Boyfriend Hat Quest

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Defense: 2

Ingredients Required


1. To obtain this quest, talk to Hannah at Jawaii (232, 201). She will ask you to find her boyfriend somewhere around the city.


2. Find and talk to her boyfriend, Lucas', near the ship in Jawaii (121, 262). He will think that you are a gold digger. So, to prove that you are not, you have to give him,

  • 2carat Diamond
  • 50,000 zeny


3. After giving the items to him, he will then ask you to seek Crew Captain on the ship if you want him to stay. Talk to the crew captain named, Captain Blanc, at Jawaii (111, 245). He will ask you to give him 300,000 zeny in order consider whether to let Lucas go or not.


4. It will take some time to wait for him to talk to you. So, just spam him till he said he wants a 'Blue Fish'. Its a headgear that can be obtained by doing the quest at morroc npc, Traveler, Morroc (273, 79).


5. After you give him the Blue Fish, go back and talk to Lucas. This time, Lucas will faint.

You will need to go to Morroc to find Doctor. The Doctor will be at Morroc (73, 95). In order to save Lucas, the Doctor will need some ingredients to make a potion for Lucas. There is only a probabilty of success. If you fail, you will need to recollect all the ingredients and make again.

(Based on a Player's observation, there seems to be a connection between being overweight and succeeding. Out of 7 tests, he failed 6 times while over-weight, but succeeded on his first try when not over-weight - however, this can only be verified by performing the quest.)

  • 10 Empty Bottle
  • 50 Green Herb
  • 10 Green Pot
  • 20 Mushroom Spore
  • 30 Holy Water
  • 3 Yggdrasil Berry


6. After obtaining the potion, give it to Lucas. Lucas will be awake and would like you to collect 12 Witherless Roses for him so that he can propose to Hannah.

Note: Witherless Rose can be bought at Lutie town, Gift Seller.

7. After giving 12 Witherless Roses to Lucas, go back and talk to Hannah. Hannah will be very happy and pay you back by making a hat but would need few items.

  • 100 Cloud Crumb
  • 1 Black Dyestuff


And now, you get the Boyfriend Hat.


  1. Thanks to [sweehung for writing this guide