Creator - Iela's Guide to Brewing

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/ǃ\ Work in progress /ǃ\

Stocking Up

Make sure you stock up before brewing. The Alchemist NPC is located at Pront (166, 230), or Payon (172, 176) and the Alchemist Book Shop NPC located near him. All ingredients needed for brewing can be bought from the Alchemist NPC with the exception of Immortal Heart. Having the right amount of ingredients before brewing saves you from the trouble of going back and forth from your brewing setup to the NPCs. Do remember that your Kafra Storage can only stack 30 000 copy of an item at a time

Recipe for a Twilight:

Ta1.pngTwilight Alchemy I

  • 200 White Herb
  • 200 Empty Potion Bottle    
  • 200 Medicine Bowl

Results in: 200 (maximum) White Potion 

Ta2.pngTwilight Alchemy II

  • 200 White Potion
  • 200 Empty Test Tube
  • 200 Witch Starsand
  • 200 Medicine Bowl

Results in: 200 (maximum) Condensed White Potion

Ta3.pngTwilight Alchemy III

  • 500 Stem
  • 500 Poison Spore
  • 100 Empty Test Tube
  • 50 Fabric
  • 50 Immortal Heart
  • 50 Alcohol
  • 200 Empty Bottle
  • 200 Medicine Bowl

Results in: 50 Acid Bottle, 50 Bottle Grenade, 100 Alcohol (maximum amount) 

For the complete list of brewing recipe, consult Ratemyserver. 

Brewing Party Composition

It's recommended to have your party setup near to a Kafra Employee and Doctor for obvious reasons. The brewing party usually consists off:

1. The Creator
2. Marionette Control Gypsy/Clown
Mc.png Marionette Control gives you free stats, and to be used only in conjunction with double gryphon headgears and the right stats 
3. A Priest/High Priest
Bl.png Blessing Level 10 (+10 Dex, +10 Int ) and Gl.png Gloria Level 5 (+30 Luk)  
4. Bragi Clown
Br.png Poem of Bragi reduce the after cast delay of Twilight Alchemy skills. For Pharmacy purpose, a bragi clown isn't needed.
Recommended Stats: High Int , High Dex 
5. Service Gypsy
Sv.png Service for You reduce the amount of SP used per cast of Twilight. In place of this, brewing close to the doctor with Premium Bundle (free full HP/SP heal) on the account is recommended.
Recommended Stats: High Int 
6. Gospel Paladin
Gp.png Gospel gives party member a random  buff for a duration of a time. These buffs can significantly increase your success rate. However it may take some time to get the right buff for brewing. Make sure you have the highest level of Gospel for best results. 
7. Soul Link Linker
Allink.png Alchemist Spirit is needed to activate the Twilight Alchemy skills. You'll need constant Soul Link to use the skills. Make sure you have the highest level Alchemist Spirit for best results.
8,9. Twilight Alchemy Requirement (Soul Linker, Super Novice, Taekwon)
Ta2.png Twilight Alchemy II will require the presence of a Soul Linker, and Super Novice to be able to be used, meanwhile it's a Taekwon (though the description say it's a Taekwon Boy the, gender doesn't matter) for Ta3.png Twilight Alchemy III. 

Depending on your success rate/personal experience/strategy, you are free to drop any of the member you judge unneccessary from the list to reduce the amount of clients needed. For reference, I personally open 2 clients for Pharmacy, and 6 clients for Twilight. 

Optimal Skills/Stats/Gears for the Creator

Before brewing it's highly recommended to optimize your build for the best success rate .

Recommended Skills

1st Job (Merchant) skills

Pc.png Pushcart Level 10 (your cart will be your best friend during brewing)

Ewl.png Enlarge Weight Limit Level 10 (helps with carrying and stacking lots of ingredients in your inventory)

Dc.png Discount Level 10 (reduce the cost of ingredients buyable from NPCs)

Other skills as you may see fit 

2nd Job (Creator) skills

Lpot.png Learning Potion Level 10 (increase your success rate)

Ph.png Pharmacy Level 10 (increase your success rate)

Hom.png Homunculus skills (to summon your homunculus) 

Recommended Stats (example for max base/job level Creator)

Non-Marionette Control Kaho Build

  • 99 base Dex
  • 99 base Luk
  • All other points in Int 

Marionette Control Valkyrie Build

  • 99 base Str
  • 50 total Dex (ungeared unbuffed)
  • 50 total Luk (ungeared unbuffed)
  • All other points in Int 

Recommended Gears


Top: Lord Kaho’s Horn

Mid: Gossip Raven

Low: Rose of Crimson / Paper Replica / Rainbow Scarf / Cold Breath

Armor: Luk+3/Dex+3 Enchanted [Baby Leopard]

