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All the time I see alchemists asking how they are supposed to get job exp if homunculus kills only give them base exp. Some alchemists run around having gotten thier homunculus and themselves level 99, but are unable to rebirth as they struggle to get to job level 50. So I created this guide to show alchemists having a hard time getting job exp a fun and extremely cost efficient way to level up, by mobbing with marine spheres in Rachel Sanctuary.


Normally alchemists AFK level with their homunculus to level 99, but their other skills are not very cost efficient, Acid Terror and Demonstration generally don't get the job done quick enough, Bio Cannibalize is a bit too weak without autobolt gear and melee alchemists don't get much of a boost from their skills like blacksmiths do. So that leaves us with Sphere Mine.

Croth ms01.gif

Normally marine spheres are highly impractical, they are hard to aim, monsters don't stay put in the blast radius and they pushed back enemies hit, but those problems can be worked around by getting mobs of enemies to attack your homunculus! Please note that Marine Sphere Mobbing is not meant for Homunculus leveling, so look elsewhere for guides and places to afk level a homun, marine sphere explosions are also Fire Property, so they will not work on water element mobs.

Marine Sphere Mobbing in Action

Youtube video link:

Cost efficiency

The main reason Rachel Sanctuary is the best spot for Marine Sphere Mobbing is the cost efficiency! (All prices counted after Overcharge / Discount )

To make a 7138.gif Marine Sphere Bottle you will need the manual, 1x 7131.gif Marine Sphere Creation Guide - 76,000z (One time purchase),

  • 1x 7134.gif Medicine Bowl
  • 1x 713.gif Empty Bottle
  • 1x 1050.gif Tendon
  • 1x 1051.gif Detonator

Not including the one time purchase of the manual, that totals to 519z per Marine Sphere Bottle.

Now Vanberks and Isilla have a chance to drop 7568.gif White Masks (75%) and 7563.gif Bloody Runes (33%).

White Masks sell for 657z after overcharge and Bloody Runes sell for 1,249z after overcharge.

Furthermore whenever you detonate a Sphere Mine the mine itself has a 100% chance to drop a 1050.gif Tendon and a 75% chance to drop a 1051.gif Detonator!

So that means you can mob up 3 Vanberks/Isillas and spend 1,557z on three marine spheres to kill them and have a chance to get up to 3 White Masks worth 1,971z, 3 Bloody Runes worth 3,747z with a guaranteed chance of getting 3 Tendons reducing the cost buying materials 3 more Marine Spheres by 501z plus the price of making more is reduced further if you got detonator drops!

And that's just assuming you only mob 3 monsters! Not to mention all the nice equipment and cards you can find!

So in short: Marine sphere mobbing is so cost efficient even a low level alchemist with a bad brewing rate can earn enough money to keep making marine spheres!

Your Homunculus and You

Choosing a Homunculus

Picking the right Homunculus for Marine Sphere Mobbing is important as you rely on your homunculus to tank for you while you lob marine spheres, some are more effective than others but please note that all homunculi can be viable and can make effective tanks so long as they are high enough level (90 to 95+) with the appropriate amount of flee to dodge Vanberks and Isillias. Remember, they only have to survive long enough for you to lob 3 Marine Spheres.

Vanil.gif Vanilmirth

Homunculus Type: Magic, Demi-Human, Neutral.

Skills: Caprice, Instruction Change, Chaotic Blessings

Evolution Skill: Bio Explosion

A great all around homunculus for marine sphere mobbing, PvP and WoE. It's offensive ability, Caprice makes it easier to clean up any monsters that survive the marine spheres (like Hodremlins) and its Mdef makes Isillas thunderstorm hurt less but its chaotic stat growth may mean some jellies will be better at tanking than others.

Filir.gif Filir

Homunculus Type: Physical, Demi-human, Neutral

Skills: Moonlight, Fleeting Move, Overspeed

Evolution Skill: SBR44

Filir is the physical hitter - with high attackspeed and high flee, this homunculus is okay for marine sphere mobbing, despite having low HP and Def and being regarded as the "worst" homunculus. It's high flee means you can go marine sphere mobbing at earlier levels as a homunculus only needs to tank mobs long enough to get 3 marine spheres off. Its low Def and HP means Isillas Thunderstorm will hurt and if an enemy lands a Sonic Blow its almost certain to die.

Lif.gif Lif

Homunculus Type: Restoration/Supportive, Demi-Human, Neutral

Skills: Healing Hands, Urgent Escape, Brain Surgery

Evolution Skill: Mental Charge

Lif is a mixed bag when it comes to Marine Sphere Mobbing. It's skill emergency escape makes running around mobbing safer, but Vanberks and Isilias are slow as it is, and generally when running into a Hodremlin its better to flywing away then to try and lose it. It's low survivability coupled with its reliance on being evolved to do good damage and clean up leftover Hodremlins makes Lif the worst choice as it needs to be almost max level to be effective.

