Beer Hat Quest

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Beer Hat [0]

Required Level: 18

Every class except Novice

DEF: 2

Adds +2 to Perfect Dodge and allows use of Increase SP Recovery Lv3 and Increase HP Recovery Lv3.

Required Items

The Quest

1. To start the quest, look for Chef Gulliver on the north part of Hugel:


2. He'll tell you that about a ancient recipe a friend of his knows about. His friend, Icarus, is in Lutie, so head there.


3. When you get there, you'll notice he's a bit... of an alcoholic. Indeed, he'll ask for some alcohol. 50, to be exact. It may take many attempts to satiate him, so get ahead of him and bring __200+ alcohol.__ After he's had enough, he'll say he buried the recipe in a crevice on the other side of the city, so time to go diggin'!


4. You'll get the recipe when you click the crevice, but it won't be an item on your inventory, so don't worry. With the recipe in hands, head back to Hugel and deliver it to Gulliver so that he can cook it for you!

5. He'll ask for some ingredients, namely 1x Tristan XII, 1x Hwergelmir's Tonic], 5x Mastela Fruit Wine, 100x Grape Juice, 50x Flame Heart and 20x Prickly Fruit.


6. After that, he'll give you the hat. Happy drinking!

If he wont give you the Hat and say to find someone called Bardo go to: NPC coordinates: 103,151, man_fild02