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A Homunculus is a creature that an Alchemist or Creator can make, which will assist the player in various ways. There are four different types of Homunculus, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and stat growth. This guide will show you how to create them, what the main differences between the four are, and show you how to control, level, manage, and feed your new friend/slave. My apologies if this guide has already been made, I've looked and searched for it, and found nothing.

Homunculus Type

Vanilmirth Filir Lif Amistr
Sprite 1 Vanil.gifVanil-e1.gif Filir.gifFilir-e1.gif Lif.gifLif-e1.gif Amistr.gifAmistr-e1.gif
Sprite 2 Vanil2.gifVanil-e2.gif Filir2.gifFilir-e2.gif Lif2.gifLif-e2.gif Amistr2.gifAmistr-e2.gif
Each Homunculus comes in 2 sprites. They're strictly aesthetics and won't have any impact on the stats nor skills of the Homunculus.
Type Magic, Demi-Human, Neutral Agility, Demi-Human, Neutral Support, Demi-Human, Neutral Tank, Demi-Human, Neutral
Food 911.gif Scell 910.gif Garlet 537.gif Pet Food 912.gif Zargon
Skills Hom va1.png Caprice
Hom va2.png Instruction Change
Hom va3.png Chaotic Blessings
Hom fi1.png Moonlight
Hom fi2.png Fleeting Move
Hom fi3.png Overspeed
Hom li1.png Healing Hands
Hom li2.png Emergency Escape
Hom li3.png Brain Surgery
Hom am1.png Castling
Hom am2.png Amistr Bulwark
Hom am3.png Adamantium Skin
Evolutionary Skill Hom va4.png Bio Explosion Hom fi4.png S.B.R. 44 Hom li4.png Mental Change Hom am4.png Blood Lust
  • Good (magic) damage
  • Good Stat growth
  • Good for PvP
  • Easy to level
  • Good (physical) damage
  • High Flee
  • Easy to level
  • Emergency Escape works like a speed potion
  • Great for going around a map quickly (MvP Chase, or WoE
  • Good HP and DEF
  • Can take a few hits from MvP
  • Castling can be useful in emergency situations
  • Instruction Change doesn't boost brewing success rate on TalonRO
  • Not very tanky
  • Hard to level at least until getting Mental Change (ultimate skill)
  • Doesn't do a lot of damage
Custom TalonRO features
  • The maximum Hit Points (HP) and Spell Points (SP) is doubled.
  • The brewing success rate boost from the skill Instruction Change has been removed. Instead every Homunculus has a flat 0.025% brewing success rate boost per Homunculus level (0.05% if the Homunculus is evolved) with a maximum of 4.95% boost at level 99 and evolved. This was done to encourage the use of other Homunculus other than Vanilmirth.

Creating a Homunculus

First and foremost, you must be an Alchemist or Creator. No other classes have access to the skills required to make, and use a homunculus. You must then decide if you're going to do the quest, or take the easy way out and use the premium skill NPC, located in the Prontera stylist building. Whichever path you take, the NPC will give you the Bioethics skill, enabling you to create and call your homunculus.

The second step to creating a homunculus is to make, or buy an Embyro. Should you try to make one, the ingredients can be found at the Alchemist NPC, north of the Prontera fountain, and are as follows:

Embryo Ingredients
7140.gif Seed of Life
7141.gif Morning Dew of Yggdrasil
7143.gif Glass Tube
7134.gif Medicine Bowl
Guide Book (not consumed): 7419.gif Embryo Creation Guide

Once you have all of the above, you can use your potion creation skill to try and make an Embyro. Be warned though, the attempt may fail, robbing you of your items (Aside from the Creation guide.) Since potion creation is highly dependant on LUK/INT/DEX stats, you may want to purchase an Embyro from another player if you're a low level. For further information about brewing, be sure to check out this brewing guide

Once you have an Embryo in your inventory, simply use the skill, Call Homunculus to create a Homunculus. To delete unwanted Homunculus, simply click on the delete, del button in the Homunculus Window (ALT+R).

The homunculus you get will always be random. Stats and skill do not change which homunculus comes out of the embyro, so if you're looking for a specific one, you may have to try multiple times depending on your luck.

Homunculus Mechanics

Experience mechanics

It's widely thought that Homunculus gain the job experience of a monster instead of base experience. This isn't true - a Homunculus receives a copy of the base exp of the monster, modified by the damage they did to it and how many people attacked it.

