Fish Head Hat Quest

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Hey guys!

This is a small guide for the Fish Head Hat Quest.

It doesn't take too long, however you will have to farm a lot of bad-smelling items in the Undersea Tunnel. X_X

Yet, the Fish Head Hat is one of the few animated headgears, so I guess it's definitely worth it! ;D

To start the quest, simply go to Comodo and enter the Beach Caves through the eastern warp point (beach_dun3). Make your way to the center area of the map, where you can find a NPC called Fishing man (beach_dun3, 175, 141).


Talk to him and tell him you see a fish in the water. The old guy is gonna jump on the fish and catch it with his bare hands! Since you helped to find that uber smelly fish, he's gonna invite you to eat some fish soup with him. Agree to eat some soup with him - eating it will actually curse you... - and wait for him to tell you to go to the Undersea Tunnel. (Note: The curse actually lasted quite long on me, so you should bring either a Butterfly Wing or a Holy Water, else walking back to town might take a while, haha...)

Before you go there, you will need to buy something in Alberta, else you won't be able to continue in the quest!

Just south from the Warp Girl in Alberta, you can find the equipment shop.


Enter the shop and talk to the Armor Dealer. Buy 1 Glasses from her, then leave the shop again and warp to Bibilan Dungeon.


Welcome to the Undersea Tunnel, a place full of smelly fish! Take any of the warp points, either northeast or southwest, and make your way to the B2 floor of this dungeon (iz_dun01). In here, go to the northwesternmost corner, equip the Glasses and talk to the Wall (iz_dun01, 36, 270). (Yes, you can actually talk to it...)


The Wall will offer you a great deal: A nice reward in exchange for some smelly fish parts... Agree to its little quest and it will give you a list of ingredients.

Fish Head Hat Ingredients'

and 1 super rare fish, which can only be caught by a true Fishing man!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and farm all the required ingredients, then head back to the Fishing man (beach_dun3, 175, 141).

Talk to him about the fish and you will be able to try to catch one. Catching the fish is a random process, every time you talk to the man the script picks a random option, one of those options will let you loose 10% HP, so be aware of that! After a few tries, you will eventually catch it and receive 1 Spirit of Fish.

Now that you have everything you need, head back to the Wall (iz_dun01, 36, 270) and trade all your items for the Fish Head Hat!



  1. Thanks to BlackVampValnar for this Guide