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Buying Store

The Buying Store is basically a reversed vending shop where you buy items instead of selling them.You can only buy Usables and Misc items with this and you need to have at least one of the items in your inventory. The process is simple.

Obtaining the Permits (Merchant class)

As a Merchant class, you can talk to Mr. Hugh of the Purchasing Team at Alberta. For 10,000 Zeny he will teach you the Buying Store skill and give you 5 permits to open a shop (requires Level 1 Vending skill for a Merchant class). Every time you want to open a Buying Store, just use the skill in your Skill Window (might have to minimize it first) and it will consume one of the permits. To buy more permits, just talk to Mr. Hugh again who can sell you up to 50 permits at once for 200 Zeny each.


Obtaining the Permits (Non-merchant class)

Even if you are not a Merchant Class, you will be able to set up a Buying Store. You will need a special Black Market permit for this. To get them, talk to Mr. Jass of the Black Marketeers at the Morroc Pub. You will not learn the skill, but he can sell you special permits that will open up the store on use. He will sell you them for 500 zeny, up to 10 at a time.


Setting up the Buying Store

To set up a shop, just use the skill or use the permit (depending on your class) on a spot where you would normally set up a vend. The usual vending rules still apply! A few new windows will appear. One with the available items from your inventory (you need at least one of the item you wish to buy in your inventory) and one where you can set the amount, price, etc. As a Merchant Class you can buy up to 5 different items at the same time. For non-Merchant Classes this is limited to two at the same time.

Just drag the items you want to buy into the main window, set the amount you want to buy, the price you want to pay for each and the maximum amount of Zeny you wish to spend when buying items, think of a catchy and creative name for your store. Then hit OK and your Buying Store is ready!

You can also use !autotrade of course.

Buying5.png Buying6.png

Additional Notes

  • It is not allowed to set up a Buying Store that buys items for less than their standard NPC value. If a player buys for less than the Overcharged NPC value, that is fine. But do not attempt to buy, for example, a Red Gemstone for 270 Zeny when the NPC selling value is 300.
  • Furthermore, it is not possible to set up Buying Stores for Talon Coins. This is done so as to prevent new players from being tricked into selling their coins for far less than the market value.