Farming Spots - Juperos Core

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This guide will introduce you to one of the hard farming spots in Ragnarok Online: Juperos Core level.

Juperos Core is a good place to farm, there are a lot of useful materials there (Oridecon, Elunium and Steel), plus it's where you get Transparent Plates to make your Slotted Mid Headgears There are other interesting things to farm there too, many of them are Super Quest Item Upgrade Ingredients.

The place is a difficult one, it has strong enemies, ranged ones, others will mob you, they belong to four elemental properties and they hit with four elemental property attacks too. Dimiks are your main targets, while Venatus are the ones that will bother you and Archdams hit pretty hard. Venatus and Dimiks got high DEF too, so your physical damage will be reduced a lot unless you take measures.

How to get there

You get there through Juperos map 2. Here is the quest you have to do each time you enter:

Juperos Core Entrance Quest

Yeah, you need to do this quest every time you want to get inside, so you need to make your time count there. Bring plenty of supplies, don't worry if you're overweight, you will spend some while getting there. A few reminders:

  • There are no stats for Gate Switches, but they are a bit of pain to kill. So far, I have had to bring Fire Property armour to reduce the damage I get from its continuous Fire Bolts (or whatever that ranged skill is).
  • Don't forget to bring one of each of the Crest Pieces, Venatus drop it.

Blue Crest Piece. Green Crest Piece. Orange Crest Piece. Red Crest Piece.

  • There is a chance of failure. Even if it says 20 minutes, it seems that if you take too long in the elevator part, you also fail the quest.

The Place

Jupe core.gif

Well, as you see is a single map with the shape of a wheel. You enter from the North and well, walk around killing stuff and that. There is nothing much to say except that don't expect to find "safe spots", the place is mobby and it's pretty open.

Monsters found there

Now, let's talk about the juicy stuff. There are three kind of monsters, not counting the MVP. 2 of those got actually multiple versions. They are pretty similar in behaviour (but not in stats), so they will be spoken in the same entry.



These guys are a pain in the ass, they aren't too strong, but they will mob you while you're busy trying to take care of the Dimiks. They can inflict Status ailments, so make sure to get ready for that (usually putting enough VIT). This dungeon has 3 of the Venatus:

Wind Venatus and Earth Venatus got elemental property attacks, plus they being of the corresponding property. The attack hurts. DEF is 30, but they are pretty killable as they have around 9,000 HP.



The Archdam is like the odd guy. He's Demihuman, Neutral and has no elemental versions. The guy is fairly strong, but thanks to not having all the DEF the Dimiks or Venatus boast, you can deal a lot of damage to it with normal hits, so it will go down pretty fast. Give it priority, as it has a high ATK value with a fast ASPD, and you don't want to let it deal too much damage to you.



Here comes the star of the show. These guys come in 4 versions and you'll find all of them here. They are Ranged, meaning that they will attack you without moving an inch, making mobbing them a pain. On the other hand, they boast the highest DEF there: 45, except the Earth Dimik, that has 68. Enough to make you think about how to pierce all that DEF.

Here are the stats:

Now, each Dimik has it's own issues:

  • Wind Dimiks are fairly easy to kill and they don't do too much damage.
  • Water Dimiks got the highest HP pool, 29,000. They also got pretty high damage while having the highest Hit stat, needing 314 Flee for a 95% Dodge chances.
  • Earth Dimiks got 68 DEF and high VIT (can be juicy targets for Ice Pick and Investigate).
  • Fire Dimiks got the highest ATK, with 2,800 damage max.

Apart from that, each Dimik has these skills:

  • Multi-Stage Attack: it's an attack that makes skill level +1 hits. Default level is 4, except Water Dimik that has 6.
  • Elemental Attribute Attack: as mentioned, it attacks in the specific element. All of the Dimiks got it at level 3, meaning that they do 300% of the normal damage. The link provided is for Fire Attribute Attack, but it works the same for all.
  • Dark Breath: this is a Water Dimik exclusive skill at level 4. It will take away 40% of your HP, ignoring Flee and DEF. Kill these guys fast.
  • Random Attack: to make things more fun, Earth Dimiks can use a variant of Elemental Attribute Attack. It's at level 2, meaning that the damage is 200%, but it attacks in a random element.