Here are some further examples of how your homunculus' experience is divided:

When a monster is killed by a homunculus
Player gets full Base Experience, and no Job Experience
Homunculus also gets the full Base Experience from the monster
When a monster is killed by the player, without any contribution from the homunculus part
Player gets both the full Base Experience and the full Job Experience
Homunculus gets no experience
When both the player and the homunculus participate in killing a monster
Player gets 105% Base Experience
Player gets a portion of Job Experience depending on the percentage of the damage dealt by the player
Homunculus gets a portion of Base Experience of the monster depending on the percentage of the damage dealt by the homunculus

Miscellaneous Mechanics

  • They gain a skill point for every three levels. There is no job level equivalent.
  • They obtain additional EXP from server rates, but NOT Battle Manuals.
  • Their Flee and Defense is not reduced by the number of monsters.
  • Their hit is capped at 99%. Even if it has more hit than required, it will always miss at a 1% chance.
  • All Homunculus have a base attack speed of 1.4 seconds / attack (130 ASPD)
  • Homunculus stat growth is RANDOM. Nothing will affect which stats will grow and which won't.
  • Homunculus can hit Ghost property monsters with it's normal physical attack.

Feeding & Intimacy

Like Cute Pets, Homunculus will get hungry, and will possibly leave the Alchemist if left in that state for too long. Feeding a Homunculus will increase it's intimacy towards you, allowing you to evolve it once it becomes loyal - but more about that later.

The difference between Homunculus and pet feeding, is that a Homunculus' hunger is represented by a bar (shown in the Homunculus Window, ALT + R). This bar will decrease as your homunculus gets more, and more hungry.

The optimal feeding time is when the bar is red, and the number is superior than 11. Any lower than this, and your Homunculus will starve. Every hour the homunculus spends in the "starving" state, it will lose 18 Intimacy points (3600 seconds per hour / 200 seconds per loss). If you find you are no longer able to Ressurect, or call your homunculus, it has left you and you'll have to create another.

Where to buy feed?
912.gif Zargon, 910.gif Garlet, and 911.gif Scell can be purchased from
the Geffen Trader, which is North-West from the spawn point, near the western exit.
the Yuno Tool Shop, which is a little bit South-East from the spawn point.
537.gif Pet Food is slightly more expensive, and can be purchased from any Pet Dealer, such as the one in Prontera is East of the fountain. They also sells 911.gif Scell
Intimacy Gain
Hunger (%) Intimacy Point
<1 (left Starving) -1 per 200s
1 ~ 10 0.5
11 ~ 24 1
25 ~ 75 0.75
76 ~ 90 -0.05
91 ~ 100 -0.5

Ideal Feeding

Feeding a homunculus when it is too hungry, or too full will result in less intimacy points gain, or even a loss of intimacy. Ideally you want to feed it when its hunger is between 11~24. This will grant you the highest possible points per feeding, and will make let your Homunculus be Loyal much faster.

As you can see, overfeeding is often-times worse than letting them starve for a few minutes.

Intimacy Tiers
Intimacy Status
1 ~ 3 Hate with Passion
4 ~ 10 Hate
11 ~ 100 Awkward
101 ~ 250 Shy
251 ~ 750 Neutral
751~ 910 Cordial
911 ~ 1000 Loyal

Intimacy Status

One of the main goals in having a Homunculus is evolving it into it's next stage, to do so, you must have it's first stage Loyal, which takes quite a bit of time. Here is a chart to represent just how many points are needed:

The current intimacy point is usually hidden and isn't accessible by the Homunculus Window (ALT+R). To check for your current point, you'll need to use the @hominfo command which is accessible by purchasing the Bonus Bundle


Once a Homunculus gets an intimacy of 911 or higher (Loyal) you can use an item called a 12040.gif Stone of Sage to evolve it into its higher form. Once evolved, the Homunculus will gain these advantages:

  • Boosted Hit Points (HP) and Spell Points (SP)
  • Boosted Stats (random distribution)
  • Unlocked the Final Skill (Evolution/Ultimate Skill)

Homunculus Controls

The control system is relatively simply, and most likely, your installed AI will do most of the work for you. (See later section for AI information). To manually control your Homunculus, these are some keys that you should remember:

  • Alt + Right Click – Move to this cell.
  • Alt + Double Right Click – Move and stay there.
  • Alt + Right Clicking a Monster – Target a monster or player.
  • Alt + Double Right Clicking a Monster – Attack the targeted monster/player.
  • Alt + T – Puts your Homunculus into Passive Mode - can also be done by right clicking your Homunculus.

