Colored Deviruchi Hat Quest

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A guide for Colored Deviruchi Hats!

To start this quest you will need 10 000 zeny.

The quest starts in a little house in Moscovia. (moscovia 205, 96)


1. In that house you will find Miranda who lost her pet deviruchi named Skippy. Since you're a nice person, you offered to go find him. (mosk_in 218, 257).


Skippy is located in Moscovia at the top of the town. (moscovia 247, 236).


2. Skippy will not return with you right away though, you have to go back to Miranda and she will tell you to find Boris who makes Skippy's favorite cookies.

3. You can find Boris in a house in Moscovia a little on the right of the spawn point. (moscovia 253, 181).



He will give you Crunch Cookies against 10 000 zeny.

4. Once you have the Crunch Cookies go see Skippy and this time he will come with you.

5. Go back to Miranda with Skippy and she will tell you that her mom makes Colored Deviruchi Hats. You can now change your deviruchi hat's color. Have fun! is located in the same house as her daughter. (mosk_in 218, 257).




5227.gif Red Deviruchi Hat:

8346.gif White Deviruchi Hat:

5229.gif Gray Deviruchi Hat: