Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest

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Base Level: 40

Item(s) Required: 1x Coconut (buyable during quest at NPC refer Step 6)


Access to Brasilis Dungeon level 1 and 2


1. Listen to kids in the center of the city Brasilis. They tell a story or poem that will be needed afterwards as the spells.


2. Go to the museum, the box like house near the beach left side (west).


3. Try to go to the rest room. It is located back side of the first floor. You cannot get in.


4. Talk to the Curator besides the rest room entrance. Ask him about the weather.

5. Go to the beach, middle of the nice looking pavement. Buy a coconut (1500z) from the Fruit Vendor in the Beach Bar.


6. Back to the Curator. He lets you go in when you give him the drink.

7. Inside you must "talk" to 5 objects: Door, Toilet, Faucet, Carpet, Mirror

Write the spells exactly as they are.

Spell: Mother the door won't open!
Choose: Turn the key
How many times: 7
Spell: Mother the water is flooding!
Choose: Flush the toilet
How many times: 3
Spell: Mother the drought has started!
Choose: Turn on the water
How many times: 1
Spell: Mother where are my friends?
Choose: Shake the carpet
How many times: 7
Spell: Where are you mom?

8. A Ghost appears now. You must take off the bandage from her eyes.

A dice roll will start over your head and the ghost's head. If your number is lower, the ghost will take half of your HP/SP and send you back outside the bathroom. The numbers are chosen completely by random, so redo steps 3-9 until you win the random dice roll.

9. You are teleported to a tunnel. Walk along till the end and click when you see the "..." symbol around the lower part of that lid:

You find yourself transported to a sewer pipe. Walk ahead until you see "pipe". The ghost will reappear and tell you her story. Click the pipe and you will enter the Brasilis Dungeon (Bra_dun01).

10. You can now freely enter the Brasilis Dungeon through the toilet in the museum bathroom.