Blue Ribbon Quest

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3% to autocast level 2 Attention Concentration on user when receive physical damage. Def: 1




1. To start the quest, talk to Alicia at yuno_fild08, 170, 184. (the map where the entrance of Kiel Hyre Dungeon is).


2. She will ask you to gather some ingredients for her research.

  • 1 old magicbook
  • 10 research chart

3. After giving her all the ingredients, she will ask you to help her pass her report for her to 'Professor Nanara' at South of Yuno, bottom right corner, yuno 360, 35.


4. Talk to Professor Nanara and she will ask for some ingredients for her tea pot.

  • 1 battered kettle
  • 3 bitter herb
  • 10 coal
  • 10 lemon
  • 40 well-baked cookie

5. After giving her the ingredients, she will accept the report and now, return to Alicia.

6. As an appreciation from Alicia, she will make a Blue Ribbon[1] for you, but you will need to gather some items.

  • 2 ribbon[1]
  • 1 cobalt dyestuff
  • 1 violet dyestuff
  • 25 fluorescent liquid
  • 150,000 zeny

And by handing all the ingredients needed, you will obtain a Blue Ribbon[1] . Blueribbon.gif