Command Guide

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Note: A list of all the basic commands can be launched by typing: /h aka /help (ingame)


General Commands

Shortcut Description
/noctrl or /nc let's you attack a monster continuously
/noshift or /ns let's you use magic on anything or anyone.
/sit or Insert Key sits your character's butt down
/effect toggles game effects on and off
/aura disables aura of level 99 characters
/ex "character name" ignores a specific player's PM
/in "character name" allow a specific player's PM
/exall ignores all
/inall allows all
/fog fog on/off
/skip widens the frame skip rate
/memo saves a warp point
/lightmap toggles on/off use lightmap and fixes white screen/ground
/bangbang let's you spin counter-clockwise like a fool
/doridori moves your character's head left and right
/where tells the location of your character including co-ordinates
/w or /who shows current users on the server
/leave leave party
/organize "party name" makes a party
/guild "name of guild" creates a guild
/breakguild "name of guild" breaks guild duh
/savechat saves entire message log into a text file. Located in your RO directory in "chat" folder.
/booking checks for new parties recruiting and opens the booking window

Unlisted commands:

  • /font - toggle the character mouse-over display name between foot and overhead


  • /blacksmith
  • /alchemist
  • /taekwon

Stats Shortcut:

  • /STR+ 98 -remember it's always 1 less than the number you want.

Common ALT Shortcuts: can be customized in-game via keyboard options

Shortcut Description
alt+end remove HP/SP bar
alt+q Open equipment and stats
alt+w Open cart window (for merchants and Super Novice)
alt+e Open items
alt+s Open skills tree
alt+r Open homunculus window
alt+j Open pet window
alt+u Open quest list
alt+z Open party window
alt+h Open friends list
alt+F4 Kill window (emerency logout)
alt+m Open hotkey shortcuts
alt+l Open list of available emotes

Private Server Shortcuts:

Shortcut Description
!main "your text" talk in mainchat
!main off turns main chat off ; or type "on" to turn on
!market "your text" talk in market channel
!market off turns market chat off ; or type "on" to turn on
!recruit "your text" talk in recruit chat
!recruit off turns recruit chat off; or type "on" to turn on
!whosell or !ws "Item Name" or "Item Code/ID" searches item from selling shops
!whobuy or !wb "Item Name" or "Item Code/ID" searches item from buying shops
!shopjump "Item Name" or "Item Code/ID" jump to the lowest priced shop
!purchasejump "Item Name" or "Item Code/ID" jump to the highest priced buy shop
!shopfilter "Item Name" or "Item Code/ID" OR "clear" only show shops with the fore-mentioned item (use clear to remove filter)
!time displays server time
!rates displays server's current rate
!showexp toggles the displaying of EXP and JEXP amounts and percentages for each kill or quest
!expcount serves as a "stopwatch" for exp, showing you how much exp gained between starting and stopping the counter
!whodrops lists monsters that drop the specified item and their drop rates
!whereis lists spawn locations of monsters and spawn amounts
!duel "character name" starts a duel
!accept, !reject, !leave self explainatory
!request sends a message to GM currently online
!noks stops kill stealing
!autoloot (May 2014 Changes: Autoloot changed to !arealoot)
!arealoot able to loot a small area compared to looting the item one by one. On by Default
!nodrop toggles the ability to drop items on the floor. Useful to protect against accidental drops. On by Default
!autotrade autovending without being logged in
!afk same thing as autotrade except with a chat window (disabled in 2011)

Mouse controls:

  • Right click (hold) - rotates camera view
  • shift+right click (hold) - moves camera view up+down
  • shift+right click (character without /nc) - autofollow

Emoticons: (alt+l to show entire list)

  • lv
  • /thx
  • /sry
  • /swt
  • /bzz

Bonus Bundle:

  • Additional commands obtained through reward guru. See the full list here.