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Introduction - What is DPS?

DPS is the abbreviation for Damage Per Second.

As a role

It means a player uses normal attacks in combat to quickly defeat an enemy instead of manually casting spells. Common builds emphasize the usage of high attack speed and high damage.

Note: Though known commonly for physical attacks, magic user can also be considered as a DPS too with low casting delay.

As a definition

It shows how much damage a player can produce; or rather, how destructive a player is.

Increasing Damage Output Per Second

Methods to increase DPS are generally (but not limited to):

  • Usage of gears (cards, armor, weapon, etc)
  • Receiving buffs (Blessing, Increase Agi, etc)
  • Investing in status points (STR, AGI, etc)

In-Depth Examples

In order to show some emphasis, items listed below are of high-end build.

Physical Attacks - Choosing between ATK and ASPD

Popular choices of MVP cards among hand-to-hand combatants:

  • Turtle General card (+20% damage)
  • Doppelganger card (+25% attack speed)
  • Incantation Samurai card (+65 ATK)

Assuming: Weapon ATK + base ATK = 1000 ASPD = 150 (this means time delay between attack = 1 second; attack delay = 4 - ASPD/50) HIT = sufficient to achieve 100% hit rate on a specific chosen target

With that, we have base DPS of 1000.

Option 1. Adding a Turtle General card

Effect: Adds 20% damage to Normal / Boss / Guardian Result:

  1. Damage increased to 1200
  2. DPS = 1200 damage / 1 sec = 1200

Option 2. Adding a Doppelganger card

Effect: Adds 25% attack speed This means reducing attack delay by 25%. Result:

  1. Attack delay decreased from 1 second to 0.75 second. (ASPD value is adjusted accordingly.)
  2. DPS = 1000 damage / 0.75 sec = 1333

Note: This means if your nett ASPD value is 187.5 (1 attack every 0.25 second) or higher, it is better to use Turtle General card instead of Doppelganger card.

For more information on choosing between Incantation Samurai card and Turtle General card, [see this].



Having high attack speed is sometimes better than having high damage per hit. Damage output per second is what really counts.

Contributed by Yurneric.