Weapon: Excalibur

Shield: Any shield [Zealotus]

Garment: Any garment [Stem Worm], +9/10 [Chung E]

Shoes: Any shoes [Gargoyle]

Accessories: Celebration Ring 

Brewing stats1.png


Top: Valkyrie Helm [Gryphon]

Compared to Kaho ( 20 Int , 20 Dex thus 30’ish points), the Valkyrie Helm only gives 20 Luk. However the Gryphon card will allow you to gain an extra 18 Luk by tweaking the build with 99 Base Str

Mid: Int+1 [Gryphon]

Same carding as Valkyrie Helm the Gryphon card is vastly superior to any other Mid you can get as they’ll give you up to 18 Luk with 99 base Str

Low: Rose of Crimson / Paper Replica

1 Luk. Sadly there exist no low headgear with Dex.

Armor: Luk+3/Dex+3 Diablos Armor [Baby Leopard]

Diablos Armor gives 1 Dex. It’s best to get a Dex+3 enchanted version as it’s superior to Luk+3 if you intend to use your creator for cooking stats food. Note that 2 Luk = 1 Dex for cooking (which isn’t the case for brewing). Just be reminded that enchanted armors can’t be uncarded.

Weapon: Djinn [Drops, Drops, Injustice] Bonus: 20 Luk, 5 Dex, 5 Dex

Djinn is of course the best brewing weapon. It has 3 slots and the basic stats are really great. Coupled with the fact that there’s a few dedicated bonus for brewing, if you intend to be a serious brewer, you’ll really need to get one. For the cardings I’ll recommend Drops over Lunatic since Dex is more useful for general purpose, also if you intend to cook stats food with your creator. Injustice coupled with Zealotus shield provide extra boosts in stats (3 Luk).

Shield: Any shield [Zealotus]

2 Luk from Zealotus card. Also combos with Injustice carded weapon.

Garment: Beach Manteau [Stem Worm]

1 Int from Beach Manteau, and 5 Dex Stem Worm Card. Not much to be said.

Shoes: Bunny Slippers [Gargoyle]

3 Luk from Bunny Slippers and 5 Dex from Gargoyle. Not much to be said.

Accessories: Brisingamen [Sting]

The best accessories you can get for brewing. 14 Dex, 12 Luk, and 12 Int.

Pet: Taini (2 Dex); Poring, Little Poring, Hylozoist, Sedora, Siroma (2 Luk

Brewing stats2.png

Recommended External Buffs

  • Blessings (Level 10): +10 Dex +10 Int
  • Gloria (Level 5): +30 Luk
  • Gospel (Level 10): +20 all stats 

Recommended Stats Food

  • Budget Food: Green Salad  (5 Dex) ~15 - 25k, Mastela Fruit Wine (5 Int) ~15 - 25k
  • Moderate Food: Special Toast (8 Dex) ~ 200 k, Strawberry Flavored Rice Ball (8 Luk) ~100k+, Red Mushroom Wine (6 Int)
  • Luxury Food (not recommended): Hwergelmir’s Tonic (10 Dex) ~500k, Cooked Nine Tail (10 Luk) ~500k, Dragon Breath Cocktail (10 Int) ~500k 

All stats food last for 20 minutes. Which is approximately enough to brew 15 000 potions with Twilight Alchemy I, II (or half your kafra storage). 

Note: I only recommend using Moderate Food stuffs during Twilight Alchemy II (condensed white potion). No food is needed for Twilight Alchemy I (regular white potion) as you can get 100% rate even with the most basic gears.  

There are a few points I didn’t mention to boost success rate. I’ll happily add the tips after I quit ranking _(:3/L)_

Marionette Control

Why Marionette Control?

Marionette Control gives you "free" stats and will allow you to free up some stats points normally allocated to Dex and Luk to Str. Having points in Str in this build helps in 2 ways; 1 Increases your weight limit, 2 Bonus Luk from your Gryphon Headgears (up to 36 Luk with 99 Str and 2 Gryphons). Technically you'll "lose" some stats by using Marionette Control (20 Int from using a Kaho, your job levels bonus stats, ..) but it is by far superior.

How does it work?

Marionette Control allocates half of the Controller (Gypsy/Clown) base stats, to the Controlled (Creator). Meaning you'll be able to get up to 49 free points in one stat (with a 98 base points on the Controller). With one caveat, the total amount of stats for the Controlled (Creator) cannot exceed 99. The main stats that we will transfer are Dex Luk.

It is recommended to use a max leveled Gypsy/Clown for this purpose.

There’s also a build to use both Kaho and Marionette which I won’t detail in this guide.

How to use Marionette?

1st: Get the stats below on Creator

/I\ Important /!\ Make sure the Creator is unbuffed, ungeared, has no pets out.

