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This is Lino’s Vanilla Champion Guide. The build in the guide can apply (By this I mean it COULD work, but not necessarily) for both WoE and PvP, however it is focused mostly on PvP. Also, this is a champion guide, not a monk guide; it also talks about “end-game” equipments and stats, thus there is no leveling section in this guide. If you want to get a champion quick, make a priest and go soloing Anubis until trans. When the Job Changer NPC asks you what class to choose, go for Champion (Zen and RPS = Easy Leveling).

So, before anything remember that Asura Strike has a 10 second cool down even in Vanilla. Killing HPs, Pallys, and other classes that you can’t really 1HKO with Asura will take different methods other than Asura, Asura and Asura…

Note: This is a guide, not an order! Customize the builds; make them original to fit your style of play! Also if you see a *, check out what they mean at the bottom of the guide if you are curious.

Is Champion the right class for you?

So you’re up for playing a Champion? Well, let me warn you beforehand, that to use them to their full potential, there are many advanced techniques that you must learn. In simpler words, they are very hard to play, but they also have great potential.


  • Humongous Damage Potential
  • Burst Damage* Class (If playing Lino’s (Brawler) Build or Asura’er)
  • Great in both Solo and Party occasions


  • Expensive (Equip-wise)
  • Difficult to play properly (Huge learning curve)
  • Relatively low Sustained Damage overall (Even with Combo Builds)


(Skip this if you are already playing a Champion and/or have vast knowledge on their mechanics and how to use them to their full extent.)

This is listing in alphabetical order, all “partly-active” Acolyte, Monk and Champion Skills, as well as a brief explanation on what each one does. It also contains some Tips on how to use them to their full extent!

To see a full explanation of the skills, visit the links below:

Spirit System

Monks and Champions have a unique system in which most of their skills are based on. This is the Spirit System, in which by summoning and releasing these Spirit Spheres, the Monk/Champion can do great amounts of damage. Spheres can be summoned either by Call Spirits, or Zen/Dangerous Soul Collect. A Monk/Champion can have a maximum of 5 Spirit Spheres at once, each giving a +3 unmissable attack bonus (5 Spheres = 15 ATK that always hits).

Call Spirits/Dangerous Soul Collect

  • Call Spirits summons 1 Spirit Sphere.
  • Dangerous Soul Collect summons all 5 Spirit Spheres in the time it takes for Call Spirits to summon 1.

Absorb Spirit Sphere

  • Absorbs all currently summoned Spirit Spheres, healing you for 10 SP each.
  • Can be used to drain other Monks/Champions' Spirit Spheres, incapacitating them in combat.

Ki Translation

  • Will give the chosen party member a Spirit Sphere. (Tip: Not only it is useful to give the 15+ ATK bonuses, but also it is good for Plagiarist Stalkers that use Finger Offensive or Investigate)
  • Can only be used in party members.

Combo System

Monks and Champions have another unique system that allows them to inflict reasonable Sustained Damage. That is the various chains of relentless Combos! All combos start with Triple Attack, and are then followed by Chain Combo then Combo Finish and so on. Triple Attack will activate on it’s own (like the Thief’s Double Attack), and during the skills cool down, the player must press the key for Chain Combo. During Chain Combo's cool down, the player must then press the key for Combo Finish and so on.

Triple Attack

  • Passive Skill that automatically activates with normal attacks. (Somewhat like Thief’s Double Attack)
  • After it is used, Chain Combo can be used.

Chain Combo

  • Can only be used after Triple Attack.
  • Does not use any Spirit Spheres.
  • After it is used, Combo Finish can be used.

Combo Finish

  • Can only be used after Chain Combo.
  • Uses 1 Spirit Sphere.
  • After it is used, Asura Strike, Tiger Knuckle Fist and Chain Crush Combo can be used. (Asura Strike will only use 4 Spirit Spheres)

Tiger Knuckle Fist

  • Can only be used after Combo Finish or Chain Crush Combo.
  • Uses 1 Spirit Sphere.
  • After it is used, Asura Strike and Chain Crush Combo can be used. (Asura Strike will only consume 3 Spirit Spheres)

Chain Crush Combo

  • Can only be used after Tiger Knuckle Fist or Combo Finish.
  • Huge Damage. (Almost same as Finger Offensive)
  • Uses 2 Spirit Spheres.
  • After it is used, Tiger Knuckle Fist and Asura Strike can be used. (Asura Strike will only consume 1 Spirit Sphere)

Possible Combinations

  • Triple Attack
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo => Combo Finish
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo => Combo Finish => Asura Strike
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo => Combo Finish => Chain Crush Combo
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo => Combo Finish => Chain Crush Combo => Asura Strike
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo => Combo Finish => Tiger Knuckle Fist => Chain Crush Combo
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo => Combo Finish => Tiger Knuckle Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Tiger Knuckle Fist
  • Triple Attack => Chain Combo => Combo Finish => Tiger Knuckle Fist => Chain Crush Combo => Asura Strike


