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Introduction - What is Critical Hit?

Critical Hit is a normal attack hit that ignores the Def and Flee of the victim. However, it does not ignore Perfect Dodge.

Critical Hit Rate Calculation Actual chance of landing a Critical Hit is calculated using the formula below:

(Critical Hit Value - Target's Critical Shield) * [1 - (0.01 * Perfect Dodge)]

Critical Hit Value

Each playable character and monster starts with a base critical hit value of 1. Additional critical hit value can come from 2 sources:

  1. LUK stats - Each LUK gives 0.3 critical hit value
  2. Modifier from equipment and/or cards

Example: A Swordman with 30 LUK uses a weapon with two Soldier Skeleton cards.

Therefore, the critical hit value is calculated like this: Base value: 1

30 LUK: +9

2 cards: +18

Total: 28 Critical Hit Value

With a critical hit value of 28, this Swordman attacks a Hunter.

Critical Shield

The LUK value of the victim provides a chance to reduce the attacker's Critical Hit chance; every 5 LUK provides 1 Critical Shield.

The Hunter has a total of 90 LUK value.

Therefore, the critical shield value is calculated like this: 90 / 5 =18 Critical Shield

We can also assume that the Hunter has: Base Perfect Dodge: 1 90 LUK: +9 Total: 10 Perfect Dodge

Actual Critical Rate

Therefore, the actual critical hit rate is: (Critical Hit Value - ) * [1 - (0.01 * Perfect Dodge)] = (28 - 18) * [1 - (0.01 * 10)] = 9%


1. This means averagely the Swordman will land 9 Critical Hits out of 100 attacks made on the Hunter.

2. Non-critical hits may either be a normal hit or a missed hit.

Additional Info

For Katar users, the Critical Hit Value is multiplied by 2.

Substituting the Swordman class with an Assassin that uses Katar, the actual critical hit rate is:

(Critical Hit Value - ) * [1 - (0.01 * Perfect Dodge)] = (56 - 18) * [1 - (0.01 * 10)] = 34.2%

On average, the Assassin will land 34 Critical Hits out of 100 attacks made on the Hunter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Critical Rate and Critical Value? Critical Rate is the chance of landing a Critical Hit. Critical Value is a variable that affects Critical Rate.

I have more than 100 Critical Value (shown in Status Window), does that mean I have 100% chance to land a Critical Hit? No. Status Window only shows Critical Value, not Critical Rate. In addition, due to all playable characters having Perfect Dodge, the highest possible Critical Rate in PvP is 99%, further reduced by the target's Perfect Dodge. In PvM however, 100% Critical Rate is possible.

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