Endless Tower MVP Guide (Floor 80 and above)

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Alright, so ET in title is Endless Tower, one of the mid - end game teamplay. Endless Tower is located in Alberta (you need to talk to a captain to go at Misty Island. There you will find a tomb that can be activated to play inside Endless Tower. Endless Tower have 4 hour time limit and also 7 days cooldown on the character. The MvP is available every 5 floor (5, 10, 15, ... ). That is basically what is important.

We're just skipping to floor 80 and above since first floor till 80-ish is not a problem (not that hard at all).

Party setup

First, party setup:

1. Typical party setup

  • 1 Champion for tanking (Steel Body)
  • 1 Paladin for Devotion
  • 2 - 3 High Priest for Support (buff/ressing/Safety Wall/Pneuma/Sanctuary)
  • 3 - 4 Sniper for DPS
  • 1 Creator for resources, FCP and also DPS
  • 1 High Wizard for mob control/Quagmire/Monster Property/Support
  • 1 Clown for Poem of Bragi/Apple/AssassinCross of Sunset song

You can add more Sniper/HP

2. Small party

Usually highly geared people.

  • 1 Champion for tanking (Steel Body)
  • 1 Paladin for Devotion
  • 1 High Priest for Support (buff/ressing/Safety Wall/Pneuma/Sanctuary)
  • 1 High Wizard for mob control/Quagmire/Monster Property/Support
  • 1 Sniper for DPS
  • 1 Creator for resources, FCP and also DPS
  • 1 Clown for Poem of Bragi/Apple/AssassinCross of Sunset song

Usually this people are dualing.

Starting from Floor 80.

At Floor 80 in Endless Tower you will meet the MvP, Fallen Bishop Hibram


Fallen Bishop Hibram's list of skill

Tips :

  • Armor that need to be wear is any Bathory carded armor.
  • Sniper will use Sniping Suit [Gloom].
  • Shied to use is Alice carded.
  • Arrow that will be used is Silver/Holy arrow.
  • Creator can AD him if you want but it won't deal good damage (FBH have low Vit) - not recommended.

Strategy :

  • Champion will lure and tank with Palladin devoting him.
  • Wait for the Hp/Hw to spam Safety Wall at the FBH so he won't spam Pneuma when any ranged DPS - Sniper/Creator attack him.
  • You don't need to lure him to corner at all, just tank wherever you comfort with.
  • Party should be covered with Pneuma and the party should be in 3x3 area of Pneuma so HPs don't need to spam the pneuma everywhere.
  • HW can help by Quagmire/Monster Property the MVP.

Floor 85

Here comes Ifrit.


Ifrit's list of skill.

Tips :

  • Armor to use is Fire Armor (Pasana/Fire Armor with RSX).
  • Sniper will use Fire Armor [Ktullanux].
  • Shield to use is GTB, you can swap to another shield to spam GJs after Ifrit spam EarthQuake - approximately 20 seconds. (from here)
  • Optional : Champion can use Giearth Mid. Or Green Potion to cure Confusion.
  • Arrow to be use is Crystal Arrow.
  • Creator can help by AD-ing the Ifrit.

Strategy :

  • As usual, FCP Champion - Ifrit have Full Strip skill.
  • Then let the Champion lure with Paladin devoing him.
  • Usually Champion will use Fire Armor with RSX, so you don't need to wait for it to be lured to corner.
  • When Champion meet Ifrit, just lure him close enough to you and stop moving/attacking him as he will spam Land Protector.If you got it right, Ifrit will not spam LP until he died so HP/HW can help in spamming SW for the tanker.
  • Make sure that Ifrit is facing the tanker, and all the other party members should move behind Ifrit (facing towards Ifrit sexy ass).
  • For the party. It's just the same. You need to SW the tanker, and Pneuma your party.
  • Make sure that your party member always stack in 3x3 cell area of Pneuma.
  • Sniper will die (usually) everytime Ifrit cast EQ, so HPs should be ready to Resurrect Sniper after every Earthquake (every 20 seconds).
  • HW can help by Quagmire/Monster Property the MVP.

Floor 90

Valkyrie Randgris.


Valkyrie Randgris's list of skill.