Asura Strike

  • This is the Champion’s most powerful skill. (With the right equips & stats it is possible to do 150k in a single hit. Crazy Powerful Skill; which is why the 15-second cooldown was enabled)
  • Always Neutral. Don’t listen to people saying Elemental Endow and Aspersio changes the element. IT IS ALWAYS NEUTRAL. I can’t stress this enough; Raydric Cards and Blacksmith’s “Skin Tempering” WILL reduce this skill’s damage output. (Ghostring would also drastically reduce damage, but we’re talking about Vanilla here!)
  • Never Misses*. Just like the above, I can’t stress this enough. We don’t get Dex for hit; we get it for cast-time. The only ways to block this skill is Safety Wall and Hiding before the cast finishes. (Tips: Keep Ruwach activated when you cast this, so Smokie users and Thief Classes will have a harder time dodging it! Another tip is casting Pneuma on the floor you're going to Asura, so Safety Wall Cannot be cast!)
  • Bypasses all types of DEF, as well as Flee and Size COMPLETELY!
  • Even with Ruwach up it is still possible to dodge this skill. (look to the bottom of the guide for explanations)
  • Asura strike is based solely on your ATK and Remaining SP for damage. In simpler words, the higher SP pool (Incubus and Willow) and Str/Dex/Luk you have, the more damage you will deal. (Either way, Asura 1HKOs a considerable amount of players in PvP…)
  • You need 5 Spirit Spheres AND Critical Explosion to cast this.


  • At level 10 it increases STR, INT and DEX (Most important Champion stats) by 10.
  • Don’t even try doing something without this on.

Decrease Agility

  • Decreases AGI and Movement Speed of target.
  • Great for keeping melee classes away from you.
  • I recommend only getting this skill for the movement speed decrease (Level 1), but if you think a Sustained Damage class will be able to kill you in PvP, go for it. An all or nothing skill…

Demon Bane and Divine Protection

  • Prerequisite skills.
  • Increase Damage and Defense against Undead/Demon Property monsters. (Doesn't work against Evil Druid users as this is a race bonus)


  • Increases Flee…

Critical Explosion

  • Increases Crit by +20 at Level 5.
  • Required Skill for Asura Strike.
  • Recommended for Combo Champions.
  • Uses 5 Spirit Spheres.
  • Cannot Recover HP and SP naturally while this is activated. (Items can still be used)
  • Enables usage of Palm Push Strike and allows the use of Body Relocation without consuming any Spirit Spheres.


  • I don’t think this needs an explanation…
  • Heals you for an amount based on your INT and
  • Will not be as powerful as a Priest’s Heal, but it will heal a good 1k+ when you need it.

Increase Agility

  • Increases AGI and Movement Speed of target.
  • I recommend only getting this skill for the movement speed Increase (Level 1), but if you play a Combo Champion or if you want a higher duration per buff, go for it. An all or nothing skill…

Iron Fist

  • Increases Damage with Fist class weapons.
  • Prerequisite Skill.
  • Would only max this if I was a Combo Champ with Berserk (Lighthalzen Drop. Need I say more?), otherwise wouldn’t bother maxing it.

Mental Strength/Steel Body

  • Makes both your DEF and MDEF 90, regardless of VIT/INT.
  • Your equipment won't have any effect on your DEF, but soft DEF (from VIT and INT) will influence the damage.
  • Champions can tank almost as well as Paladins/Lord Knights with this.
  • While this is on, you can’t use any active skills and you lose ASPD. (Passive Skills like Triple Attack still work, and Buffs you had from before stay).
  • Uses 5 Spirit Spheres.

Investigate (Inv)

  • The more DEF the opponent has, the more damage it deals, works in a similar way as an Ice Pick, adding damage based on the sum of DEF+VIT.
  • Uses 1 Spirit Sphere.
  • Advanced Technique: You can Investigate Dance, giving HUMONGOUS amounts of damage.


  • Creates a “Green” Safety Wall that protects from all Ranged Attacks (Including Acid Demonstration and Shield Chain!), but you can still get hit by physical and magical attacks.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to stand on top of Pneuma, but one square away from it will still block ranged attacks (3x3 area, but animation only covers the center cell!). Careful with this as the enemy can use this to their advantage!
  • It may appear to work on top of the Professor Skill “Land Protector” (The green animation still shows), but in truth, the effect is negated.

Palm Push Strike (PPS)

  • The Champion’s only knock back skill. Great to push people off Pneuma, Safety Walls (If you’re clever, snap behind a Hunter and push him into his own trap; it’s hilarious! You can push people out of Safety Wall, but it won't deal any damage - Only Knock back), Land Protectors and Professor’s “Land” Skills. (Volcano, Deluge etc…)
  • Must be in Critical Explosion to use.
  • It is based on ASPD; use Awakening Pots to increase the potential of this skill.
  • See Advanced Techniques for further use on this skill…
  • It hurts…

Blade Stop

  • “Catches” an opponent if he has landed a physical attack on you. During the time that the opponent is caught not you or him can move, attack, use skills or anything. Depending on the level of Blade Stop, you might be able to use some skills on the opponent whilst both of you are immobilized. (Look at the full description of Monk Skills to know what skills are usable)
  • Uses 1 Spirit Sphere.

Snap/Body Relocation

  • It “Teleports” you to the clicked location. Although it may seem there is a "pathway", it is instant. Fire Walls and traps will not stop you if you Body Relocate past them.
  • With this, Champions have the most freedom of movement.
  • Advanced Technique: It is possible to “Body Relocate/Snap Dodge”, negating all damage done to you! If you DO NOT have Critical Explosion on, it will consume 1 Spirit Sphere. If Critical Explosion IS on, it will not consume any Spirit Spheres.

Finger Offensive (FO)

  • Throws Spirit Spheres to do colossal damage.
  • At level 5, EACH Spirit Sphere will do 250% Damage. (Total of 1250% Damage for all 5 Spheres)
  • Uses 1 Spirit Sphere at Level 1, and 5 at Level 5.
  • If you compare Cast Time to Damage, this is the Champion's second most powerful Skill. (After Asura Strike)

Teleport/Warp Portal

  • Teleport will give you the choice to teleport randomly in the Map, or to your Save Point.
  • Useful for getting around.
  • Warp Portal gives you the option to teleport anywhere that isn’t a dungeon or “Closed” space. By typing “/memo” you can memorize a place for Warp Portal.
  • Teleport does not have any catalyst, but Warp Portal needs a Blue Gem.


