Biolabs Entrance Quest

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Note: Before starting the quest, you might be interested in completing the Friendship Quest in order to pass the guard more easily.


Base Level: 60

Item(s) Required: 20x Jellopy


Items: 1x Laboratory Permit

Access to Biolabs Dungeon level 2, and 3 through the sewers.


1. Enter the slums of Lighthalzen by talking to the Guard (lighthalzen 267, 200).


If you haven't received the Pass by doing Friendship Quest he will stop you, just keep talking to him until you can "sneak past."

2. Find Fishbone (lighthalzen 341, 224) who is the only person who can make a route to the laboratory. All you have to do is beg him but talking to him multiple times until he asks you to bring 20 Jellopies. When you bring them to him he will tell you about the laboratory. Talk to him again and he will warp you into a cubic room for the next part of the quest.


(rotated my screen to the right so you could see the npc)

3. This is a maze you'll have to make your way through before finding the next room. Use the location command /where and paying attention to your position on the minimap you won't run in circles.


Basically every room looks the same. Before and after you enter a portal you should type /where.

If you end up in one of the following 3 rooms, follow the directions below to find your way to the next room.

  • Room 10, 74 Take the South Portal, then in the next room take the West Portal
  • Room 66, 18 Take the North Portal, then in the next room take the West Portal
  • Room 10, 18 Take the South Portal, then in the next room take the West Portal

note: warps are randomized and the position you get warped into is determined by Fishbone

4. Once you've made your way out of the maze you'll enter a room full of various fixtures. There are clues on the fixtures, follow them and you'll get the Laboratory Permit

(You may do some fixtures out of order but its best to stick to the directions that way you don't miss one of them. STEP 10. Is the number code.

Type EXACTLY what you see punctuation included.)


  1. Desk ---> Look under the desk ---> You will get a Short Stick
  2. Bed ---> Look under the bed ---> You will find another Short Stick ---> Put Short Sticks together ---> Receive Long Stick
  3. Bed (again) ---> Look under the bed ---> Type Long Stick ---> Receive Cube
  4. Goblet ---> Examine ---> Receive Rusty Key
  5. Chemicals ---> Type Rusty Key --> Receive Green Key
  6. Cabinet ---> Type Green Key ---> Receive Polygon
  7. Bundle of Files ---> Rummage ---> Receive Red Key
  8. Drawer ---> Type Red Key ---> Receive Jackknife
  9. Picture ---> Type Jackknife ---> You will see a set of numbers. Write this down for later use.
  10. Only 3 possible number combinations: (4 9 3 7 6 2 8 6 6) (4 3 2 9 1 6 8 2 7) (3 6 4 1 2 8 7 1 5) TYPE EACH NUMBER 1 BY 1 into the box.
  11. Chest ---> Take Axe.
  12. Barrel ---> Type Axe ---> Type in number combination ---> Receive Yellow Key
  13. Generator ---> Type Yellow Key
  14. Status Light ---> Smash it ---> Receive Black Key
  15. Experiment Tube ---> Type Black Key ---> Receive Oval
  16. Box ---> For Oval hole use Oval, Cube Hole use Cube, Polygon hole use Polygon ---> examine again and receive Laboratory Permit .
  17. Tube ---> Type Laboratory Permit ---> Go down the stairs ---> Walk North to get out.


5. You'll exit from Sewer Pipe (lighthalzen 313, 301)You can enter the Bio Lab from here without having the Laboratory Permitin your Inventory.


Note: You cannot use someone else's Permit to enter from the Sewer Pipe, you must complete the quest yourself. You can however fool the guard at Warp Girl--> Lighthalzen Dungeon with Grandpa Beard, Geek Glasses and Laboratory Permit.

You cannot enter Bio Lab 3 unless your character non-transcedent is 95+ or transcedent class 90+