Amistr.gif Amistr

Homunculus Type: Physical/Defensive/Tank, Demi-human, Neutral

Skills: Castling, Amistr Bulwark, Adamantium Skin

Evolution Skill: Bloodlust

Amistr is without a doubt the best choice for Marine Sphere Mobbing. It's high defensive stats make it able to tank a good sized mob in Rachel Sanctuary at early levels but it's real usefulness is its ability Castling, which swaps places with you and your homunculus and switching all aggro from you to your homunculus thus making it easy to safely mob without worry of a Vanberk or Isilia not aggroed onto your homun killing you.

For a more in depth guide of Homunculi in general and how to level them follow this link: 7419.gif

Setting MirAI for Marine Sphere Mobbing

Croth ms02.png

If you need help on installing MirAi follow this link: 2131.gif

Alchemist Builds, Homunculus Stat Requirements and Recommended Equipments

Since Marine Sphere damage is based on how much health they have when they explode, alchemists can focus on defensive stats and builds when marine sphere mobbing.

Some stat recommendations are:

  • Dex for faster Marine Sphere Summoning and Reviving your fallen Homunculus faster.
  • Agi for flee dodging a Vanberk or Isilla that tries to get you while tossing Marine Spheres
  • Vit for tanking and surviving for longer periods of time

Vanberks and Isilla are Neutral 4 Demi-Humans so any Demi-Human defensive gear will come in handy.

If you don't have an Amistr to use Castling to drop aggro you can use equipment that lets you use Hiding and Cloaking to drop aggro safely instead.

Hiding and Cloaking equipment and Cards:

  • Card.gif Smokie Card [0.03%] drop rate, Accessory Card - Allows the use of level 1 Hiding
  • Card.gif Frilldora Card [0.03%] drop rate, Garment Card - Allows the use of level 1 Cloaking, can only use level 1 Cloaking near walls.
  • 5385.gif Yoyo Hat [0.3%] drop from Choco, not Yoyo! Upper Headgear - Allows the use of level 1 Hiding
  • 5276.gif Fantastic Wig 5 Talon Coins from Reward Guru - Allows use of level 1 Hiding
  • 5273.gif Happy Wig 5 Talon Coins from Reward Guru - Allows use of level 1 Hiding
  • 5275.gif Marvelous Wig 5 Talon Coins from Reward Guru - Allows use of level 1 Hiding
  • 5274.gif Shinny Wig 5 Talon Coins from Reward Guru - Allows use of level 1 Hiding

There is an unsettling amount of fancy hiding wigs. If you just so happen to have one lying around you can also use a Kraken card xD

Rachel Sanctuary

Arguably the best place to go Marine Sphere Mobbing is Ra_San01, aka the Rachel Sanctuary dungeon:

Ra san01.gif

To get there you need an entry quest, the Rachel Dungeon entry quest is part of the Cursed Abbey Questline so if you already completed the Abbey access quest, you should have access to Rachel Sanctuary as well.


Talk to Nemma outside the temple to get the quest started. A full guide on the quest can be found here:

You will need 40x 7561.gif Glacial Hearts and 20x 12018.gif Firecrackers to complete the quest.

By the time your homunculus is high enough level to tank in Rachel, it will be high enough level to farm Glacial hearts for you, and firecrackers can be bought in Jawaii.




  • HP: 9988
  • Required Flee for 95% dodge chance: 185

Vanberks are one of your 2 main targets, they move a little faster than a zombie prisoner and when hit, can cast Sonic Blow, Weapon Perfection and Lex Aeterna. Sonic Blow really hurts a homun if it hits and can be fatal if it hits right after Lex Aeterna but keep in mind they can always be revived. Easier of the 2 main targets for mobbing.



  • HP: 8297
  • Required Flee for 95% dodge chance: 194

Isilla is the other main monster you target and the more difficult of the two. Isilla cast VERY annoying spells such as Lex Divinia, Thunderstorm and Heal. If aggroed onto you instead of your homunculus it can silence you, it's thunderstorm reduces Marine Sphere damage if it hits one before it detonates and its Heal can make some mobs survive 3 Marine spheres. Luckily most of these annoyances can be avoided by carrying green potions in case you get silenced, having your homun finish off weakened mobs and by carefully throwing marine spheres outside thunderstorms range, but still have its explosion range hit the mobs.

Special Note: Vanberk and Isillas monster types are "Agressive" and "Angry". Angry means they use skills more often when hit / cast certain skills when hit. So if you set your homuns AI to not attack Vanberks and Isillas it will reduce the chances of them casting skills! This also however makes cleaning up any leftover mobs that survive 3 Sphere Mines a bit harder so do it at your own risk.


1633 02.gif

  • HP: 7950
  • Required Flee for 95% dodge chance: 216

Beholders are best avoided, as they are ranged and require more flee to dodge. If one wanders too close to where you want to start bombing mobs you may want to wait until it moves away first, since its passive being hit with a marine sphere will make it target you. They don't have any really notable drops other than Rough Wind so you shouldn't worry about missing out on any loot.