Now that the skills are done let’s get on to the builds! I will only note the PvP/WoE build.

Brawler Build

This build was custom made mostly for Vanilla PvP, but it will also do OK in WoE situations. Remember that is not just a build that makes you good; it’s practice and skill.

Brawler: The Stats

  • STR: 100 – 130 (100 – 110 if WoE): What fuels a Champion’s killing potential you ask? The answer to that should be Str. Investigate? Asura? Finger Offensive? STR covers all of them, but remember to always keep it in a number dividable by 10 to get the ATK bonus!
  • AGI: 0: We’re not going to attack someone in PvP/WoE like we do in PvM. If you want to kill some NPCs, go to the Combo Build. This is for PvP/WoE! (Awakenings give a reasonable ASPD increase either way…)
  • VIT: 50 – 80: More DEF, more Health Points, Less Stun time, if there’s someone with Angelus; even more DEF, more resistance to Stun, Poison, Silence, Bleeding and Blind. Probably the most wanted Stat in PvP and especially WoE! Get at least 70 for WoE, otherwise you won't survive. You can get it up to 97 for 100% resistances, but then you'd be sacrificing other stats. I personally don't use 97 VIT (Call me crazy if you like), but I can handle Gypsy Screamers with 70~80+ VIT (And some resistance gears).
  • INT: 1+: Sure, Int gives a bigger SP pool, but we have the “Equips” section for that. Spending valuable stat points in a stat that is easily covered by equips is kind of useless. (The correct WoE amount would be around 20 Base – which is why the recommended WoE amount for Str is lower than for PvP – to be not fully reliant on items. It also increases the Heal amount AND Asura Strike Damage - albeit not as much as STR, giving you an advantage)
  • DEX: 110 – 120 (130 if WoE): For WoE, DEX should be the maximum possible. You need the fastest cast time you can get! It also slightly increases ATK and increases HIT. There are no excuses; if you’re doing anything you ARE getting this to 130…
  • LUK: 0: Are you criting? No. It may increase ATK, but it isn’t worth the stat points.

Note: With Blessing, a Stunner and 2 Hydras, this baby (PvP build) will be doing 100~120k on un-equipped Demis in PvP!

Brawler: The Skills

Acolyte Skills

  • Divine Protection Level 10
  • Demon Bane Level 10
  • Ruwach Level 1
  • Pneuma Level 1
  • Teleportation Level 2
  • Warp Portal Level 4
  • Heal Level 10
  • Increase Agility Level 1
  • Decrease Agility Level 1
  • Blessing Level 10
  • Holy Light Level 1 Quest Skill

Champion Skills

  • Iron Hand Level 7
  • Spirits Recovery Level 2
  • Call Spirits Level 5
  • Absorb Spirits Level 1
  • Triple Attack Level 5
  • Body Relocation Level 1
  • Dodge Level 5
  • Investigate Level 5
  • Finger Offensive Level 5
  • Steel Body Level 3
  • Blade Stop Level 5
  • Critical Explosion Level 5
  • Asura Strike Level 5
  • Chain Combo Level 3
  • Combo Finish Level 3
  • Palm Push Strike Level 5
  • Dangerous Soul Collect Level 1
  • Ki Translation Level 1 Quest Skill
  • Ki Explosion Level 1 Quest Skill

Total first job skill point used: 49/49

Left: 0


Total second job skill point used: 67/69

Left: 2


(2 Left Over Points)

Brawler: The Equips

Note: They are expensive! It will take months to get all of this, as well as practice to use them properly!


Stunner [2] - Hydra Card - Hydra Card

10% Stun chance and 36% extra damage on Demi-Human? Use Finger Offensive and you have a 50% chance to stun an enemy (10% for each Spirit Sphere since I last checked; not too sure about it though). If they are one of the high VIT classes, the 140 ATK Bonus will really help your Investigate Dance damage. Using this with the PvP stats alone (No other equips) will give you a straight 50~70k on Asuras!. (Please note that I originally intended to get 90k on Asuras with a +9 Lich’s Bone Wand and Hydra Cards, but because of the cool down, we won’t be using Asura often. Our main Attack force is Investigate Dances and Finger Offensive, to THEN finish with an Asura. Our damage must be high enough to kill the rest of their health; the other equips help out with higher defense and Investigate/Finger Offensive Damage. Also… if your Asura is too high to finish a Reflect Paladin, you’re dead. Think overall!)

Lunakaligo/Luna Kaleet [3] - Hydra Card - Hydra Card - Skeleton Worker Card

Even better than our Good Ol' Stunner. 15% Stun Chance, plus an Extra slot than the Stunner, allowing it for 51% Extra Demi-Human Damage instead of just 36%! The lower attack can hurt a little bit, but the extra Stun and the Demi-Human damage definitely make up for it.

Headgear (Upper)

Feather Beret

Alice Doll [1] - Incubus Card

Ramen Hat

ALWAYS keep the Feather Beret on, but keep the Alice Doll hotkey’ed. When you’re going in for an Asura, change to the Alice Doll and Pot to Full SP JUST before you Asura. That will not only give you +10% Damage, but the 147 SP from the Incubus comes in handy too! If you feel confident you won’t die, change it before an Investigate and/or Finger Offensive. Keep the Ramen Hat hotkey'ed when you're fighting other champions. In Champion battles, DEX is THE most important stat. (Despite it being the most important stat overall, it gets even MORE IMPORTANT HOLY FFFF-)

Headgear (Middle)

Angel Wing Ears [1] - Incubus Card

Robo Eye

147 Extra SP AND a STR Bonus? Yes please!

If you don't have the cash or are one of those 150 DEX Freaks, then the Robo Eye will give that last extra push for the 150 DEX.