Tips :

  • Armor for Champ is Angeling carded armor.
  • Sniper with Sniping Suit [Gloom].
  • The rest is fine with any.
  • Shield to be use is GTB for the rest of party members.
  • Optional for Champ: Fire Armor [RSX] + Shield [GTB] (doable but will hurt alot).
  • Arrow to be use is Shadow Arrow.
  • Creator can AD her.

Strategy :

  • FCP Champion/Tanker (some are using Paladin to tank) - Valkyrie Randgris' slaves have Break Armor skill.
  • Champion will lure VR to nearby wall (wall tanking since Champion shouldn't wear RSX), or anywhere if the Champion insist to use Strong Shield [GTB].
  • When Champion is coming, Palladin should quickly Devo him.
  • Wait until it is properly tanked then start hitting her.
  • Always keep in mind that Pneuma is 10 sec, so spam it every 9 - 10 sec duration at the party.
  • HP/HW can help the tanker by keep on SWing for tanker, VR shouldn't spam LP so it's okay for you to keep spamming SW.
  • HW can help by Quagmire/Monster Property the MVP.

Floor 95

The almightyBeelzebub.


Beelzebub's list of skill.

Tips :

  • Armor to use is Bathory carded armor.
  • Sniping Suit [Gloom/Bathory] for Snipers.
  • Shield to use is Alice and also Medusa (for HPs)
  • Optional : Champion can use Nightmare Mid.
  • Arrow to be used is Immaterial.
  • You can't AD Beelzebub because he is ghost.


  • FCP Champion - Beelzebub have Break Shield skill.
  • Champion need to lure it to corner (wall tanking), and the party should go behind the Beelzebub.
  • HPs need to spam Pneuma on party.
  • On the first form (Chonchon form). HPs need to keep on spamming Recovery to cure the status ailment (sleep) of party members.
  • He will change to second form after the HP reached half, you can see when he slowly casting.
  • When he is casting, all DPS should stop attacking him because he will change target if you hit him when he is changing to second form.
  • On the second form, Beelzebub will cast Land Protector, so HW can help in Ganbantein, Quagmire, spamming SW for tank and Monster Property.

Floor 100



Entweihen Crothen's list of skill.

  • Easier than the rest of 85+ Mvp, Pneuma dance tanking
  • Armor to be used is RSX.
  • Sniping Suit [Gloom] for Sniper.
  • Shield to use is GTB for the rest.
  • Arrow to be use is Silver/Holy.
  • Creator can AD it.

Strategy :

  • You don't need to FCP Champion/Tanker.
  • Champion will move first to get the aggro (you don't need to SB) , with Paladin devoing him.
  • Champion should slowly moving towards the mid area with Pneuma (to the second thorn from right).
  • High Priest should get the party Pneuma-ed and it should be okay.
  • Sniper can Sharpshoot the second thorn and it should be able to hit Crothen (with correct angle) - Sharpshooting range is 14 cell.
  • Keep the thorn Pneuma-ed so Sniper won't accidentally kill it.

Example of picture attacking :


Floor 100/101

Naght Sieger


Naght Sieger's list of skill.

Tips :

  • Final Floor with imba damage Mvp (30k ish damage fully geared Champ without SB )
  • Armor to be used for tanker is RSX.
  • Sniper can wear Sniping Suit [Gloom] - for more damage or Sniping Suit [Marc].
  • The rest is Marc as it will keep freezing you.
  • Shield to use is GTB.
  • Arrow to be used is Immaterial.
  • Creator can't AD Naght because he is Ghost.

Strategy :

  • Clear up the first 3 waves of mob, you may leave one Khalitzburg on the final wave if the party is not ready.
  • FCP Champion, Naght Seiger have Break Shield skill.
  • Get on your cell, stack, Pneuma party, and prepare SW for Champion. Champion will lure it to your SW.
  • Paladin don't need to follow the Champion when he is luring Naght (his damage only around 2k with SB), so Paladin just stack with the other party member.
  • Devo Champion when he arrived at HP/HW SW.
  • The important part for this MVP is to not miss Pneuma (miss Pneuma and all the party member except Champion and Palladin will die lol).
  • Don't keep on missing SW (Champ will kill Devo Palladin quickly as Palladin can't keep up with HP recovery).
  • HW should Quagmire and keep on SWing Champion.
  • HPs should divide their job (1 for Pneuma, 1 for Recovery for the Sniper that get freeze).

(Work in progress) credit to : lela , Tio, azurhialine,