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This guide presents the research and findings of attempting to optimize a Clown's int for using Bragi with a sniper sharp shooting. Note that only Sharp Shooting was tested. Thus, optimum for AD and other skills may be different depending on where the ACD hits 0.33 sec.


  • Determine the optimal INT for clown using Bragi
  • Determine the bard's best practice for PvM purposes.

Experimental Procedure

  • We waited at least 20 seconds after increasing the Bard's INT by 10 after each test shot conducted.
  • The Bard's INT was increased by 10 by using gears and buffs
  • The Sniper was only self buffed (no gloria which adds 6 atk etc)
  • Sniper's Sharpshooting skill was used throughout this experiment, as it was considered to be the main damage dealer in PvM (GMC, ET)
  • Target: Loli Ruri
  • Sniper's Dex: 150
  • Sniper's Crit: 106


  • SS (a.k.a. FAS) aftercast delay is 1.5 seconds
  • As per the first Bragi nerf, the aftercast reduction from a Poem of Bragi is 30% at level 10.
  • As per the second Bragi nerf, the Sniping suit aftercast reduction does not stack with Bragi anymore (as well as any other gears that reduces ACD such as the Diablos Robe). As such, the ACD redux takes effect without Bragi but doesn't with Bragi.
  • The aftercast delay reduction from the passive skill Musical Lessons stacks upon the aftercast delay reduction of the poem of Bragi at a rate of 2% per level, as per Magic Strings
  • The aftercast delay reduction from the Bard's INT is 2% for every 10 INT, as per the same wiki page mentioned above.
  • The latter stacks with the Poem of Bragi skill level and the Music Lessons passive skill level.
  • The single shot damage reduction is directly proportional to the total aftercast delay reduction.


  1. Damage without Bragi on Loli is 20,286 and the calculated DPS is 13,524 (17,563 with the sniping suit)
  2. On the left axis, red and blue curves show the DPS from SS on Loli for every 10 Int increment before and after the nerf, respectively. On the right axis, green curve shows the damage per SS for every 10 Int increment on Bard/Clown.
  3. Reduction in damage is linear. SS does 203 damage less for every 10 Int increment on the bard.
  4. The "hard cap" in skill delay of 0.33 sec provides the "optimum".
  5. Bragi with 140 Int is best for party with snipers as the main damagers

Clown optimum int table.jpg

Clown optimum int graph.jpg


It is obvious that the DPS increases as the aftercast reduction is closer to 100%. However the effects get detrimental as soon as the cooldown reaches the hardcap of 0.33 seconds set by the server.

This in turn will affect the DPS of other classes such as creators or wizards. To achieve maximum DPS on either of those characters, for creators, it is likely that the maximum DPS will be achieved when the cooldown is around 67% (given an aftercast delay of 1 second on Acid Demonstration), which is roughly equivalent to an 85 INT Bragi.

For wizards, their big DPS being JT or Storm gust, SG don't really stack so a good wiz won't have to "spam" SG therefore I won't bother calculating the best ACD. JT is affected by ASPD and it would be better if the Wiz didn't get any bragi for JT spam. Correct me if I'm wrong since I'm not that much of a wizard person.

Current practice suggested:

Just bragi at 135-140 INT total. If for example you die because you forgot to GTB and you have lower INT (and the HPs probably won't bless you), then you could swap between kaho/valk helm to adjust your INT.

Here's my stat distribution (with some LUK for perfect dodge song). The reason for my preference for the valk helm is the AGI, VIT and LUK it provides for the ASPD, the apple song and the perfect dodge song. Unlike the kaho which gives just DEX and INT (for casting time, which is pointless if everyone is IC, and INT, but 135-140 INT is achievable without kaho anyway).

Suggested gears and stats

Valkyrie Helm gear (Prefilled TRO calc)

Clown optimum int valkyrie gear.jpg

This is the gears I use if I am forced to use Kaho (if I die and don't have bless)

Clown optimum int kaho gear.jpg


  1. Thanks to OrbiSana for this guide!