Headgear (Lower)

Pirate Dagger

Only get this if you have money to spare. 5 ATK is never a bad thing now is it?


Valkyrian Armor [1] - Marc Card / Evil Druid Card / Succubus Card

+1 to all Stats, +50% Silence (If used with Base Stat Builds above it has 100% Silence chance) and Elemental Resistance with the Marc. Most used PvP armor, and with a Marc Card, no worries with Frost Diver, Frost Joker and others. Keep an Evil Druid handy as well - even if it means you cannot Heal yourself, it does give resistance against those pesky Mages’ Stone Curses and Plagiarists’ Stone Curses as well as Freeze… Unbreakable too! The Succubus can be used alongside the Incubus for a nice +1000 HP, +1 INT and +1 VIT. Since Valk Armors are kind// of expensive, I'd recommend not to - but if you have 3 of them, give 1 of them a Succubus.

Diablos Robe [1] - Marc Card / Evil Druid Card / Succubus Card

The 150 bonus SP, plus the 6% increase in Heal will definitely come in handy for the Asuras and... Heals. With the Marc you also get some elemental resistance! It is not Unbreakable though, and the 10% Delay may seem nice, but it might drastically change Investigate Dances and Snap Asuras, so it actually has some disadvantages. Nice if you don't have a Valk Armor, or if you really want that extra Asura Damage.

Glittering Jacket [1] - Marc Card / Evil Druid Card / Succubus Card

Despite not being the best option, Glittering Jacket will provide you with some nice DEF and MDEF Bonuses, as well as allowing you a 3% chance to blind your enemies with each attack. Not a priority, but if the ones above cannot be found or are too expensive, this is the way to go!

+3 Dex Armor [1] - Marc Card / Evil Druid Card / Succubus Card

The most common +3 Dex Armor out there is the Mantle, which will do nicely. It's always better to have a +3 Diablos Robes, but they'll probably never exist :I

This is alongside the Robo Eye is one of the few things that allow you to reach that 150 Dex in Vanilla! And in Champion Battles, having more Dex may be better than more DEF...


Valkyrja's Shield [1] - Thara Frog Card

Orleans's Server/Shield [1] - Thara Frog Card

HUGE Elemental resistances, as well as reasonable DEF and MDEF. The Thara Frog provides with +30% resistance against Demi-Human, meaning a Storm Gust, or a Double Casted Fire Bolt will only be doing HALF their damage. Best PvP Shield.

The Orleans's Server goes in a combo with the Orleans's Gloves, giving you 10% Cast Reduction. Just like with Dex, it might come in handy sometimes!


Skin of Ventoss [1] - Raydric Card

Wool Scarf [1] - Raydric Card

+200 HP will do after you see our shoes… Raydric will help you out against Creators, Paladins and other Champions.

If you can't afford the shoes, a Tidal/Wool Set will do nicely.

Proxy Skin Fragment/Niddhorg's Shadow Garb [1] - Raydric Card

If you can find one of these, you're in Luck. 3% Resistances to ALL Elements, as well as that extra Neutral Resistance with a Raydric. Definitely Better than the ones mentioned above. (If you can lay your hands on one that is...)

It also Increases SP by Level/3 + (Refine Rate * 10). that is pretty good for a Champion... If we take it as the Champion is Level 99, we already have a 33 SP Increase. And since all your gear needs to be at least +4 (The Safe Limit), that's another 40 SP - for a grand total of 73 Bonus SP. The DEF and MDEF are also pretty good in my opinion.


Variant Shoes

Tidal Shoes [1] - Sohee or Green Ferus Card

Heh, you weren’t expecting this were you? +20% HP and SP!

If you can't afford one of those or even find it, stick with the Tidal Wool set and use a Sohee for the extra SP or a Green Ferus for the HP. Verit and Gold Acidus are acceptable as well although you should focus mostly on only one aspect.


Orleans's Glove [1] - Zerom Card

Orleans's Glove [1] - Zerom Card

Clip [1] - Smokie Card

Use the 2 Orleans for Killing, but keep the Hide Clip hotkey’ed. Huge DEX from Orleans, as well as a great protective aspect from the Smokie Card. Anything else is unacceptable. (Zerom Gloves maybe, but only if you can’t afford the listed) Diabolus Rings could be used in set with the Diabolus Robes, but the Dex bonus will help out more than the 3% ATK and MATK Increase. Remember that DEX should always be higher than everything else!

Alternative Equipment

Instead of showing the "Cheap" Equipments, I decided to change this to show "Additional Equipment" you might want to keep in handy. If you don't understand what I mean, just read on.


Survivor's Rod [1] - Hydra or Drops Card

Even using +10 Dex Food, is still impossible to attain 150 DEX with this build. Some people opt for Armor Cards like Dame of Sentinel which give you more DEX, but in WoE and such a Marc is a must. So for that instant cast, a Survivor's Rod will really help out with that extra stretch. If you're using a Sohee or Thanatos Dolor Pet, you'll have enough DEX without a Drops Card (With +3 DEX Armor), so Hydra would help with the damage, but if not slot in a drops for that last point.

