Farming Spots - Izlude Dungeon or Bibilan

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Bibilan, Byalan, Bibalan... probably the dungeon that has had the most of different names for it.

Traditionally, this has been a leveling and farming spot for swordies since the beginning of the game. People went there and bashed the hell out of the monsters.

More than showing you how to farm there, this guide will show you that the seas got plenty of good things, moreover if you're a low-mid level character.

How to get there

One of the best things is that there is no quest needed. Here on TalonRO, you just need to go to the Warp Girl and choose Dungeons>Bibilan Dungeon.

The place

This dungeon is made up of 5 maps. The first one is pretty good for new 1st class players, while the latter ones are better for mid leveled ones. All of these maps are connected sequentially, meaning that to reach level 4, you need to get to levels 1 through 3.

Izlude Dungeon 00:


Izlude Dungeon 01:


Izlude Dungeon 02:


Izlude Dungeon 03:


Izlude Dungeon 04:


It seems there is another level, but here is not implemented yet.

You start in the center of level 00 and go all the way around to the rest. You can teleport here.

Monsters found there

Now well talk a bit about what will you find here: most of the monsters here (except mushrooms), are Water Property. This means that you want to bring here Wind Property attacks, such as Lightning Bolt, Jupitel Thunder or Wind Elemental Weapons. Water and Fire are a no-no here.

We'll pass up mushrooms and such, as most times, people ignore them:



You will hate these. Kukres are easy to kill, but they will loot what you drop, that's why. You shouldn't have trouble with them, even as new player (they are like Poporings, I'd say). They don't usually drop interesting things, except their card and Earthworm the Dude, needed for Baby Chick Hat Quest.



Hydras may be a bit dangerous for low level casters, but they are pretty easy to kill too, with a good placed Jupitel Thunder or Bash you should get them. What do you want from them? Of course, Hydra Card. 10 Talon Coins at Reward Guru, SQI Ingredient, and it usually reaches a decent market price (do a //!whosell Hydra Card// if you get one). Don't pass up the chance of giving them a few shocks, you might get lucky.



Marinas are a bit of pain for low level characters, as they got 2000+ HP, so you might need a few attacks on them, or kiting (cast the spell, move back, cast again...) to kill them. Still, they aren't bad monsters to kill, as they cough up some decent exp (the best of Izlude Dungeon 00), and their card is pretty nice to have on a weapon (there are better cards there, but Freezing an enemy when attacking isn't bad if, for example, you're also using Wind Element with it - like Endowing).



Planktons are the weakest monsters of this dungeon (except mushrooms, lol). You should be able to kill them easily. You want the Plankton Card from them, as is SQI Ingredient.



Vadons are the stars of the lower levels of this dungeon. Low-mid level swordies should be farming these, as they drop Padded Armor (slotted) and Vadon Card. The card is pretty valuable to slap on a weapon for places like Thor's Volcano (there are Double Vadon Double Peco Peco Egg carded bows/weapons out there, for example). Check their price before selling them if you get one (though I'd save them for later, you may end up as a Sniper at Thor's).



The Cornutus is a pain in the ass to kill, but drops some decent stuff too. Has a high DEF (compared to the rest of the monsters here), uses Auto-Guard and when its diying, casts Keeping (it stops attacking, but gets high DEF, making it difficult to kill in the last stages). The best drops from this monster are the Shield (slotted), good to gear your Swordman classes when you're new to the server.



Starting from level 02, mobs start to change. Marse is one of them. To be honest, I never bothered too much with them, as apart from the Necklace of Wisdom, that is SQI Ingredient, you have nothing much to get, except maybe a hat.



Merman is one of the hardest monsters you'll find starting from level 3. Has almost 15,000 HP, hits pretty hard and pretty fast, it will probably kill low level characters, and mid level ones will have to heal frequently when fighting them. Interesting stuff from this guy? Merman Card is nice to make the Archer Card Set Combo.



The Obeaune is one of the denizens of level 02 too. The monster isn't too strong, but a group of 2 or 3 may be a problem to a mid level character. Usually, a few bashes should take care of them. Be careful, they love to cast Lex Divina. The card isn't bad as well. They are the only source of Necklaces (slotted)and Oridecon Jewel Cutter in the server. You may also want to get a Saints Robe (slotted) and Fin Helm from them.



Marcs are one of the dwellers at level 03. They are the most looked up monster there because of their card, that makes you immune to freeze. Check out the price at market before selling it. The monster itself isn't too difficult, but they are in a place that they usually come in groups, aided by other monsters.

Marine Sphere


Marine Spheres don't move, but they explode if you take your time to kill them. They are easy kill. What to get from them? Well, the Marine Sphere Card is SQI Ingredient, and you got a Transparent Head Protector for your pet.



The Phen was always a sought out monster in Izlude Dungeon because of their card, that makes casting uninterruptable. They are easy, and non-aggressive, so you can kill them at your pace. Also look out for Fish Tails, they are an ingredient for a few quests.



Swordfish is one of the 2 monsters you will mob at Izlude 03 (with Marc above). It's aggresive, and even though it's easy to kill, the thing casts Waterball that can hurt you a bit. The Swordfish Card and Katana (4 slots) are the good items it can drop.



The Deviace is one of the exclusive monsters of Izlude Dungeon 04. It's slow as hell, but can hit pretty hard if you're not careful. Drops Katar of Frozen Icicle and is a great experience source too.



The Strouf is the other exclusive monster here. It casts Frost Diver and Lightning Bolt, so be careful with it. Apart from that, it's the weakest monster in that level, so suit yourself. The card is pretty useful, moreover when you combine it with others, such as Santa Poring Cards.

