Decorative Geographer Quest

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Items Required


1. Find the NPC Old Man (ein_fild09 297,44)



  • "What is Geographarium?"
  • "Do you need assistance?"

2. Go to find the Old Man wife --> Old Lady on the same map, location - (ein_fild09 177,60) to get the fertilizer.



  • "Do you have some fertilizer?"
  • "Okay, what do you need?"

She will ask you to find some ingredient to make the fertilizer.

Item consumed

  • 10 single cell
  • 15 worm peeling


3. When you finish collect the item, go back to the Old Lady and get the fertilizer.

4. Get back to the Old Man and give him the fertilizer.

5. Talk to him again,


- "Sure, why not!"

This time, he will ask you to bring his scissors from his wife again.

6. Go to the Old Lady to get the scissor, but her grandson Lucas took the scissor and ran off to the power plant.


  • "Calm down, what's wrong?"

7. Go to find her grandson behind the power plant (ein_fild09 256,197).



  • "Erm, are you Lucas?"

8. Lucas handed over the scissor and now go back to find the Old Lady.

9. Go to find the Power Plant manager (ein_fild09 234,216) and apologize for what Lucas had done.


10. Return to the Old Lady and tell her the bad news.

11. You decided to help them and went back to talk with the manager again. Answer:

  • "What other choice do I have?"

12. Talk to him again to accept first job request.

13. Go to find an engineer (ein_fild09 330,263)



  • "Yes, that's me!"

14. Next, go to find Support Manager (ein_fild09 270,323) and get the operation manual.


15. Return to the Engineer and solve his problem.

16. Go back to the Manager to accept second job.

17. Go to find the Pipeline Operator (ein_fild09 100,243).


He will ask you to gather some items to fix the pipeline.


Item consumed

  • 5 Used iron Plate
  • 20 Rusty Screw

18. After giving the Operator itmes, go back to find the manager again to accept third job.

19. Go to find the Staff Administration to solve her problem. She's also on the same map ein_fild09 306,249

This time, you require to hunt Ungoliant!!! And REMEMBER to get INSECT LEG

You dont need to kill it yourself btw, all you need is to present her an insect leg.

Ungoliant location

  • ein_dun01
  • ein_fild02
  • ein_fild07

20. Go back to the Staff Administration and show her the Insect Leg.

21. Go back to the Manager to report for completing the job.

22. Go to find the Old Lady and report the good news to her.


23. Go back to find the Old Lady and get the scissor.

24. Go to find the Old Man and give him the scissor.

25. Now, go back to the Old Lady again. She will ask you to bring her son back and tell her son that she is not angry anymore.

26. Go to find Lucas and tell him the good news. He decided to apologize to the manager by himself.

27. Go back to the Old Lady once more. She will ask you to collect some items:

Item consumed:

  • Maneater Blossom
  • Maneater Root

In order to make Decorative Geographer, the Old Lady requires the PERFECT Maneater Blossom and Maneater Root. She will tell you if you have found one. It may take you many tries before she decides yours are perfect enough. It isn't necessary to have 100 each, but it is helpful to ensure you get your hat.

It has a low probability of succeeding, so you may have to try again if it doesn't work out.