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Gear Overview


As a starting Monk, weapon progression will typically begin with an NPC Stunner (Vendors) and follow-up with a carded Chain[3] for leveling. When eventually moving up to MVP'ing, players should look to acquire a +9/+10 Lich's Bone Wand or a similarly over-upgraded Lunakaligo (Luna Kaleet). A Lunakaligo's damage output will eventually break through that of a Lich's Bone Wand, but is much more expensive to obtain in consideration of the slight damage increase. Finally a Champion class can consider obtaining the SQI Suiken.

Gear (PvM)


  • Lord Kaho's Horns
  • Slotted STR Mid - Incubus/Bloody Knight
  • Rock Replica/Pirate Dagger

Leveling Locations and Tips

Sleepers (yuno_fild06) - First time access can be obtained by warping to Magma Dungeon (Warp Girl->Dungeons->Magma Dungeon) and then heading north one map. Monks can typically begin around level ~80 while Champions can begin a little earlier at ~75, depending on job level and available skill points. A damage modifying mace is usually necessary for the leveling speed to be effective. (Chain[3] or Lunakaleet[3] are both acceptable). Lich's Bone Wand[2] will not work well as it is a Staff type weapon and you will be using Investigate, a physical attack-based skill, to fight Sleepers. A %damage carded weapon (Peco Peco Egg, Kaho, Turtle General) is preferable to be able to one-hit KO Sleepers. Investigate uses the high VIT of Sleepers to do a lot of damage quickly. Stats to consider are STR for damage, DEX for cast time so that Sleepers don't interrupt you between hits, and possibly some VIT for survival as the place can get fairly mobby. It is advised to bring a good amount of Grape Juice for sustainability and keep Ruwach on as Sleepers can cloak. Break Great Natures using the Umbala Ore Downgrading NPC and sell the Green Lives (use Overcharge) to an NPC for leveling maintenance cash.

Skills & Commonly Used Acronyms


kRO Name iRO Name Commonly Occurring Acronyms Is Ranged* Applies Card %Damage Modifier Effects* Always Neutral Base Cast Time at Max Level (seconds) Interruptable
Finger Offensive Throw Spirit Sphere FO, TSS Yes Yes No 1.0 No
Investigate Occult Impaction OI Yes Yes Yes 1.0 Yes
Asura Strike Guillotine Fist AS, E-Fist No Yes Yes 2.0 Yes
Triple Attack Raging Trifecta Blow 3x atk, 3ple attack No Yes No N/A N/A
  • Ranged skills are with respect to the RO system. For instance, a ranged skill is still blocked by Pneuma even if its range is 1 cell.
  • Skills which do not apply %Damage are only affected by character stat modifiers such as +ATK or +STR unless specified otherwise.


LBW - Lich's Bone Wand

AK - Abysmal Knight Card

Location Specific Gear Guide

The below are tips and suggestions for champions in regards to gearing for a specific map or mob.

Abbey 3

Dimensional Gorge

Valkyrie Randgris

Satan Morroc

General Tips and Advice

  • It is often helpful to create Priest, Bard, and Dancer alts as they have support skills that will come in handy down the line. A larger investment but also very useful is a Paladin for Gospel buffs.
  • As said by Azurhialine:
    • I've used FO/Investigate in these places too, to level my champ (I was fully geared in all these places (Kahos, 2 Celebs, Deviling, Bathory/Gloom Under Night (Lolis and Cornus), Platinum Shield, BK mid, DL Sleips/Moonie Shoes...); so I can't say how a worse geared character would fare here. Maybe a good place for low geared champs might be Stings with Fire Endow and FO them to death. Prolly with 1 FO is enough.):
      • Loli Ruris: Nemesis and all the DEX/STR gear possible (well, I was fully geared and could 2 shot them with FO).
      • Cornus: this for sure requires decent gears to kill them fast (before they heal). Don't leave out Cursed Waters. Asura the Nagas, they are a pain to FO (3-4 FOs). Used my trusty TTT Kaleet here.
      • Thanatos Tower Floor 2: great place to level and farm zeny. Use Investigate on Elders, FO on Mimics/Ancient Mimics/books and Asura the Retributions. Good money and exp. Used Nemesis/Quadrille first and TTT Kaleet later (things got easier, lol).

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