Bell Ribbon Quest

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Important note: Do not leave the room using fly wing or butterfly wing. Failing to do so will make you miss -some- important pop ups and will force you to return there AGAIN.

Materials needed


1. Talk to Miranda (142 113 lighthalzen), she'll try to give you some newspapers, but you'll realize something is wrong. Check it out! upon finding out about the problem, don't just stand there, time to start being an adventurer again! agree to her request to check out the pipes leading to somatology laboratory (biolabs).


You have to do the quest before you can enter the area.

Here's a link

2. Upon arrival, keep going forward until you see the end of the pipes and check around your left side (neutral camera angle). You'll realize some weapon marks (228 85 lhz_cube) there, try to check it out further and you'll realize that you are facing great danger and decide to return to miranda with your finding for now.


3. Return to miranda and report your findings. She'll ask you to search around the biolabs some more. this time come inside the actual biolabs (it is reccomended to be well-geared from this point on), and search around the desks and cabinets inside the first 3 rooms you see.

4. 1st room: old papers in table(223 47 lhz_dun02)


2nd room: old dresser (281 94)


3rd room: old dresser (274 124), old dresser (289 124)



Once you see everything there, you realize that you're way too deep into the mess, and there's no turning back. LEAVE the room and go back to Miranda.


5. Return to miranda and report everything. now she decides that there's no turning back and you have to dig deeper. This time go check out the libraries.

6. The library is located in (107 45 lhz_dun01) as you enter the room, a pop up will appear. Be careful not to get disconnected.


Go straight through the door and you will see a smaller room, and another pop up.


Now that we're here, time to go hit on the books:

book1: (99 79) book2: (99 86) book3: (114 86) book4: (114 79) book5: (111 92) book6: (103 92)

Now LEAVE the room, other wise you'll have to come back here. a pop up will appear and removers will spawn. Kill them.


Then LEAVE the library. Just to be sure, you have to get 6 handcuffs and research charts from the doppels and return to miranda.


7. Once you return with the handcuffs and research charts, miranda will explain everything to you.


8. Talk to her again and she'll offer to make the bell ribbon.


Credits to the Gypsy Asthe in the Screenshots for the guide, and pandhudfor writing it all out.