1632 02.gif

  • HP: 9280
  • Required Flee for 95% dodge chance: 190

Another monster you should avoid, luckily like beholders they are passive. Gremlins attack fast and if caught in a marine sphere detonation will beeline to go kill you so watch out! They have around the same HP as Vanberks however, so if you want to manually have your homunculus hit them to add them to the group of monsters you are mobbing you can do so, but their only notable drops are Amethysts (3%), Boots [1] (0.03%) and Bloody Roar (0.03%). Hunting them for amethysts if you need them for quests is okay but you can get Boots and Bloody Roars from other more reliable sources so don't bother with them too much.



  • HP: 12180
  • Required Flee for 95% dodge chance: 198

WEE WOO WEE WOO! That's the signal to run away! Hodremlins are the meanest monster in Rachel, they run fast, attack fast, have the highest HP, do LOTS of damage, have a high HIT rate and worst of all, they use the dreaded Sonic Blow. If you are just starting out Marine Sphere Mobbing with your level 80 something Amistr I highly suggest you flywing away. There is a saving grace however, the amount of flee needed to dodge them is not far off from how much flee you need to dodge Isilla and Vanberks, so a high level homunculus can handle them, but I would still avoid mixing them in with your Vanberk and Isilla mobs, just because you can dodge them easier doesent make them do any less damage, and a Lex Aeterna'd Sonic Blow from one is deadly. They also detect stealth if you are running any hiding gear so beware!


Like I keep repeating the best part about Rachel Sanctuary is all the phat lewt! Some loot you should be on the look out for includes:

Misc Items

  • 7568.gif White Mask [75%] drop from Vanberk and Isilla - One of your main money makers sell them with overcharge, but keep an eye out, every now and then a player may want to buy them.
  • 7563.gif Bloody Rune [30%] and [3%] drops from both Vanberk and Isilla - The most expensive drop to sell, used to make Lord Kaho's Horns so watch for players buying them!
  • 526.gif Royal Jelly [0.3%] drop from Vanberks - Used in many quests and a SQI ingredient.
  • 7340.gif Will of the Darkness [30%] drop from Hodremlin, [90%] drop from Gremlin - I know I said avoid these mobs but if you do kill them you should keep the items they drop, WoTD are used in a the making of Lord Kaho's Horns among other things.


  • 5172.gif Beret [0.3%] drop from Vanberk - A super stylish hat that reduces 10% damage taken from demihuman monsters, did I mention Vanberks and Isillas are Demihuman?
  • Mes.gif Mes[3] [0.15%] drop from Vanberk - A dagger for Trans class only, not very pricey but people like to refine and slot all sorts of cards into them.
  • 2422.gif High Quality Sandals [0.03%] drop from Isilla - Nice footgear for spellcasters that adds +10Mdef
  • 2601.gif Ring[0] [0.06%] drop from Isilla - A highly sought after SQI ingredient worth around 5 million zeny each!
  • 2610.gif Gold Ring [0.03%] drop from Isilla - The insidious gold ring! Only worth around 40k, will trick you into thinking you got a Ring[0]!


  • Card.gif Vanberk Card [0.03%] droprate - Super useful card for melee critical builds, tends to fetch around 6 mil
  • Card.gif Isilla Card [0.03%] droprate - The super useful mage card! Great for casters but only fetches 800k to 1 mil compared to Vanberk Cards
  • Card.gif Beholder Card [0.03%] droprate - Beholder card, synonym for trash. Lets you use Lvl 1 Cast Cancel. I suppose you can use it to cancel summoning a Marine Sphere if it turns out you didn't need that fourth one to finish off a mob.
  • Card.gif Gremlin Card [0.03%] droprate - Gives you a chance of obtaining a 12032.gif Box of Storms (Water property Weapon Enchant for 3 mins) or 12043.gif Bomber Steak (Str +3 Food) when brute monsters are killed. Sorta useful considering its 2 card effects for the price of 1. Not super sought after though.
  • Card.gif Hodremlin Card [0.03%] droprate - The holy grail of Rachel Sanctuary cards, the best card that can be found in Rachel, on the toughest monster there. The Hodremlin card reduces damage taken from small, medium and large monsters by 15% and adds a small chance to add +30 perfect dodge when attacked. This card can sell for up to a whopping 10 mil and is a fantastic general use shield card.


I hope you guys found my guide informative, its my first time writing a guide ever so send me a message if I missed something or something is wrong. Or if you want to send me a prezzie :>

I wrote this guide to help alchemists get job exp and to prove that some underrated skills can be super useful! I also wrote it to be famous O////O

Rachel Sanctuary isn't the only leveling spot, so branch out and see what else works! I heard Sleepers works with marine sphere mobbing too...:^)

Good luck to all your alchemists out there!