Drops to look for

Now the interesting part. Apart from getting exp, there are a few things to look for here.


So, to sum up, which cards is people looking for and why?

  • Kukre Card: +2 AGI, accesory. Ok, this isn't a final card, but if you get one and don't have better stuff to get AGI/ASPD/Flee from, it's a good option to slap it somewhere.
  • Hydra Card: 20% damage vs. Demihumans, weapon, SQI Ingredient. Don't leave a Hydra alive, enough said.
  • Plankton Card: SQI ingredient.
  • Vadon Card: 20% damage vs. Fire Property, weapon. Great card for Thor's Volcano and Magma dungeon.
  • Merman Card: it's part of the archer combo, check the card for the list of them.
  • Marc Card: Immune to Freeze, armour. It's one of those cards that people want for PvP/WoE, plus it's very useful for PvM too. People go to Izlude Dungeon 03 to farm these, mainly.
  • Marine Sphere Card: Enables use of Level 3 Magnum Break and SQI Ingredient.
  • Phen Card: uninterruptable cast but 25% extra cast time, accesory. Some classes need uninterruptable casting as they can't reach 150 DEX nor 100% cast time reduction. Devotion Paladins are an example of this.
  • Swordfish Card: makes you Water Property 1, armor. Nice stuff to wear in some maps or vs. some MvPs and players. Waterballs hurt, you know.
  • Strouf Card: 20% damage on Demons, weapon.

These are the cards you should watch for, though the most looked for ones are the Marcs, I'd say. Izlude Dungeon 03 is the most visited map of this dungeon, I'd say.


Well, there are a few things to look for, though the map isn't too rich on decent gears:

  • Padded Armor (slotted): 0.15% drop from Vadons. Nice armour for low level swordies that need to slap a card (try not to slap the real good ones on these, unless you refining and using the Armor Charm combo). Many swordies can tell you their tale of how this was the first armor after the NPC ones or the cotton shirts, lol.
  • Shield (slotted): 0.15% drop from Cornutus. Same as Padded Armor[1], this is one of the pieces of gear that swordies/low level crusaders look for, usually to slap their first Thara Frog Card on them (not enough money to get a proper shield, lol).
  • Fin Helm: 0.03% from Obeaune. Not something that you will be looking for, but it's a good headgear for swordies too, thanks to the DEF it provides and that is also present on a good leveling area for that class.
  • Saint's Robe (slotted): 0.3% from Obeaune too. Good armor, provides DEF and MDEF, but the only drawback is that is Acolyte and Merchant class specific gear.
  • Necklace (slotted): 0.21% drop from Obeaunes (they sure drop stuff). +1 VIT, slotted accesory and SQI Ingredient.
  • Katana (4 slotted): 0.75% drop from Swordfish. Good thing to upgrade it to +10 and slap four racial/property/size cards on it.
  • Katar of Frozen Icicle: 0.09% drop from Deviace. This is the only way of getting one that doesn't involve killing a MVP or doing a quest to access the dungeon. Of course, there are few Deviaces and they are a pain to kill at mid levels.

Of course, there are other things to look for, but these could be the most interesting for you.

Misc Items

Here goes the rest of the stuff. There are quite a few ingredients for quests and such here:

  • Crystal Blue and Mystic Frozen: there are a lot of monsters that drop these in the dungeon, so get them, they are good to make elemental weapons, arrows and different quests.
  • Earthworm the Dude: if you're looking to make a Baby Chick Hat, you will be farming Kukres, it's a 1.98% drop from them.
  • Necklace of Wisdom: 0.15% drop from Marse, SQI Ingredient.
  • Fin and Gill: they are also farmed from a few monsters here, such as Obeaunes or Marcs. Check them if they are SQI Upgrades Ingredients, it's not that strange to find them oout as such.
  • Fish Tail: 100% drop from Phen and an ingredient that is used for a variety of quests (apart from the possibility of being a SQI Upgrades Ingredient), such as:
Pirate Dagger Quest
Sashimi Knife Quest (and part of Vacation Hat Quest too, to get Raw Fish)
Fish Head Hat Quest

This is for stuff to look for. As you see, either Izlude Dungeon 02 or Izlude Dungeon 03 are pretty decent places to farm, as there are a variety of stuff to get there.

What to bring there

There is nothing much to say in this part, as this was intended to be a leveling dungeon for low-mid level characters. Of course, Wind Property weapons, arrows and magic (such as Lightning Bolt and Jupitel Thunder) are a must to get, though Soul Strike is good to get if the monsters get too close and you need to cast something fast (assuming you don't have Instantaneous Cast yet).

Maps 00 and 01 are best for low level characters. The only aggresive mob there is Hydra, that you can kill reasonably fast (be careful if you're a caster, don't get too close to them).

Vadons are good for swordies, while Marinas are a good option for magicians, as they are slow as hell and give decent exp.

Once you kill Vadons with some ease, you can aim for Cornutus, and Obeaunes too, if you're careful. Bash them to death, or Bowling Bash them, if you have the skill. Casters may have a hard time with Obeaunes, as they are fast and aggressive. Be careful with their Silence attack.

Marcs, Swordfish and such shouldn't be too hard to kill, but be careful being mobbed. Better if you already have Bowling Bash to get these.

Merman are to be taken with care, you will spend a lot of resources to kill one (like spamming meats). Stroufs are a bit more delicate, so you might go after them, but be careful with their magic, it may hurt you. Best thing is to engage these when you have some decent gears (no, they don't need to be MVP level stuff, but be properly geared).