expected that all damages should register in the battle log, and yet this happens.



- Double Attack stacks with Baphomet Card, but not in the way everyone expects it to.
- Each monster within the Baphomet card's area of effect gets a separate roll for Double Attack.
- This "Splashed Double Attack" does not register in the battle log for some reason.