Crown Jewelry Quest

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This quest is the same for 5 different hats: Imperial Pride, Lady's Splendor, Gentleman's Hat, Valentine's Topper and Moogle Ball


  • 300k zeny just to start the quest.


Imperial Pride and Lady's Splendor

Gentleman's Hat and Valentine's Topper

Moogle Ball


1. Look for Shady Man (prontera 166,33), in the Northern part of Prontera, hidden in a shadow:


He'll start talking about being able to make a few replicas for you of some crowns and hats. Ask him "Sure, how much?" and he rips off you from 300k zeny. Then, he disappears with your money.

2. Look for the guy inside the Prontera Castle, walk portals 2 North from that position, and one East. You will be in a room with some stairs, the Shady Man (prt_castle 139,96) is in the southern part of it, next to the wall:


You confront him and threat him with a fist to the face. He tells you that he can look for the designs and make you the hats. To wait for a bit. Then, he gives you a list of the ingredients needed for the hat you select.


Imperial Pride

Imperial Pride: +3 LUK, +4 MDEF

Lady's Splendor

Lady's Splendor: +2 LUK, +1 INT, +3 MDEF

Gentleman's Hat

Gentleman's Hat: +2 INT

Valentine Topper

Valentine's Topper: +3% Max HP and SP

Moogle Ball

Moogle Ball: Enables level 2 of Increase AGI.