+9 Lich's Bone Wand [2] - Hydra Card - Hydra Card

This is SOLELY for Asura'ing Purposes.

But I tell you it HURTS when you hit someone with this at Max SP. In WoE, not many people will be able to tank your Asura with this baby!

Headgear (Upper)

Sprout Hat

Jaguar Hat

Those 2 Headgears are not too widely known, but if you get them you'll see what they do. Sprout Hat will give you Heaven's Drive at level 3 which will allow you to uncloak Chase Walking Stalkers and other classes with Hiding (Hiding Clip :I) from a distance - meaning you don't need to get close to that Whitesmith to un-hide him...

Jaguar Hat will give you Loud Exclamation/Shout Out at level 1. That's +4 Strength. I'm not complaining.


Glittering Jacket [1] - Pasana Card / Swordfish Card / Argiope Card

Elemental Resistances play a big role in both WoE and PvP. Most Bolting Profs rely on Stone Curse + Firebolt Combo, so they choose to invest in Imp Cards. This way, as long as you're not Stone Cursed (ED Armor switching ftw) Professors will try to just Spider Web + Bolt you. HOWEVER YOU HAVE PASANA. ISN'T THAT GREAT? Yeah, it also applies to those Red Naght Blade wielders and anything that has "Kill it with Fire" its motto. Swordfish will heavily reduce Cold Bolt, Blue Naght, Storm Gust and Ice Spear (NEENJAAS) and will keep you safe from all Water attacks (Water ball still hurts tho). Argiope makes you become Poison property - so even EDP Sonic Blows will probably not 1-shot you if they're poisoned (and like, 90% of SinXes use Poison to bypass Raydric and whatnot).

There are other armor cards as well, but these 3 are pretty important.


Whatever slotted Garment you can find - Frilldora card

It gives you cloaking when next to walls. If you're a Champion Guildmaster this is a MUST. With Snap you can easily get around the Emp Room, and with this no-one will see what hit them. It has other uses as well, but I'll leave you guys to figure out how to play with it :I


Clip [1] - Marine Sphere Card

Would you like 20% increased fire property damage against everything? I do. Magnum Break gives you 10 seconds of +20% Fire Damage. Use it right before you attack and you'll see the difference. I haven't tested it with Asura, but my guess is if it stacks with Hydras, then it must Stack with Asuras!

Clip [1] - Blazer Card

Clip [1] - Li Me Mang Ryang Card/Jing Guai Card

I don't like SinXes. They either just randomly come out of nowhere pressing F1 (Sonic Blow) and 1-shot you with linked EDP. And instead of showing the courtesy of SWITCHING from Katars to Shields they're just so confident with their EDP they don't give a damn about switching. Soul Breaker types can get annoying too, suddenly appearing and then running god-knows-where.

SO WE HAVE SUNLIGHT BOXES WOHAAYY. Li Me Mang Ryang gives a small chance to drop Boxes of Sunlight every time an Angel Monster is killed. I know you guys farm at Geffenia with your pimped Stalkers/LKs/WS, so killing those annoying angels now have a meaning. Trust me these boxes will save your life - and crush that sneaking Guild Master's one.

And as we all know, Blazer Card gives you a small chance to drop ANY FOOD HOLYBBQ when you kill a monster.

The plus Lunakaligo's natural chance of dropping food will make it A LOT easier to find your +10 Dex Food.


+ 10 Dex Food

Sohee Pet/Thanatos Dolor Pet

+9 Cat Ear Beret [1] - Carat

+10 Dex Food is almost a must for any Champion, and a Sohee/Thanatos Dolor pet will boost both our STR and DEX (And Int if it's a Dolor) by 1. It really helps in the long run. As for the Cat Ear Beret, +10% Resistance and Damage to Demi-Human if at +9 AND it has a slot. Carat Cards will increase your Max SP by 150 and give you 2 int as well.

But I'm just kidding, unless you're rich, there's no way you'd get this. Still nice Listing it here though (since it looks Kawaii :3)

Magic Resistance Equipment

Silk Robe [1] - Goat Card

Wool Scarf [1] - Kapha Card

Valk Shield [1] - Seeker Card

Large Hibiscus [1] - Gibbet Card

Slotted Mid Headgear - Gibbet Card

High Quality Sandals [1] - Megalith Card

2x Rosaries

With this Combo you get about 94 MDEF SOLELY from Armors. Which means 94% Damage Reduction from Magic.

Advanced Techniques

Unfortunately most of Relic's Videos were taken down. I'll record some of the techniques myself later and upload them, but for now there are no videos :I

Push Palm Strike Advanced Techniques

The easiest of the lot to master (and also the most “Capable”). PPS is by far the easiest skill to “Cancel”. Cancelling is when if you physically move your character, there won’t be any after cast delay, thus enabling you to cast any skill afterwards! PPS is different from other skills because PPS does not have a cast time, but it has an “Impact Delay”. If you cast PPS, you will notice a delay in between the cast and the hit. During this small time (if timed perfectly), you can do many different things! (Note that PPS is ASPD based, so take off your weapon and/or use an awakening potion. The higher ASPD, the easier!)

  • You can move freely between the cast and hit (if done properly) so that the opponent will actually be hit in the direction you want him to!
  • You can actually sit in the delay instead of moving! (I personally do not recommend pressing Insert. Especially for Laptop users. An easier way would be to put the command /sit in your “Alt+1” Hotkey, thus accessing it much easily)
  • You can also Body Relocate just after the cast and hit someone out of a corner!

