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Biolabs Entrance Quest
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This is a series of quests that will give the player access to the Fourth Level of Biolabs. As of this guide's writing, the Entrance Quest is character bound.

It is recommended that you use your most geared character to finish the quests as you are tasked to proceed to areas of high level monsters. Doing this with a party of friends is also recommended, as you will most likely need one should you plan to hunt, level, or simply hang around the dungeon.

It is also recommended that you read into each quest dialogue, as the stories are entertaining and is certainly a good read for players who wish to experience such form of gameplay.

Required Items


  • Base Experience (per level range)
    Level 1-41 = 3,075
    Level 41-50 = 15,375
    Level 51-60 = 33,020
    Level 61-70 = 92,540
    Level 71-80 = 160,310
    Level 81-90 = 380,130
    Level 91-99 = 1,453,375


1. Inside the Einbroch Factory (the factory is located at the center bottom of the city Einbroch 179, 70);

Factory (2).jpg

there is a friendly factory supervisor, Zelmeto (ein_in01: 67, 242).

Factory (3).jpg

He'll talks about the hardship and under staffing in the factory. After deciding to help him, he suggests inspecting parts of the factory.

2. He speaks of the parts that need examining. Check each one then return to him before checking the next.

2nd Control Panel: Inside Einbroch (ein_in01): 48, 231

Factory (5).jpg

3rd Pressure Governor: Inside Einbroch (ein_in01): 107, 216

Factory (6).jpg

Main Control Panel: Inside Einbroch (ein_in01): 61, 257

Factory (7).jpg

Conveyor (Small): Inside Einbroch (ein_in01): 45, 196

Factory (8).jpg

Pipe: Inside Einbroch (ein_in01): 100, 265 (to the left of these coordinates)

Factory (9).jpg

'Conveyor (Large): Inside Einbroch (ein_in01): 95, 234

Factory (10).jpg

3. Zelmeto will ask you to talk to the manager and request that the parts be fixed. Head out the back entrance to the factory to find the big fat ugly Liotzburg (einbroch: 132, 84).

Factory (11).jpg

He is the factory manager, and reveals he is too stingy to use his money for the factory.

4. Go inside and find Zelmeto again. Zelmeto can fix the broken parts if he has 20 Flexible Tube, 10 Rusty Screw and 10 Used Iron Plate.

Factory (12).jpg

5. Give him the materials. After he fixes the part, he thanks the player and rewards them with some experience.

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