Casting Time Management

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Introduction - What is Casting Time?

Casting time is the duration needed for a skill or spell to take effect after the player has issued the command to initiate it.

Note: This is different from After Cast Delay.

Examples of skill/spell:

  • Falcon Assault
  • Bowling Bash (casting bar is not shown)
  • Asura Strike
  • Storm Gust
  • Magnus Exorcismus

Managing Casting Time

There are two ways of ensuring a skill or spell with casting time being executed.

  1. Reduce casting time, so that the effects are takes place before it can be interrupted.
  2. Using equipment that prevents cast interruption.

Casting Time Reduction

Two aspects contribute to reducing casting time:

  • DEX
  • Casting Time Reduction items (for example: Berzebub Card)

In TalonRO, Instant Cast (also known as zero casting time) is achievable through equipment and cards. This is done by having either 150 DEX points or 100% Casting Time Reduction. Note: This guide does not provide the list of items required for reducing casting time. Players are to build their gears on their own.

Although DEX and Casting Time Reduction gears works the same way, they do not stack with each other. Instead, they multiply each other.

For example, the base casting time for a Level 5 Storm Gust is 10 seconds.

  • The spellcaster has a total of 75 DEX. This reduces the casting time by 50% (75 is half of 150).
  • The spellcaster wears a Berzebub card. This reduces the casting time by 30%.

Now, the casting time is calculated this way:

Total casting time = Base casting time x [1 - (total DEX / 150)] x [1 - (sum of casting time reduction from equipment and cards / 100)]

In the example mentioned above,

Total casting time = 10 x [1 - (75/150)] x [1 - (30/100)]

= 10 x 0.5 x 0.7

= 3.5 seconds

In simpler terms, whatever casting time is left after reduced by DEX, it will be reduced by another portion by Casting Time Reduction gears. There will still be casting time even with 149 DEX and 99% Casting Time Reduction gears.

Note: Some equipment or cards increase casting time, which stacks with Casting Time Reduction gears because they use the same item script: (bonus bCastrate). For example, Berzebub card effect can be nullified by Bloody Butterfly card; one speeds up 30%, the other slows down 30%.

Prevent Cast Interruption

Whenever a player is attacked while casting a spell, the spell will be interrupted, causing the intended effect to not occur. Therefore, to ensure a successful launching of a skill or spell, players can opt for having uninterrupted cast.

This usually comes with a penalty. Example:

  • Orlean's Gown - Increase casting time by 15%
  • Phen card - Increase casting time by 25%

If you start your cast first and then equip the item for uinterrupted cast, from the moment you equip it, the cast will still be uninterruptable, while not suffering from the cast time increase.


It is crucial to understand how to manage the casting time of a spell or skill because it can mean a lot especially in crucial battles.

At the same time, it is important to understand how Casting Time Reduction items interact with DEX points.

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