As you can see, Water Dimiks should be your main priority to kill. They are tough and hit pretty hard, and with Dark Breath they can lower your HP VERY fast, be wary of them and take them down fast. Fire Dimiks should be your next target, as they got high ATK. Between the other two, taking down Wind Dimiks first would be advisable, as they are easier to kill than Earth Dimiks.



The Big Papa, Vesper is the big boss here. For the purpose of this guide, just Teleport away if you see it around.

Drops to look for

Now comes the part we are all looking for. What do I want from this place? This is a list of the most looked for drops.

  • Rusty Screw: 100% drop from Archdam, 60% drop from Venatu. They are [[SQI Upgrades Ingredient List|SQI Upgrade Ingredients] and can be usually be sold to other players. They are also needed in [[Moscovia Dungeon Entrance Quest], so some players might want to buy a few instead of farming them.
  • Steel: 15% drop from Archdam, 9% drop from Venatu and Dimik. Forgers need them to make their stuff, plus they can also be used in slot enchanting and quite a few quests. Keep or sell to other players.
  • Elunium: 6% drop from Archdam, 0.3% drop from Venatu. There is always demand for Eluniums, as people like to overupgrade their armours. Keep or sell them to other players.
  • Oridecon: 6% drop from Archdam, 0.3% drop from Dimik. As with Eluniums, people like their Oridecons. Keep or sell, it's the same with this kind of stuff.
  • Professional Cooking Kit: 3% drop from Venatu. Juperos dungeon is the best place to look for these (these are better found in level 1). Keep or sell them.
  • Royal Cooking Kit: 1.5% drop from Dimik. The best version apart from MVP drops. Keep or sell them.
  • Transparent Plate: this one comes in 4 colours, and you need 2 of each for the [[Slotted Mid Headgears|Slotted Mid Headgears Quest]. Links and comments provided below:
Green Transparent Plate: 2.49% drop from Wind Dimik. Keep or sell them.
Blue Transparent Plate: 2.49% drop from Fire Dimik. Keep or sell them.
Orange Transparent Plate: 2.49% drop from Earth Dimik. Keep or sell them.
Red Transparent Plate: 2.49% drop from Water Dimik. Keep or sell them.
  • Armor Charm: 0.3% drop from Earth Dimik and Fire Dimik. 0.3% drop from Earth Venatu. They are ingredients for [[Kaho Headgear Quest]. Sell to other players unless you're thinking on doing the quest.
  • Fragment: 9% drop from Dimik. 9% drop from Venatu. They fetch a good price at NPC, but you can also sell them to other players as they are Scouter [[Super Quest Items - List|Super Quest Item Ingredients].
  • Dimik Card: 0.03% drop from Dimik. Ever heard of a way to make yourself immune to [[Creator - Acid Demonstration Calculator|Acid Demonstration skill from Creators]? This card is the way. Don't expect it to fetch a high price, as the [[Reward System|Reward Guru] price is 1 Talon Coin.
  • Venatu Card: 0.03% drop from Venatu. You get LUK for every 18 base AGI points. Not bad for Critical ASPD classes, but don't expect too much from it.

As you see, there are a lot of things to get from this map. It's hard to estimate how much you make here, as it's dependant on market and can vary a lot.

Note: do you see those sell links in the list? They are links to the Selling Shops database. If nothing is shown it means that nobody is selling the item. They are provided to give you a feeling of what's the market price for that item right now.

Note 2: about Red Transparent Plate and Blue Transparent Plate. It looks as if the drops were switched (Blue Dimiks dropping Red Transparent Plates and vice versa). So far, this isn't a mistake, all the databases also consider them that way and it might be a mistake coming from Gravity part, rather than from the databases themselves.