Chicken Hat Quest

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Chicken is on your head! It might have alarm option for waking you up in the morning. ASPD +5%. Add a chance to cast Loud Exclamation when attacking.

Defense: 0

Upper headgear



Step 1

First of all, head over to Morroc, and speak to Eloise.


Choose the option “That’s awful, sure I’ll help.” She asks you to look for Jake in Veins.

Step 2

Speak to Jake.


He asks you to find the best chickens on an island near Izlude.

Step 3

The island mentioned is Byalan Island. Fastest way there is through the Warper > Dungeons > Bibilan Dungeon. Then walk out the portal. There are multiple chickens on the map but one chicken in particular is called “Juicy Chicken”. That’s the one you want.


Step 4

Now, head over to Louyang, and look for Leonard. He's on the 2nd floor of this building.


He asks you to bring some ingredients to prepare the chicken.


Give him the ingredients:

  • 5x Red Chile
  • 1x Rainbow Carrot
  • 1x Professional Cooking Kit
  • 1x Matchstick

He'll break the 1st matchstick and ask you for another. Which is why you need to bring 2. >_<

After bringing him the 2nd matchstick, he starts preparing the dish. It takes him a bit under an hour to finish.


Step 5

Bring the dish back to Eloise.


Step 6

who then sends you to find Mr. Jojoquin in Alberta to make a hat for you.


Mr. Jojoquin is located up the stairs, after going into the 2nd portal.

He then tells you the ingredients he'll need to make the hat.



  • 10x Animal Skin
  • 10x Sticky Mucus
  • 10x Yarn
  • 1x Bill of Birds
  • 1x Cap[1]
  • 1x Burning Passion Guitar

Annnd, done!



  1. Credits to [Reo for making this guide