Now you can also cast Asura Strike directly after PPS. What should happen is; the Asura will hit in the delay in between the casting and the impact of PPS, and the actual PPS damage will hit after the Asura. Note that you can’t Asura until 2 seconds after Body Relocation (unless using “Body Relocation-Asura Combo”)… (Great for people that Asura can’t just kill in one hit such as Paladins; the PPS will deal the remaining damage for the kill!)

Investigate Dancing

The Hardest Advanced Technique of the lot (my opinion). This is a VERY hard technique and it is all about rhythm. Don’t bother trying to do this before you get your desired DEX, otherwise the rhythm will change. Choose your desired DEX, get to it and THEN practice.

To do this, Cast Investigate. Just before the cast ends, click on a square next (preferably diagonal) to you and follow by casting Investigate again. This will drastically reduce Investigate’s delay, allowing you to cast many Investigates in a short period of time. (Bowling Bash Knights that can BB Dance will find this much easier!)

Body Relocation Dodging

This will be your most useful technique; you probably even already used it unconsciously! Remember when you were levelling in Thor’s Dungeon with that Hunter for that precious EXP? (You should; great EXP to get to 99!) When you see the damage you most likely Body Relocated away right? Surprise is: No damage! This is what happens if you Body Relocation far enough from your enemy the exact time you get damaged (a ridiculously small window). That works for anything; Asuras, EDP SBs and others.

Ruwach Evade

Not exclusive to Champions, but we can pull it off. If you’re under Ruwach (haven’t tried with Sight), use a Smokie Card. Due to Ruwach’s “Impact Delay”, you will hide for half a second or so. This means that if you get used to Ruwach’s Impact Delay you can dodge any Asura’s, regardless whether they have Ruwach on or not. (Body Relocation Dodging is the recommended for dodging Asuras, but your choice… Also, the Impact Delay is inconsistent, it can be long or short depending on your connection).

Advanced Techniques: Practice makes Perfect!

  • Investigate Dancing – (Hardest Technique; recommended to be the last technique you practice) Get your friend Biochemist to make some Mushrooms in PvP. Just practice moving out of the delay instead of the Investigate Dancing itself. Remember you have to move JUST after the cast ends. (which is why you should only practise when you have reached your desired Dex amount) After you got the hand of it try doing 2 Investigates. (Inv, step, Inv, step) When you learn that, try with 3 and so on.
  • PPS Cancel – (Much easier than Inv Dancing; recommended to be the first technique you practice) Get your friend Assumptio Priest to help you with this (or PM Call 911). It is easy to cancel this with an Awakening, but if you can’t do this, try setting your “Alt+1” to /sit and use the sitting technique.
  • Body Relocation Asura Combo – You might need someone that can survive your Asuras to do this. Body Relocate ONCE and keep on spamming Asura. See there’s a delay long enough for someone to run? Now try Body Relocating once and waiting about 1~2 seconds or so and then Body Relocate again (still spamming the Asura key) and note the NEW delay. Much lower right? Practice until you’re satisfied with your delay.

Player versus Player Combat: Tactics

To play a Champion in PvP requires much dedication, as well as great reflexes and reaction time. This will only be talking about “Lino’s (Brawler) Build” as it is the best fitted for PvP/WoE.

Vs. Champion

You will need to be lightning itself to win this. It has to finish quickly or it will take a long time. As soon as it starts you have to keep a close watch on your opponent; any moves he launches must be countered. He will be paying equal attention, so it’s all about speed and reflexes. If the Champ uses FO, Pneuma instantly; if you react fast enough there will be time for you to either Heal your damage, or go in for a Kill. Remember that Absorb Spirits works on other Champions, so this will be you most used technique.

  • If they are not in Pneuma: FO.
  • If they are in a Pneuma: PPS him out of it. (Does reasonable damage too!)
  • If you think you can land an Investigate Dance without the Champ snapping away go for it. Remember that if you fail you will be open!
  • Always keep yourself away from the Champion.
  • Always keep yourself in a Pneuma.
  • If he tries to Asura, hide (If he has long Cast) or Snap Dodge. If he misses he is open for a counter attack! (Remember that the same applies to you!)

Assuming you’re playing against someone with equal skill (this battle is about the skill of the player, as well as equipments). This is the most intense battle you will ever see in PvP, and also the only reason I played a Champion; the thrill and adrenaline are incredible! I’m scared of Champion battles, yet I love fighting them!

Note: Asura will leave you open for Counter Attacks. Also remember the 15 second cool down won’t allow you to use it often, so only use it if you are 100% confident that it will kill.

Vs. Lord Knight

Decrease Agi. Now. Don’t let them get close to you or you will regret it. While he is “Slowed”, Body Relocation will easily get you away. Keep on FO and if you think you can do it; Investigate Dance him to death (If you don’t kill with Investigate it’s goodbye to you Mr. Champ). If they are Spiral Pierce Pneuma yourself.

If they can dodge your FO (Smokie Card) you will have to go in for an Asura. You must make sure it kills; the long cool down will give the LK time to pot back to full. You could try Investigating First, but stay close to them for too long and it’s the end of you.

Vs. Paladin

Only of the few reasons we only have lower Asuras. If they are devotion type, Investigate Dances should kill them easily because of that massive Hard DEF they have. If they are Shield Chain you might have to go in for an Asura. Hopefully your damage will be high enough to kill them, but low enough so the reflect won’t kill you. Remember that if the Asura fails you have to run away with Body Relocation and start the duel over again to avoid death. Also remember to keep yourself Pneuma'd against a Shield Chain.

