Counteragent Mixture Quest

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This quest will allow you to create Counteragent and Solutions by delivering the necessary ingredients to the NPC


Items (not consumed):


1. Inside the big house at the North of Alberta Town. Go in, walk upstair, enter the room at the end of the hallway. Talk to Merchant Louitz (alberta_in 130,54). Make sure you have the items listed above so that the menu option More About Solutions will be enabled. He will direct you to Aure Dupon


2. Proceed to East side of Geffen - under a street light. Talk to Aure Dupon (Geffen 181, 114). Ask him More about Morgenstein, he will reveal the location.


3. Now proceed to the 2nd floor of Geffen's [old] Blasksmith Guild - 5 o'clock position of Geffen. Talk to Morgenstein (geffen_in 141,140) and ask more about his research. Talk to him again to make Mixture or Counteragent


Solutions Ingredients

973.gifCounteragent 974.gifMixture
1 713.gifEmpty Bottle 1 713.gifEmpty Bottle
1 971.gifDetrimindexta 1 972.gifKarvodailnirol
1 970.gifAlcohol 1 970.gifAlcohol
3000 zeny 4000 zeny

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