Farming Spots - Rachel Sanctuary

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Rachel Sanctuary is one of the prerequisites for being able to do the Nameless Island Entrance Quest, gaining access to the dungeon in the process, but is also a pretty decent farming for mid-high level geared characters.

The place is quite creepy, to be honest. You see a lot of fanatic knife holding guys closing on you while they make strange sounds. But as said, is a pretty good place.

This guide will cover only the 1st level of the dungeon for now, as the intention is to give people pointers about where to farm. Feel free to add info about the other levels (pretty similar to the first one, but way more difficult).

How to get there

You need to do a quest: Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest

That is account bound. Remember that you have to finish the quest and enter the dungeon at least once to activate it for the rest of the characters in that account.

The Place

The place has 5 maps on it.

Rachel Sanctuary 01:


Rachel Sanctuary 02:


Rachel Sanctuary 03:


Rachel Sanctuary 04:


Rachel Sanctuary 05:


Map 1 connects to the 4th one. 2, 3 and 4 are connected to all of them. When you access 5th map, you will appear on the Eastern part of it, and the only exit is south of it, to the Rachel Temple (and out of the dungeon).

As mentioned before, the guide will focus on the 1st map for now, though the 2nd one is pretty similar, so it's applicable, and the 3rd one is a good spot to hunt for Hodremlins.

Monsters found there

All the maps have roughly similar monsters:

Things that fly, are Formless and Wind; things that crawl on 4 legs, Demon and Shadow. The fanatics are Demihuman and Neutral. But well, let's analyze each one.



Vanberks will be one of your main targets there, at least in the level 1. They crawl around walking and mobbing on you. They are pretty slow, though faster than Zombie Prisoners in Glast Heim Prison. They stab you (and they are pretty fast at it), and they cast Holy Cross, Lex Aeterna and Sonic Blow as they see fit. They are Demihuman and Neutral, so forget about elemental stuff. Mob them, cast AoE, get the stuff, keep on going.



Isilla is the wife of Vanberk, lol. This girl has the same intentions as him: making a new pair of shoes with your skin. The modus operandi is the same, though they cast unsavory stuff as Thunderstorm and Lex Divina, getting you silenced. They are also Demihuman and Neutral, and should be taken care using the same means as Vanberks. If you're looking for them, the 2nd map is the spot for you.


1633 02.gif

Beholders only need to have a ton of eyes over their heads to... oh well, let's go to the point. These are a pain, and the loots aren't that good. Sure, you get Rough Winds, but the monster doesn't deserve the attention needed. Dispel and Spirit Destruction (SP reduction) will make your life miserable, so just avoid these guys, as they aren't aggressive. If you want to kill them for unknown reasons, they are Formless and Wind property.



Seekers are the big bros of the previous monster. They work in a similar way, but they add Jupitel Thunder and Petrify Attack to the mix. They are aggressive, so keep that in mind if you're thinking on going to the maps 3, 4 and 5.


1632 02.gif

The Gremlin is one of the two doggies here. To be honest, it isn't aggressive and the loots aren't that good to get, unless you're looking for the Will of the Darkness, as the drop from these is 90%. Demon race and Shadow property, be careful of their Strip Armor attack.



The Hodremlin is the big dog of the Rachel family. It's aggresive, so it will attack you as soon as he sees you. Be careful of the Sonic Blow, as it may kill you or cripple you in one shot. It also has Strip Armor. Demon race and Shadow property, so you know what to do.

Drops to look for

Vanberks and Isillas will be your main targets, with Hodremlin as secondary ones thanks to their card:

  • Royal Jelly: cures abnormal status, heals, used on a variety of quests. Keep them, though don't expect to find too many. 3500 z at NPC without OC.
  • Vanberk Card: it's one of the big prizes here. Lot of classes use it to get the critical bonus on a chance with, for example, a Baphomet Card.
  • Beret: a nice thing to get. Makes you look cool too. You need it to make the Feather Beret, and that's a frequent headgear at Vanilla WoE and PVP.
  • Bloody Runes and White Masks fetch a decent price at NPC, so get them. They are like 1000 zeny the runes and 500 zeny the masks. Also used on a few quests and sometimes they are SQI bonus ingredients.
  • Mes: a dagger for trans classes. You get the highest damage output with it, so it's pretty common to see 2 Doppelganger Cards and 1 Turtle General Cards on a +7 Mes.
  • High Quality Sandals: caster classes at Vanilla like them, as they increase +10 the MDEF.
  • Ring (unslotted): the big prize here, I'd say, apart from the Hodremlin Card. You need 10 to make Megingjard, so they are in a pretty high demand. Expect prices close to their Talon Coin value.
  • Gold Ring: good to sell to NPC, but you will hate it, as you will think that you got a Ring, lol.
  • Isilla Card: you see some headgears with this card for Vanilla. Doesn't fetch really high prices as Ring does, but is sellable.
  • Hodremlin Card: another big prize. 15% reduction for all sizes comes in handy stacked with, for example, a Lord of the Death Card and a few Dracula Cards. Price as rings.
  • Witch Starsands: these sell (Alchemists/Creators use them), but sadly, you don't get too many here.
  • Boots (slotted): well, a nice footgear to put some cards on, though it's restricted to some classes.
  • Will of the Darkness: as Bloody Runes and White Masks, it's a quest item (for Lord Kaho's Horns, for example) and it's pretty frequent to see it as SQI bonus ingredient.

As you see, there is quite a variety of things to be farmed. People come here usually to get the Bloody Runes, White Masks and Will of the Darkness (apart from the cards); plus it's the only place to get a Ring.

What to bring here

To be able to solo here, you need to be mid-high level. Of course, if you want to go to the harder maps (3, 4 and 5), you need better stuff with you. You don't need high level stuff (like Kahos, Celebs, Sleipnir or any other SQI) to farm here, but getting some gears is suggested.

The most important thing is to be able to do area damage pretty fast. Classes as Knights of Wizards work pretty well here thanks to that. Remember, you will be fighting Neutral and Shadow property monsters, so be careful about what you bring or use.

Knight/Lord Knight

Bowling Bash all the way. Getting some reduction stuff is important too, either against Demihuman or against Neutral property, such as Deviling, Raydric, Vali's Manteau... if you get one of those Berets and don't have anything better, put it on.

Bring a trusty non-elemental sword. Best thing would be something along the lines of a multiple Sword Guardian Carded Katana, Krasnaya or whatever sword, to increase your Bowling Bash damage against anything that crosses your path. An Executioner would sound good, if it wasn't for the fact that is Shadow property, so you'd need an alternative sword for fighting Hodremlins and Gremlins.

Getting MDEF would be good too, though there aren't many chances of that. Many of them spam Wind element attacks, so if you have a proper armour for that, it's ok too. Don't forget Green Potions for those pesky Lex Divinas.

About tactics, well, as always, gather a mob (be careful about the size of it) and Bowling Bash them to death.

Wizard/High Wizard

The place is also good for this class as they are pretty slow. The tactics here usually involve a mix of Quagmire, Storm Gust, Fire Wall and Jupitel Thunder spam. Depending on your gears and cast time, it's something like: get some distance from them, cast Storm Gust, move away, Jupitel Thunder frozen ones (specially Hodremlins and Gremlins, as they get less damage from Storm Gust) and Storm Gust again. Repeat until nobody moves except you. Quagmire and Firewall are to be used to slow them down.

This class is squishier than Knights, so don't let them get close to you, or you're pretty much dead. You need Green Potions even more than Knights, as you can't afford being silenced.