Dimensional Gorge Entrance Quest

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Base Level: 80

Item(s) Required:

  • 50x Glacial Heart
  • 30x Live Coal

Other Requirement(s): Being in a party of at least 2 characters to enter the dungeon


Items: 1x Continental Guard Certificate

Access to the Dimensional Gorge (moc_fild21)


1. In Morroc town, talk to Continental Guard Official (Morroc 176, 103), Let him know you want to volunteer and you'll be directed to his Chief nearby.


2. Go a bit to the west and talk to Chief Balrog (Morroc 159, 113) and tell him you're interested in joining the Continental Guard. He'll ask for 50 Glacial Hearts and 30 Live Coals for you to proove your determination.


3. After handing him the items he requested, you'll be awarded with a Continental Guard Certificate in your inventory. Congratulations, you may now access moc_fild21.


4. There are several ways to reach the NPCs needed to access Dimensional Gorge. The easiest one will be through the portal located at the east of Morroc town.


5. Entering the portal will you lead to moc_fild20, and you'll be greeted with a warning by the Continental Guards of the dangers. Talk to them again to enter Dimensional Gorge (moc_fild21). You'll need to be in a party of at least 2 characters to enter the map.