Vs. High Wizard

If you have my recommended Marc Card, this will be easy. They can’t freeze you and have to come close to Stone Curse, so just “Slow” them, keep away with Body Relocation and FO (Safety Wall only blocks close range melee attacks). If they get a Storm Gust on you hide after the first hit (easier for Thief players); you will take some damage but the SG animation will hopefully seclude where you are. If the HW comes looking for you with Sight get ready to Asura as soon as you are discovered. Either way, they will most likely not be able to hit you and FO will do the job.

Vs. Professor

Don’t bother. Their Dispel and SP Stealing will be a pain. If you think you can land an Asura it will most likely kill them, but you will have to be careful not to lose your SP before hand! One of the few battles that is fully reliant on an Asura. (Which is why you should skip it. If the cool down was removed it could be easier but that’s not the case…) Also note that Wall of Fog blocks all Single Target Skills (Including Asura). That means you might not be able to get it first time; you will need some IRL luck even for Asuras!

Vs. High Priest

Investigate Dancing will most likely kill them; if not finish up with an Asura. If they are in SW/Pneuma, PPS cancel to get them out and go in for an Asura.

Vs. Whitesmith

An LK, but much more dangerous. Decrease Agi him and Body Relocate away. Keep using FO to kill them and don’t let them Cart you. If they have a Smokie and dodge your FO, you will have to go in for a Body Relocation Asura Combo.

Vs. Creator

NEVER. LEAVE. PNEUMA. That’s my most important advice. If they AD you, your equipment might break, and a good INT-DEX build can be doing around 8k (if not more) with each AD. Kill the Homunculus with Investigate Dances and then FO the Creator do death. If you think you can 1HKO with an Asura, go for it! (Note: It's better to kill the Creator himself first, as he can just resurrect his Homunculus.)

Vs. Assassin Cross

Hard if they are EDP or Soul Linked; easy if not. Make sure they don’t touch you if they are Sonic Blow; Body Relocate Dodge the damage and go in for an Asura. If they are Soul Breaker, Body Relocate Dodge. Get them with an Asura in the cool down or don't let them cloak by spamming FO.

Vs. Stalker

If you get Full Stripped you’re finished. Some might try to Stone Curse you, so keep your distance with Body Relocation and go in for an Asura if you get the chance. If they are SG then the same tactics as Wizards Apply. Another Battle you would rely heavily on an Asura

Vs. Clown

Use a Marc to protect yourself from his Frost Joke. If he starts Taroting, Body Relocation away and FO/Asura them if you can. Shouldn’t be too hard…

Vs. Gypsy

Never fought one… I assume it’s the same as clown, but easier…

Vs. Sniper

It will be either your easiest battle, or your hardest (other than Vs, Champion). Keep yourself Pneuma’d and FO the Sniper. That way you’ll kill him. If he has a Smokie card though, this will take some time. Keep him “Slowed” and Pneuma close to him; PPS him to death (make sure to use a stunner in this battle). If he is stunned, FO will do the rest for you. If you get Ankle Snared, Spam FO on him so he can't stack traps. Funny thing to do is to PPS him into his own trap; most Hilarious thing I’ve seen.

Vs. Ninja (The Champ Bane)

This. Will. Be. A. Pain. Body Relocation Dodge/Hide all of their Spells. If they are Final Strike, ALWAYS keep Pneuma up (A ranged attack = 4 or more Cells. Final Strike = 5 Cells). If they are a Ninjutsu build, use a Hiding Clip for the spells and PPS them into a wall. Then is just a matter of PPS until they die.

Vs. Gunslinger

Easy battle; Pneuma will block almost everything they do, if they Desperado Body Relocation away. FO them to death or go in for an Asura if you feel like it can 1HKO.

Vs. Taekwon (Ranker)

Haven’t fought any, but I assume it’s a Taekwon with Colossal Health and infinite Combos. These guys are not hard but they are annoying. They have Huge HP and their Combos are a pain. Decrease Agi them and Spam FO. If they Flying Side Kick, Body Relocation away and repeat. Like I said: It’s not hard, but definitely a time-waster…

Vs. Super Novice

Super Novices come in 2 types. The first is the Critical Type, which uses weapons like the Silver Shotel and Dagger of Counter (Soul Links) as well as Critical Explosion (Which they get when they reach about 99,999,999 EXP or something along those lines) to have 100% Crit and keep on poking you until you die. Noting as how Super Novices have about 2 lives (If they have the EXP, they can also get an automatic Steel Body after they die once), it can be though to kill them with the more squishy classes.

But as Champions we have Body Relocation (Snap).

So as you guessed it, just keep on Snappin' Away and Finger Offensive them until they lose their first life. As SNs don't have much HP, it shouldn't take too long to end their first life. After that you can just Asura to kill them for good or go in for an Investigate Dance. If you get hit too much, you can always snap away and Heal the damage - so no problem against Crits.

However there are the Magical Types.

Those guys are harder than the Critical Types because they don't have to come close to you to kill you AND they can heal. A "Normal" Geared SN will probably use some Imp/Siroma Clips with a Hypnotist's Staff or a Rod (Both Slotted with Drops to the brim). They will either try to Stone Curse you or Freeze you - so use an Evil Druid if they tend to Cold Bolt more, or a Marc if they like to Fire Bolt (But beware the Stone Curses). Since they have instant cast, the trick is to get them in the Bolting Delay - so if your cast time is not fast enough, get a +Whatever Dex Food (Preferably +8 or +10, but these things don't come out cheap...) and Finger Offensive. Hopefully you'll be able to kill them before they can Heal the Damage again (Note that they have Pneuma, so you can Push them out of it and go for a Push/Finger combo. Still going to be hard hitting them effectively).

