Beginner's Zeny Guide

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Guide by: Razer. Additional help supplied by various players from TalonRO. All credits go to Razer for his original guide posted on the TalonRO forums.

Far too many times, new players ask others in !main or around TalonRO for how to make zeny. They often get answers like "Make a Rogue and farm," "Make a Priest and go to Anubis," and so forth. These answers don't really help, and the more useful answers are often hidden away in PMs. So, I have decided to make a compendium of methods - some of which are popular, some more unpopular, and even some that are downright bizarre!

Most of these methods can be attempted by you with little to no gear. That is the focus of this guide. You would have started the game just a minute ago but you can still use these methods.

A quick note to veteran players of TalonRO: these methods are primarily for newbies; if you're well-geared, these methods may be inappropriate for you unless you're bored. Please feel free to direct newer players to this guide as well.

Before you begin

  1. A basic understanding of How RO works. Read other relevant guides.
  2. Understanding the Jargon used in tRO. (Warp to Niff plz, Warp to Abbey plz, Go to GHP, Use GEC shoes. - If these dont make any sense try asking people what they mean lol.)
  3. Your farmer preferably a Knight or a Rogue on 1 account.
    Priest/Acolyte with Heal, Bless, Agi, Warp Portal on another account.
    Merchant with level 10 Overcharge, Lvl 10 Discount, Vending, Buy Shop.
    How to make a Buy Shop - >
  4. Understanding of Copper Coins, Talons Coins, and Reward Guru. See here for more information:
  5. Mini game Girl -
    This beautiful lady can be found in all towns.


  1. @ws command to search an item being sold. Example @ws blue herb
    @wb command to search an item being bought. Example @wb blue herb
  2. Patience to read the whole guide. No tl;dr q.q


Big surprise...not. Everyone tells you to do this. It helps the server to attract new players, it increases EXP rates and it increases conversion ratio. Its also free money so why wont you do it? Just browse to the top of this page- mouse over Panel - click Vote for points. You'll gain from one to two Copper Coins by voting.

To find out more about Copper Coins and its usefulness, click on this link:

To vote, follow this link:

Read the rules and accept. Click the six links one by one and fill in the recaptchas.

Should take 2 minute at most. Some links can be done once a day while some can be done twice.

Seasonal Events

TalonRO is a very active server which features custom events throughout the whole year.

These events are accessible by everybody and features rewards such as limited timed costumes and pets as well as other kind of rewards.

From Valentines Day, Chinese New Years, Spring, the Summer Race, Fall, Halloween, Winter, and Christmas, there's enough variety for everyone with each having their own unique ways to be enjoyed.

To consult the current event simply visit:

If you have no clue about how to do an event, fret not, the helpful community always has a well written guide hours from event launching, and they all can be accessed here:

GM Events

From time to time, our Gamemasters will pop in and host fun events on their own! There are a lot of different kinds of GM Events ran by our Event GMs.

To name a few example: Invasion, Disguise, Sink or Swim, Minority, Tag, Maze, Rescue the GM, MvP vs MvP and a lot more.

There's too many events to possibly explain everything in this guide, and the GMs always come up with something new, it's up to you to discover them all.

Participating the event won't only give you fun and enjoyment, you'll also be rewarded if you win such events. The rewards may vary from Old Violet Box, Old Card Album, Bloody Branch, and many more useful items.

Whenever you see a global announcement, never hesitate to enter the warp in Payon!

Playing Minigames

TalonRO features a lot of custom minigames for those people who wants to make zeny without much effort. These minigames provide Copper Coins as rewards, and can be done by anyone on the server as it's a leveled playing field and independent of how geared, experienced your character is.

Poring Catch

Underrated and unloved minigame. Can be accessed via the Minigame Girl or warp to Hugel and find the hip teenager just north of spawn point.

This minigame is a timed event - When it is open a yellow global announcement appears.

Find the correct poring and win a few CC. If you dont find other people in there, ask your friends/guildies or even random people via !recruit to join you. You dont need any gears to win this since all gears will be stripped upon entry.

Poring Rally

Competitive minigame which could be a bit annoying at the start. Access via Minigame Girl NPC.

This minigame is a timed event - When it is open a yellow global announcement will appear.

Get the hang of it and you will enjoy it. You must strategically kill porings to collect points.

Each poring gives a different number of points and may take a long time to kill. You have to prioritize and take out the right porings within the time limit.

Monster Race

The most popular minigame on the server. minigame. Can be accessed via the Minigame Girl or warp to Hugel and walk towards south-west of the spawn to see a flock of characters.

This minigame is available at all times, and can be done while afk-ing and having an alted character.


Bingo is a GREAT game for making CC. Just do know that its based on chance and reflexes sometimes. Fairly easy to understand.

Can be accessed via the Minigame Girl and walk into the top right portal of the map you are spawned in.

Enter the chatroom that you see. You need 5 players (including yourself) to start a game. Ask your friends and guildies. Whoever wins - its fun. If you dont have guildies and friends :< - try and join a social guild or use !recruit to invite random people to Bingo.

Tips :

1. Use randomize operation - its easier for your Bingo board

2. Keep Bingo in your clip board(Ctrl+c) so you can paste it in the text window if you score a bingo. Many a time people lose because they type Bingo too slow.

