Dark Randgris Helm Quest

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Items Required


You start the guest from Lighthalzen, where you need to talk with the Old Knight


He has a secret you want to know but he won't tell you it before you bring him some good food he misses. He would like to have some Fresh Fish and you need to find him some. When you have brought all the fish he wants, he would like to have some Seasoned Jellyfish made by Magrat and won't tell his secret to you before that. Magrat you can find from Moscovia.


When Magrat has made the jellyfish from the items you brought her, you need to take it to Old Knight. When he gets the Seasoned Jellyfish, he starts to miss Mastela Fruit wine made my Gytha and won't tell you his secret before he gets some wine. Gytha keeps her camp at the Midgard Camp.


When Gytha has made the wine, take it to Old Knight and he will tell you his secret. Old Knight tells you to go find Valkyrie Randgris' Ghost who you can find near Odin Temple. But you need to, in fact, find her near Thanatos Tower.

Coords for Ghost Randgris NPC: hu_1fild01 284, 251 (Two maps north of entrance to Magma Dungeon)


Valkyrie Randgris' Ghost tells you to bring her some items so she can make you the helm she promised to make to Old Knight. You will receive a Dark Randgris Helm when all the items needed are given to the Valkyrie Randgris' Ghost. Remember to go back and tell hi from everyone to Old Knight, after that you will receive the Yggdrasil Berry and both base and job exp.


  1. Thank you Sky for locating the npc's correct location
  2. Thanks to [Taidoho] for making this guide