  • Str: 99 base
  • Dex: 50 total
  • Luk: 50 total
  • Int: Put all remaining points in Int 

2nd: Get the stats below on Clown/Gypsy. It’s useless to gear them as only base stats gets transferred.

  • Dex: 98 base
  • Luk: 98 base
  • Int: Put all remaining points in Int 

3rd: Get the Clown/Gypsy in the brewing party if it’s not already done.

4th: Applying Marionette: For whatever reason, the Marionette target can't be targeted like how you normally buff a character. Instead, you need to click the character in the Party Window to be able to use the skill. Shift-clicking also works.

5th: Maintaining Marionette: Now Marionette Control is applied until either one of the characters involved walks out of the skill range, or logs off. The skill uses no SP and have no duration.

Brewing mc1.png

Brewing mc2.png

Brewing mc3.png


There’s not much to say about the whole process of brewing.

  1. Make sure your build/skill is correct and your kafra is stocked
  2. Set your army in their formation
  3. Make sure your Creator isn’t buffed (go to PvP hub and talk to the PvP NPC to debuff) or have food buffs (wait out on it)
  4. Marionette Control
  5. Equip your brewing gears
  6. Let your Homunculus and Pet out.
  7. Stock up your inventory and cart. With 99 base Str you can do 3 Twilight I and II, and 6 Twilight III in one sitting.
  8. Buff/Food up
  9. Start brewing
  10. Make sure to constantly buff your Creator
  11. Try to not fall asleep while brewing (happens quite a lot embarrassingly ._.”)  

Brewing Success Rate

Success rate = (Job level x 0.2) + [(Dex + Luk + Int/2) x 0.1] + (Learning Potion Level x 0.5) + (Pharmacy Level x 3) + (Homunculus Level x 0.025 * X) + Base Value

As you can see in the formula, there are several factors that influences the success rate of brewing.

Creator's Job Level: The creator's job level has an impact which can lead to up to 14% more success rate at max job level (job level 70). It is in your best interest to max your creator's job level (or use the creator with the highest job level if you have multiple) for brewing. Also remember that you'll also get bonus stats from job level which will help further improve your brewing success rate.

Creator's Stats: The creator's DEX, LUK, and INT has direct impact to the success rate, with INT being twice less important DEX and LUK. Your stats, gears matter and they are usually the only thing that will make your creator different than another.

Learning Potion + Pharmacy Skill Levels: Both of these skills should be max'd to give you the most success rate for brewing.

Homunculus: X = 1 if homun is unevolved, X = 2 if homun is evolved. Regardless of homunculus type. A max’d and evolved homunculus will give you 4.95% more success rate.

Base Value: A random value which adds up around +/- 5% of variation to the success rate for condensed white. Values for other potions can be found on Ratemyserver website.  

Point System

Successfully brewing Condensed Potions (Red, Yellow or White) in a row will gain you fame points. The points gained are as follows:

+1 fame point for successfully brewing 3 Condensed Potions in a row

+3 fame points for successfully brewing 5 Condensed Potions in a row

+10 fame points for successfully brewing 7 Condensed Potions in a row

+50 fame points for successfully brewing 10 Condensed Potions in a row

A perfect Twilight (200/200) can net the brewer a total of 1280 points. You'll be notified of the points gained in chat window. You can also use the command @charinfo to learn about your rank points if you have purchased Bonus Bundle. Using the command /alchemist in game will give you the list of top 20 brewers, and TalonRO Control Panel will allow you to consult the top 25 brewers.

On TalonRO, all fame points (Taekwon/Forgers/Brewers) are reduced by 5% weekly each Monday 00:00 (Server Time) as to provide a more competitive and active scene. I highly recommend brewing at the beginning of the week.

Condensed potions brewed by a top 10 brewer will have +50% bonus potency (direct use only) and +25% for brewers ranked between 11 and 20.

People always say, the easiest way to get ranked is to brew Condensed Yellow Potion. I personally find this to be false. Unless if you’re macroing (which is illegal), it’s a time consuming practice which will bring way too little benefit for the time you spent. To compare between brewing Condensed Yellow and Condensed White Potion (disregarding the fact that you need to make the Fat Potions first). 

  Yellow White
Amount Brewed in 20 mins 1 000 (Pharmacy) 15 000 (Twilight Alchemy)
Success Rate Percentage ~ 95% ~ 97%
Fame Points Gained in 20 mins ~ 4 700 ~ 84 000

All of the figures above are based on estimation and personal experience with my own current set of gears. It is evident that you can’t reach a higher rank by brewing Yellow Potion alone. Spending a little more to kick start your brewing empire will save you time and frustration. I personally brewed around 120 k ~ 150 k White Slims to get ranked (top 10).