3. Dont tell random people how many lines you have made. People may quit if they see you doing too well ahead of them.

You win 7 CC on scoring a Bingo. 9 CC with 25% bonus (Minigame of the week)

Farming Blue Herbs

Collecting Blue herbs and selling them has always been an old reliable method ever since RO was made.

Use a thief/Rogue character with high dex and agi. Dont use a weapon.

Ask for a Niff warp from a priest or better memo it on your acolyte on Account 2.

You will be sent to Yggdrasil01. This map has a treasure trove of Shining Plants and Blue Plants which have different spawn times. Use level 10 Steal from each plant and kill it to get blue herbs and even possibly Yggdrasil Berries.

This is a great method for people who have nothing however the method is not useful if there is more than 1 person on Yggdrasil01.

Each Blue Herb can be sold for around 1600 to 1800 zeny.

Mining and Jewel Crafting

This is one of the best ways to make money but its extremely boring and requires a lot of endurance. Probably some coffee too.

Follow this guide for a quick learn about the same :

You will need to farm a lot of mine rocks before you can start obtaining gems but its worth the wait. You may also get other useful items like Golden Anvils.

You can sell the gems or use them yourself - your call.

Tips :

1. Buy a great pickaxe and upgrade it to +5. If you can manage +7 that is even better.

2. Buy an Oridecon Cutter for Jewel cutting as a minimum. The NPC one fails a lot.

3. You can buy Gem furnaces from the Blacksmith NPC at 1 o clock in Prontera.

4. I recommend an assassin as your Miner. You can cloak and mine rocks andthis may save you fighting unnecessary mobs on many maps - Biblian dungeon for instance. If you dont mind the violence - Use a Bowling bashknight on a Peco. (The mob kill and boosted walk speed help greatly)

5. Sell all Perfect Gems unless you are rich and desperate to make that 3 DEX armor.

Garbage Cleaning

In places like Glast heim Prison/Chruchyard, people often leave behind loot piles. These stray loot piles are worth a lot of money. Making a Smith with greed and looting these piles is a great way to make money.

Do make sure that you dont loot piles whose owner is still around as this may anger the owner.

Additionally, you can party up with someone and make mobs for him. He kills and you loot.

The Talonian Magazine Minigames

The Talonian is a monthly magazine featuring the latest news and trends about the server maintained by GM Howl.

The latest edition can be found here:

When a new Talonian is posted - it features several fun games that can reward you with useful prizes. Its a nifty way to make money if you are bored with grinding in game.

Check the Minigame section in the Talonian and have fun solving the puzzles and quests you get.

Iron Method

This method requires a Blacksmith with maxed Iron refine and a Priest with bless and Gloria. I'd recommend atleast level 70 but lower levels are fine too. Maximum job level is recommended too.

Adjust your stats to look like this : Dex = Luk = Level .

Example: If you are level 70 get 70 dex and luk.

DEX and LUK gears help but are not needed. Make your priest bless and Gloria you to increase your chances significantly.

Now go to the Pet food seller in the east lane at 3 o'clock from Prontera Fountain. Buy a 100 iron ores. Go to the Smith NPC and buy a 100 portable furnaces. Now spam click the furnaces and make iron from iron ore. You may have spent less than 200z to buy each iron ore and furnace and you can vend iron for as much as 500z each. That is a profit of 300z tops per iron made. So if you made a 1000 iron that is 300,000z hard cash. You can sell it for lesser prices as well. There are some iron buyers since iron is needed to make steel. VVS Weapon forgers may buy large quantities of iron since steel is rarer nowdays.

Iron prices tend to fluctuate between 300z~500z as observed over the past 2 years. Sell directly to people on the !market. Buying shops most often rip people.

Do note : Your success rate varies on your base level , job level (50 or 70 is recommended)

You may break a few irons depending on your rate so the profit may get slightly reduced.

Selling Holy Water

1. Need an Acolyte with Aqua Benedicta.

2. Use level 10 Discount and buy your self empty bottles, transfer over to Acolyte/Priest.

3. Go over to the water front in Comodo and spam Aqua benedicta to make Holy water.

4. After you have made a large batch of it (say 100 pieces), go to Glastheim Prison and vend it for a decent price 100-300z each (whatever works). Since the cost of one bottle is 4z and you spent less then a second manufacturing you make a generous profit per bottle sold.

5. To make the method effective, try and vend Grape Juices, Holy water and Fly wings in Prison - all of theseitems sell well.

Useful Gears to Aid Zeny Making

Mimic carded accessory. - Old Blue boxes at very low chance from all monsters.

Myst case carded mid gear or hat. - Gift box at low chance from all monsters.

Myst case hat - Gift box at low chance from all monsters.

Galapago Cap - Anodyne at low chance from all monsters(Anodynes sell for quite a lot)

Wine cup - Drops INT+5 food at low chance.

Sleeper carded accessory while hunting fish types.

Cloud Hermit accessory while hunting plant types.

Jing Guai Accesory while hunting angel type monsters

----Not must and expensive. They do help GREATLY though-----

Teleport Clip

GEC Sandals (Sandals allows Novices/SN to wear them too)