Bruspetti Quest

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  • Level 50 - 75: 225 000 Base Exp
  • Level 76 - 90: 425 000 Base Exp
  • Level 91 - 99: 650 000 Base Exp


1. Speak with Katinshuell in Rachel inside the house at (81,36). He says he wants to live a calm, peaceful life, but he sadly got into a quest, so he won't be able to.


2. Talk to Mr. Shendar inside his house at Rachel (217, 60). Poor fathers, always worrying about their daughters.


3. Now, things still don't make sense but just keep talking with everyone. Our next stop is Lachellen (73, 244). She will express her jealousy about Bruspetti and her new boyfriend who came from... Lighthalzen?


4. Go back to Katinshuell. You will be surprised but he's just broken up with his girlfriend. If you talked to him twice, he wouldn't say a word about it. The question is it the same girl who went missing? Talk to Mr. Shendar again.

5. Well, he really misses her. That didn't really help us but this parfume thingy can come handy later. According to Lachellen, the boy came from Lighthalzen... so check the Hotel in Lighthalzen (158,129).

Go inside, turn left and go upstairs. Walk south then enter to the first warp. If you remembered the Friendship quest, this room will be familiar. Walk around until you get a pop-up (go towards the bed).


6. Time to go back to Lachellen. She isn't surprised about your discovery and she suggests you to stalk around at the place where she and her boyfriend used to date at.

7. Go to the Spring and walk to (265, 47). A Grandma will warn you to be careful. How kind.


8. Head back to Mr. Shendar. He didn't think his daugher would go to Lighthalzen and he mentions a diary. Well, he can't read it because he is her father... but we dont care about privacy. Click on the nook - no, we still wouldn't dare to read it. But soon.


9. As neither Lachellen nor Mr. Shendar couldn't tell us more details about Bruspetti, we've got onlyone victim left - Katinshuell. Go back to him and keep answering him like this (you have to talk to him more than once as he is pretty depressed):

  • Bruspetti
  • Lighthalzen
  • Freya's Spring

10. Katinshuell didn't seem to be useful but negating all our questions is pretty suspicious. Let's go back to Lachellen who is willing to help us. When she asks if she can help us, write: Freya's Spring. Oh boy, we got you.

11. Go back to Freya's Spring and talk with the Grandma (266, 35). You got an explanation why did she warn you on that exact spot.


12. Head back to Mr. Shendar. When you talk to him he greets you with a punch in your face, thinkingyou are the boyfriend of her daughter. (Even if you are girl... so that's why Bruspetti was so popular.) You lose 50% of your HP. You learn that there is somebody sneaking around the house so you accuse Katinshuell immediately. Talk to Mr. Shendar twice then obtain Bruspetti's Diary from the shelf.


13. Time to confront Katinshuell. Don't forget to bring a Knife[3] with you before you speak to him! Talk with him twice then choose the options in this order:

  • Lighthalzen
  • Recent Break-up
  • Freya's Spring

14. He denies everything. Talk to him five times. Finally, he confesses everything - the mystery of the ending of the Friendship quest has revealed. The Knife[3] will disappear from your inventory (don't continue until it happens). Time to close the case - go back to the Grandma at the Spring.

15. Speak to the Grandma then walk to the exact spot where she warned you before. A pop-up will appear. Step to the north until a second one appears. You will receive your EXP.

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