Often times however, these commands may not work. It's not a server issue, but rather an issue with how the homunculus system was programmed. The 'Move and stay' command in particular often does not work properly. Passive mode means that your Homunculus will not attack, or will break off it's current attack and come back. (Sits behind you/follows you closely.)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What does AI do?
The AI basically is a bunch of codes that is used to give directions to the Homunculus and will basically represent the general behavior of the Homunculus. It's highly customizable. You can for example, command the Homunculus to ignore some types of monsters, flee when they're low on HP, and so many more. Ragnarok Online being an old game, there's already a few mainstream and well-written AIs you can find on the internet, so you don't have to make your own. They're usually accompanied by an interface or instructions on how to tailor them to suit your needs.

What's Possible with AI?

  • Automatically attacking monsters within player's sight range.
  • Auto Casting Homunculus Skills, including ground skills.
  • Different tactics for individual monsters (ex: attack priority, customize skill usage based on target monster...).
  • Reading the current HP, SP, and Max HP, SP values of the Homunculus and customizing its behavior according to those.
  • Sensing the target of an attacking monster (to avoid kill stealing).

What's Impossible with AI?

  • Auto Feeding
  • Auto Looting
  • Homunculus won't maintain its AI once it's outside of the player range (on screen)
  • Any kind of control (neither movement nor skills) over the player (no Auto Aid Potion, Homunculus Resurrection etc.)

If your AI does any of the above "Impossibilities" it is against the server rules and in some cases may be considered botting, and you will most likely be punished (permanent ban) for it.

Popular Pre-Renewal AIs
  • MirAI
  • ThothAI
  • AzzyAI

AI Installation Guide

Step 1: Download your Favorite AI:

Note: Some of these may be outdated, and some may be more tailored for PvP purposes. Be sure to read and understand what each AI does before installing, and complaining.

Step 2: Extract the files (if they come in .ZIP .RAR .7z).

Step 3: Copy paste the folder into your TalonRO game folder.

  • If the parent folder after file extraction is AI, copy paste directly into TalonRO folder
  • If the parent folder after file extraction is USER_AI, copy paste into TalonRO/AI folder
Make sure that there's a Windows Prompt asking whether you want to Merge and Replace folder. If there is, that should mean that everything was properly done.

Step 4: Tweak your AI to your likings.

Some AI (such as MirAI) may come with a User Interface (UI) to further customize your Homunculus behavior.

Step 5: Activate the Ai with the command /hoai.

Make sure that the message Homunculus has been customized appears in your chat window.

Step 6: Change Map, teleport, relog or Rest/Call your Homunculus to make sure that the AI is properly activated!

Extra Guides

Homunculus Stats and Growth

Is my Homunculus any good?

Now comes the harder part for Homunculus enthusiast. How good in my Homunculus compared to the other's?

At each level, the stats that the Homunculus gain is totally random. It might be possible for you to get a few points in the wanted stats at the early level, and ended up getting none at all near the end, or the other way around. Everything depends on your real life luck.

However there are still a few ways to determine how your Homunculus scores compared to other people's Homunculus, thanks to the research and other players' experience. Before we start, you should know that on TalonRO, the max Hit Points (HP) and max Spell Points (SP) are customized to be twice (2x) as much of its usual value on Vanilla server (the game how it was meant to be played). So make sure to pay attention to this when entering them in Homunculus Calculators

Homunculus Calculator

Original Guide by Sachi.


Level 1 - 25+ : Ant Hell, Payon Dungeon

Level 25 - 40+ : Wolves, Metaling

Level 40 - 60+ : Orc Dungeon 1

Level 60 - 80+ : Orc Dungeon 2, Les Forest

Level 80+ : Glast Heim Prison, Glast Heim Churchyard, Rachel Sanctuary 1, Anubis

AFK Leveling

There are certain set penalties for AFK leveling to promote active leveling and prevent the player from leaving the game for an extended period of time while their homunculus does all of the work. Some of these penalties include:

  • Letting your homunculus kill monsters solo yields no Job Experience for you
  • Remaining idle for an extended period of time will reduce the amount of EXP gained, meaning you should move around every few minutes. The penalty is basically for every 5 minutes you are idle, the EXP you gain is cut in half. So if you remain completely still for 5 minutes, you will begin to gain 50% EXP until reset by re-positioning.
  • Letting your homunculus alone kill the monster of the week or monsters on the map of the week will not give you reward items drops / copper coins / bronze coins. You must assist them and deal more damage/the final blow.