After their first life is gone, the same thing with Critical Types but easier - since they won't be hitting you for much.

If you go against a Rich Bast-, I mean a well-built SN, he will most likely have an Elemental Sword. Oh and an Amon Ra Card. (╯°□°)╯︵ ˙ǝɯoɥ ƃuıoƃ ɯ,ı 'sıɥʇ ʍǝɹɔs

They will probably just spam their 3,6,9,12 Bolts. Yes, 12 hits with almost no delay (Previously it was 20, but it was nerfed). Also the bolts come in Earth, Water, Fire and Wind property - so you can't really use a Pasana Card/Swordfish Card or whatever else card against them. Your only real hope is to either pump your MDEF higher than Support Profs, or you can try and go in for an Asura. If they are good, it is highly unlikely that they will ever stay outside Pneuma - and since they have a very small delay window, you probably won't pull off a Push/Finger Combo too often.

So either Tank the Bolts and force them to Heal themselves by attacking occasionally. We have almost 1k SP (If not more), and they have about 250. When they don't have enough SP to Heal, you can try and combo them - but the most effective is just Asura them to get rid of their first life (If they have pots then Asura will most likely be your only choice). After they are in the Steel Body status, try and get enough SP for a Dangerous Soul Collect. Then you can Absorb Spirit Spheres are repeat - you get around 10SP per cycle. Then you can just go in for an Investigate Dance.

Don't try and poke them by the way. Since their sword bolts also come as an Auto-Attack - I've had a bad experience with them.


  • = Burst Damage is to be able to do large amounts of damage in short periods of time. (Good for short and intense fights, such as PvP and WoE. Examples of Burst Damage Skills are Asura Strike, TSS, OI, Sonic Blow, Soul Breaker, etc…)
    • = Sustained Damage is to be able to do a constant (but average) amount of damage. (Good for prolonged fights such as PvMing. Examples of Sustained Damage classes are Crit SinX, 2 Handed-Sword LKs, Snipers, etc…)
      • = How to block an Asura.

- Safety Wall

- Hide before cast finishes (Smokie Clips are common these days as a “Supportive Accessory”).

- Thief Class only: Backslide out of Ruwach as soon as cast starts and hide. Requires some practise and Agi for it to work.

- Hard One: If you use a Smokie Card whilst in Ruwach, you will reveal yourself, but have around a 0.5 seconds “Impact Delay”. If timed right, you can hide JUST before the other Champion finishes Asura. Hard as Hell to do, but worth the practice.

- Non-Vanilla only: Ghostring Card (Takes it down to 25% damage from Neutral), Toad Card (Takes it down from 25% to 15%)and Deviling Card (Takes it down from 15% to 7.5%). If Assumptio and/or Energy Coat are counted, it will do a maximum of 5% damage…

Note: 2 Hydras would NOT be 40%, but 36% as 20% of 80% = 16%! (Which is another reason to use at least one Skeleton Worker Card instead of all Hydras as Size, Element and Races are all different modifiers!).

Note 2: Paladin’s Sacrifice is also always neutral! The Neutral reduction method also works for them!

  • = Stunner’s Stun Chance. may say 1%, but if you analyse the formula:

{ bonus2 bAddEff,Eff_Stun,1000; },{},{}

Stun, 1000 = Stun Chance = 10,00%

Been there, done that. No arguing…

  • = Countering Acid Demonstration.

- Have Neutral Resistance. (Same way to counter an Asura)

- Hide before Cast finishes.

- Have 0 or less Vit. This can be achieved by having 1 Base Vit and using a Dimik Card (-5 Vit). Hopefully your Vit bonuses won’t be large and you will be able to reach 0 Vit, thus fully blocking AD.

- Pneuma, or any ranged attack-blocking technique. Alligator Cards work great to reduce damage, and the Professor Skill “Wall of Fog” gives 75% change of blocking AD. (Note that if you’re a Creator using AD to someone in a Pneuma, your bombs WILL be used. If you fail to hit someone in Wall of Fog, your bombs are not consumed though…)

Will add images later when I have time.

This guide was intended to talk about all the different builds, list not only the “Brawler” Build, but the Combos, MvPs and others. I am however, too lazy to do that though, so ask me for these individual builds personally.

This guide was written in a single weekend while I wait for my new Power Supply to arrive. (After 3 years, my old friend burnt out…) So because of this, I can’t log in and check stuff out; I’ll have to wait until the new one arrives for me to add screen-shots.

Thanks to:

Relics – Never talked to him, but ALL OF THE VIDEOS HERE BELONG TO HIM

EDIT: Unfortunately his account was taken down from youtube, and so are his vids. I'll try to upload some of my own (as well as the ones Relics is re-uploading) and put it here. Might take a while since I'm lazy though...

Call 911 – This guy wanted me to make a Champ build for him. My power supply exploded. I was bored. This is the result.

themadkez - Reminded me that I had mixed up the skill names and provided me with the correct names. Thanks a bunch!

The TalonRO Staff – Need I say more? These people have dedicated a lot of time for this server, and have really balanced rules. Best server I played so far; not exaggerating. If I am not banned for Triple Posting, thanks alot! One “Hooray!” for the TalonRO Staff! – Awesome Calculators and Database; couldn’t have done this without that website. Now go and write a review on RMS for TalonRO now!

You – For reading this. (List your builds here too! I’ll be happy to see whatcha’ got and improve my own!)

Edit: I'm thinking of putting this up on the tRO Wiki (Since we now have one), but I'm not too sure. Should I just leave it hanging about here on the forums or go and put it up in the wiki?,31480.15.html