Colored Mage Hat Quest

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1. Go to Yuno Bar and speak to Eduard (yuno_in01-33,167). Yuno Bar is located bottom left corner of Yuno City (yuno 51,105).


2. Eduard will seek your help to go to a map with many Geographers and identify "5 Colored Geographers". You will need to remember the order of the colors and report back to him. (Note: Eduardo will not repeat the location of the map or his instructions if you try asking him again after accepting the quest. So, it's best to screenshot if you did not read the NPC conversation carefully)


3. Head to the map South of Yuno, then East and then South again to map yuno _field07 (Valley of Abyss). Same map as the Juperos Dungeon entrance. Alternatively, speak to Warp Girl and warp to Juperos Dungeon. Be properly geared and prepared, the map is filled with Harpies. Recommended to bring Green Pot (Harpy mutes frequently) and Fly Wings.

4. There are only "5 Colored Geographers" on this map. These are their approximate coordinates indicated with grey dots. Red dots are portals.

ColorMageHat map001.png

5. The "5 Colored Geographers" looks just like any ordinary Geographer. It even has the name Geographer when your mouse is over it. However, unlike normal Geographers, these "Colored Geographers" do not attack players and cannot be targeted. When you clicked on the "Colored Geographers" it will prompt a message indicating its color but only once. After a "Colored Geographer" has revealed its color to you, you will not be able to click on it again.


6.The message prompted is random and can be any of the pre-selected colors: red, yellow, blue, white or gray. (Its possible to associate more than one "Colored Geographers" with the same color; e.g.: 2 or more Gray Geographers)

7. After having successfully identified 5 "Colored Geographers", return to Eduard and inform him the exact order you found them. Failure to inform him the correct order of colors will reset the quest, and you will be forced to restart the quest beginning from Step 2.

8. To dye your Mage Hat. Bring any mage hat and the respective color dyestuffs. No additional zeny is required.

Any Mage Hat (Original (Green) or Dyed Mage Hat)

AND a Color Dyestuffs

Dyestuff Quest

9. YEAH my Blue Mage Hat.


10. Be warned: This quest is not very forgiving and was not designed for younger players in mind. No second chance will be given if you had accidentally made a mistake or was not attentive to the NPC dialogs. And If your Mage Hat was an upgraded Mage Hat as was mine, Eduard will exchange that for a non upgraded color Mage Hat of your choice.


  1. Credits to Gabrieel for this guide